My final school caning was in the fifth year at the age of 16. It was only a couple of weeks before the end of the school year and I had taken part in the school play. We had been invited to perform in a local village hall.

We arrived and were generally very excited. Some of the pupils brought some alcohol with them and some were smoking. The upshot was that most of the cast had some drink and the play was a disaster. The next day we were all told to wait back after assembly.

The 3 teachers who produced the play were also present. The teachers were:

Mrs AG who was in her early 30s, black wavy hair, slim and wearing a blue dress and blue high heeled shoes.

Miss SM who was in her mid 20s, brown hair in a pony tail, slim and wearing a tight skirt, white blouse and chunky heeled shoes.

Miss JS who was in her mid 20s, long blond hair, curvy and tall, and wearing a flowing red skirt, cream blouse and red high heeled shoes.

They read us the lecture of all lectures before announcing that we were all to be caned for our poor behaviour. They lined us up against one wall. We were told to line up in alphabetical order. I was about halfway along the line of about 16 pupils.

By this time 3 chairs had been placed in front of the hall and the 3 teachers were stood alongside them, with canes in their hands. We were told to remove our blazers. The first 3 pupils were then called out. They were bent over and each received 6 strokes.

As each teacher finished, the pupil was told to stand against the furthest wall and the next pupil was summoned to the chair. I had never seen a girl get caned before so this was a new experience for me.

Before long it was my turn. I had hoped to be called out by Miss SM who was not as experienced at caning. Sadly I got called out by Miss JS, the English teacher in charge. I was unlucky here because Miss JS was the tallest and strongest teacher of the three.

I was told to bend over and waited as I felt the cane touch my bottom. I heard the swish and felt the worst pain I had felt. Miss JS repeated this 4 more times. Then I felt the cane touch for the last time. I heard the swish and felt it hit low and extremely hard, just where my thighs met my bottom. This was the hardest stroke I could recall. It hurt so much. But I had managed to avoid crying out even though I felt the tears starting.

I joined my friends on the furthest wall and watched as the remaining pupils got their punishment. When it was finished the teachers stood in front of us while Miss JS repeated her lecture. We were then told to put our blazers on and proceed to our next lesson.

Luckily this was my last school caning. I left school at the end of the year and started work. I had not been that naughty but my punishment record showed otherwise. I had deserved every caning (and probably several others). The memories stick with me to this day.