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Eight new stories from Kenny Walters, all unique to this ebook.


A Traveller Abroad

A woman travelling in the Far East is caught with a quantity of cocaine in her luggage. She knows she didn’t put it there, but is unable to prove who did. Consequently, she has to choose between prison or a caning.

The Gym Mistress

A sixth form girl enjoys a friendly relationship with her gym mistress, until she finds the mistress has been assigned the task of slippering her.

Hello Uncle Mike

After continual problems at home, a girl arranges a visit to her Uncle Mike. He has brought up children of his own and she reckons he will know how to deal with the brat she has become.

The Predicament

After a serious incident at school, a sixth form girl runs home to her mother. Eventually, they both realise there is no alternative to going back to school and facing the music.

The Eight Chairs

A story set in an American school. A twelfth grade girl has difficulty finding a parking space, which results in a row with a staff member. She finds her punishment has to be carried out over two days.

An Arrangement

A shy sixth form girl seeks the help of her favourite teacher as a means of avoiding more serious consequences. She gets her wish, but not quite as she envisaged.

A Homely Spanking

Two American girls have disobeyed their respective parents and stayed out well beyond their curfew. One girl is happy to see her friend disciplined, but there is a shock in store for her.

She Didn’t Do It

A sixth form girl is found in the act of stealing, although she claims all is not as it seems. She, and a friend who supports her, are then tormented by other girls until justice, as they see it, is carried out.

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