Only my mother physically punished me and my two younger sisters at home, and never severely or brutally. My father only needed to glare at us or slightly raise his voice to get us to instantly change our behaviour. I had one sister 2 years younger, Fiona, who rarely got in to trouble, but another 3 ½ years younger, Katie, who was always up to mischief.

Punishment was mainly instantaneous and wherever my mother could sit down quickly, somewhat privately. Sometimes the kitchen, or lounge. If my sisters were around, that was OK, but otherwise, we were spanked in private.

I do recall once when my friends and I were brought back by the police for playing in a dangerous and fenced off old water works building, I was told to go up to my room. I would have been seven then, and soon after my mother came in calmly and asked me to stand up in front of her while she sat on the end of my bed. I was given a stern lecture, then my mother told me she was so annoyed that she was going to spank me until my bottom was “red raw”, so I had better take my shorts and pants off.

When I did and was standing in front of her, she asked me if I had anything to say. I said I was sorry, which started another short lecture on sorry not being enough etc., then a quick “get over my knee now so I can warm that bottom.”

I was pulled across her lap, held down tightly and smacked hard on each cheek about 30 times. I was crying at the end both out of pain and also having been humiliated, but my mother ordered me to stand up.

She then said: “Have you learned your lesson or do you want to go back over my knee for more?”

As mentioned, Fiona, my middle sister, was rarely punished, although I did hear her receiving a spanking in her room once after a letter came home from school. However, with Katie it was quite a common occurrence, albeit usually just a couple of light swats.

One incident does, however, stand out amongst all others. We were fortunate to have a summer holiday in France in the very early 1970s. My father had booked a farmhouse that had a pool, a lot of ground with trees and numerous outbuildings to explore. For one week, my parents had invited friends to join us. They had 2 children, Kevin the same age as Fiona, and Laura 2 years older than me. We knew them well and had always got along. Kevin somewhat looked up to me, and Laura usually took the role of sensible leader, looking after the rest of us.

We were in and out of the pool and swings on the trees, but also played in some of the outbuildings. One day, when both Dads were out playing golf and the two Mums were sunning themselves at the pool, we discovered a way in to one of the locked outbuildings. It was full of old furniture, paintings etc. covered in dust sheets and paper, but also had a lot of large tins of paint of various colours and brushes. We decided to open a few and then paint on some of the spare paper.

All was going well until Katie and Kevin started getting careless and, before we knew it, paint was spilt on the floor, and then Katie had managed to get paint on some of the furniture. Immediately a blame game ensued, culminating in Katie running away in a tantrum. We all then got out and ran for the trees, only to then see my mother march to the building with Katie and peer in the window.

Within seconds, my mother was sitting on a fallen tree trunk with Katie across her knees, swimming suit at her ankles and getting her bare bottom smacked. Kevin, Laura and I decided to remain hidden, but Fiona wanted to head back to the swimming pool. Watching her from a distance, all seemed to be OK, so we carried on with our games. It was hot, so soon the three of us decided to head back to the swimming pool. Only Kevin’s mother was at the pool.

She said to me, “Your mother is inside and looking for you.”

I went inside and could hear before I could see what was happening. Fiona was across my mother’s knee on the double-seater, being smacked hard and shouting “ow!” at each hit. She was facing me, her bikini top was still on, but I could still see the tops of her rump and she was indeed getting it on the bare bottom, as did Katie.

I ran out, but not before my mother saw me and shouted for me to come back. Out by the pool, Kevin had been caught by his mother and was being smacked, but in a standing position. At that point my mother came running out of the house, so I jumped in the pool thinking she wouldn’t follow me.

 Unfortunately, each spanking had in turn brought out accusations against the others involved, so the punishments were getting more severe. Whilst Kevin was being smacked, my mother and I were having a stand-off in the pool.

Eventually, I realised I was not going to win this battle. I gingerly pulled myself out of the pool at which point my mother grabbed me, still wet, and pulled my swimming trunks down and told me to step out of them. She was holding me in a vice-like grip, wet and totally naked, whilst she then looked around for something to sit on. Having been unable to find a chair close by, she pulled me towards the spring board, and sat at the end of the decking side, then pulled me across her knees. I was still wet and her knees and legs were covered in sun cream, so it was all a bit slippery, and her legs felt very warm against my cold skin from the pool. I didn’t have to wait long. However, instead of her hand, she started hitting my bottom with her leather sandal. It was a bit like a flip-flop, but made of leather and thicker. It seriously hurt and before long I had joined the rest, crying and with a very red bottom.

Once I was released from the iron grip, I raced for a towel and then ran inside and lay on the couch that Fiona had just recently been spanked on. I was feeling sorry for myself when all of a sudden there was a shrieking and Laura’s Mum burst in dragging Laura by her arm to their bedroom. I actually wanted to hear if Laura was going to blame more on me and result in an even greater punishment, so ran outside and around the old veranda so I could listen outside. All the bedrooms had the windows open due to the summer heat, but had slatted wooden blinds. By the time I got around, all I could hear was a heavy slapping and yelping. I snuck a quick look in through the blinds.

I could see Laura’s Mum’s back to me, so was a little braver and stood on my tip-toes to look in. Laura was face down on the bed. She had a one-piece swimming suit on, and this had been pulled all the way down to the back of her knees. Her bottom was much bigger than ours, something I hadn’t noticed before, and had a number of pink stripes across it. Her mother had a thin leather dress-belt doubled over and was belting Laura’s bottom. I was actually more terrified than excited as worried that if I was caught watching I would also have that belt applied to me. I hid and listened a little more. It didn’t last long and then I went back to the pool.

Laura soon came out to join us with red eyes. The rest of the day was miserable, and we were all made to recount our deeds to the Dads when they returned, who, thankfully, didn’t see the need to take it any further. However, that night I was so excited about having seen Laura punished, and I am ashamed to say, also Fiona.

The next day started slowly but once we all got to the outbuildings the teasing started. Laura, trying to tease, made some comment about how funny it was to see Kevin’s “little willy” bouncing around as his mother spanked him, and mine when my mother pulled my trunks down. I asked, sarcastically, if mine had bounced about during my spanking, and she coolly said she couldn’t see it, but did see my “little nuts” as I was bent over and being smacked. In a temper I admitted I had seen her big bottom getting belted. She didn’t believe me until I described it, and then immediately shut up at that point. Fiona was annoyed as she said she had done very little yet got a full spanking.

She said she knew I had watched her being spanked but was annoyed she didn’t get to see anyone else in the same position. Half jokingly, Laura grabbed Kevin, pulled his trunks down and started to smack him lightly. There was a huge amount of laughter, and Fiona at least got a quick view of Kevin’s well smacked bare bottom.

Punishments continued amongst the three of us, but became much rarer as we got to around 11 or 12. After that, I spent a lot of time at school which had its own form of keeping rules.