I grew up in a Christian home. We went to church every Sunday and, as I got older, I also attended junior and teen clubs. It was a very conservative church which also meant it was a church where parents were pro-spanking. Spanking would later be outlawed in my country, but at the age of 14 it was still legal.

We were spanked mostly by my dad as the head of the house, but under the age of 8 mom also spanked us when dad was not around. After we turned 8, we had to wait until daddy was home.

When I compare my own spankings to some others, as much as they hurt they were rather mild because we got spanked on our clothed bottoms and only with a hand, although if we lied the spanking was then on a bare bottom because mom and dad thought lying was worse than other things.

The procedure was always the same when we misbehaved. The child was sent to his or her bedroom for a few minutes while mom and dad discussed our behaviour, then dad would come in calm but firm and lecture about what we had done wrong. At the end of the lecture he would tell us that because of our misbehaviour we were going to get a spanking.

We were then guided over his knee and, when in place, he would raise his hands and start smacking our clothed bottom hard. We got our age in smacks and, when it was over, he would help us up. While we were still crying, he would have us sit on his lap while he told us he loved us and that we were forgiven for what we done. We were then left in our room until we had stopped crying and were ready to come down and say sorry for what we did.

I got my last spanking when I was 14.