My third and fourth canings in the third year came in English lessons being taught by Mrs F. I was 14 at the time and now aware of the female form. Mrs F was short, slim and curvy, in her 50s, greying hair and wearing a smart dark blue polo necked top which showed her attributes, dark blue skirt and dark blue high heeled shoes.

Mrs F collected in our homework before telling us to read some chapters of a book. I did not understand the book and asked the girl next to me for help. Mrs F heard me speak and told me to stand up. I was awarded a detention which would have made three in that term.

At the end of the lesson I approached Mrs F and asked if she would cane me instead of the detention. Mrs F asked why and I made an excuse that I was going out with my parents the next evening. Mrs F hesitated but finally agreed after I pleaded. I was sent for the cane and book and made the familiar journey to the secretary.

I was soon back and handed the items to Mrs F. She told me to remove my blazer and started writing in the book. Shortly after, she told me to bend over her chair. I was mesmerised as she flexed the cane. Soon Mrs F was at my side. I was surprised because she was left handed and not standing on the side I expected.

The cane tapped several times before the cane cracked down on my bottom. I gasped slightly as the pain arrived. It was not long before the second stroke arrived low and hard. I gasped again. I was then somewhat shocked as I heard Mrs F walking away. I hoped she had finished but she then asked me if this would have been my third detention this term. I said it would. She returned and stood alongside me.

To my horror she said: “I had better give you six then.”

I was terrified and realised she knew my game. Was I going to get six more? I got four more hard strokes from her which brought out the waterworks. Mrs F then walked away. I stayed in position until Mrs F told me to stand and put my blazer on. I had escaped with six not eight strokes.

She told me that she did not often give in to pupil’s requests but had realised what I was doing. She told me I was not the first to try that deception and would not be the last. I apologised to her. I should have realised an experienced teacher would have seen through my attempted deception. I was given the cane and book and soon returned them to the secretary.

I suppose it had been a good day overall for me. Instead of a detention and six strokes of the cane from the Headmaster, I had escaped with only six strokes from Mrs F. Lucky me, but at least I kept my trousers on!

I got my repeat performance from her in the next term so there were no detention fears. I had not done my English homework and Mrs F told me to see her at the end of the lesson. I suspected a detention was to follow but could not understand why she had not just awarded me it there and then. But I did not learn from this and was not paying attention, as usual. The result was that Mrs F noticed and sent me out of the room. At the end of the lesson she called me in. She was dressed in a tight fitting black dress with black high heeled shoes. She looked so elegant, very professional and smart.

She told me she was fed up with my attitude to her lessons and was going to give me a detention for the homework issue but had decided that I needed a more serious reminder. She offered me a choice of either a caning from her or I could choose to report to either the Headmaster, deputy Head or senior mistress and take their punishment.

I did not need any thinking time and immediately chose a caning from her. I am sure she knew my choice, given her other options. She told me to go and collect the cane and book. I made my way to the secretary who immediately handed them to me. I reported back to Mrs F and handed her the cane and book. She told me to remove my blazer and started writing in the book. When she finished she picked up the cane and flexed it several times before ordering me to bend over her desk.

I felt excited watching her but frightened of the pain I knew would follow. I bent over as directed and waited as I heard her high heels clicking as she walked towards me. I remembered she was left handed so was not surprised where she stood this time. When in position she announced that I was getting four strokes, two for each offence, and a further two strokes because it was two offences making a total of six. I soon felt the cane tapping and the first stroke arrived, followed by the burning sensation I was familiar with. Mrs F calmly and deliberately delivered strokes two, three and four. She then tapped the cane again and stroke five cracked down making me cry out. Finally she tapped the cane for the sixth time. I knew it would be low and hard but was still surprised at how painful it was.

Mrs F then told me to stand and replace my blazer. She handed me the book and cane and then dismissed me. I took the cane and book back to the secretary who was her normal compassionate self. Mrs F was nicknamed the pocket rocket by the kids and she certainly lived up to it. How could such a short slim lady cause so much pain? She was an excellent teacher. I never resented Mrs F because I deserved the cane both times, painful as they were. She was also very fair because she need not have given me a choice even if she knew I would never choose the Headmaster, deputy Head or senior mistress.