We were at the pool one day when the girls were younger when I remembered I’d left something in the car that I needed. I made sure I had my ticket on me and went out to the parking lot when I heard a kid yelling. I went round and just down from my car I saw the back door of another car open and a couple of legs sticking out and kicking vigorously. It was quite obvious that the owner of the legs was being very well spanked.

The spanking, together with the kicking and yelling, continued for a short time, after which a young teenage girl in a swimsuit got up and jumped around holding her bottom.

Then, who I assumed to be her father got out the back of the car. He wagged a finger at the girl who was by this time tearily rubbing her butt and said: “Now, Mary-Anne. Don’t you ever speak to your mommy like that again!”

“Yes Daddy!” gulped the girl through her tears, frantically trying to rub the sting out of her butt.

The dad then put his arms round the girl to comfort her: “Now when we get back you say sorry to Mommy, is that understood?”

“Yes Daddy.”

After another hug the father locked the car and together they headed back to the pool. They hadn’t been aware of my presence which, I was grateful for. I noticed as they walked away the girl had a very red bottom. No doubt she was keen to cool it off in the water.

I smiled as I mused on the scene. I could certainly identify with the girl. A generation before, it could’ve been me with my legs sticking out the car having my butt well warmed. But it was good to know old-fashioned discipline was still around.