I met my wife, Alison, at university. It was the end of the first year for both of us, in the late 1980s.

It must have been a year we had been going out when I was invited to her parents’ house.

Alison had a younger sister, Laura, who was 15 or 16 years old and was a real handful for her parents. Alison had warned me there maybe some shouting but not to worry about it.

We had separate rooms as sleeping together then before marriage under her parents’ roof was not acceptable. Her sister shared with Alison and I slept in her sister’s room.

Her sister was indeed a handful, never doing what was asked, answering back, talking under her breath. I could see both parents were trying not to loose it while I was staying there.

We were having Sunday lunch, the full works. We sat down and there was still an atmosphere with nobody talking. We had just finished the main course when something was said or asked of Laura.

She then just said: “FOR FUCKS SAKE!”

The next thing, their mum stood up, grabbed Laura by the arm, and dragged her up and out of the dinning room, saying: “Right, I will teach you a lesson. Get up the stairs now.”

“But Mum, I am sorry!”

“You will be when I have finished dealing with you, young lady.”

Alison, her dad and myself looked at each other, and said nothing. We could hear her mum telling Laura to get into her mum’s bedroom.

Then: “Get those jeans off now!”

“But mum, no!”

“Get them off, now!”

There was silence while Laura, I assumed, was removing her jeans.

“Now take off your knickers.”

I was getting excited at the thought. Laura, like her sister, had a lovely figure.

“BUT, no, not on the bare, please mum, No!”

“Off now!”

More silence. Then, the sound of a smack, then a cry, more complaining. I counted 12 smacks, but not a hand on a bare bottom.

About 5 minutes later, their mum came downstairs. She apologised. She stated that a naughty girl had received a dozen on her bare bottom with the long handled bath brush. Laura was now in her nightie in her bed room, the room I had been staying in. We finished lunch, tidied up, I went up stairs to collect my things. I knocked at the door.

“Sorry, can I get my bag?”

“Come in.”

I opened the door. Laura was laid on the bed, in her short T-shirt nightie which only half covered her bottom. It was a mass of red round marks, on her bottom and backs of her legs. I had a good look; I do not think Laura knew what I could see. I picked up my bag and left.

We hen left her parents and sister and drove back. The conversation on the way back was about her sister being punished. Alison opened up about both being punished, usually hand spanked on the bare bottom, but as they got older the bath brush was used, usually across the knickers, but both had received it on the bare. Alison was caught smoking and had received 12 on the bare when she was 18 years old.

We have been married for 20 odd years, her parents have down sized so we stored several boxes of tools. I was sorting through these one day about 12 months ago, and came across the bath brush. I went inside and asked Alison if this was the very one. She blushed and said yes.