I was at my second apartment and a female friend stopped over for a birthday or Christmas gift exchange. I had just turned thirty and she was in her early forties. ‘M’ worked with me for awhile and left for another job, but still kept in touch with several of us.

We exchanged gifts and then she gave me a few more and said if I opened them I had to model them. The first one was a pair of briefs with snowmen on them. I undressed and came out with just them on, getting a whistle or two from her.

Then, she gave me another gift and it was a 3-pack of male g-strings. I blushed a bit, but modeled each one. She liked what she saw. After I modeled the last one, I returned wearing a nylon bikini brief with velcro tabs at the sides. She liked me in them, as well.

As I was walking away from her, she came up from behind and pulled at the bikini and it came right off, leaving me naked and facing away from her. She asked me to face her and I was active when I turned around.

She then walked over and sat down and called her ‘baby’ over. I walked over to her and before I knew it, she had me across her lap and I had no idea what to expect.

She used her bare hand and spanked me about a dozen times. I was too afraid to feel any pain, and then it was over. She commented that, had she known ahead of times, that she would have brought her paddle along. I winced a bit, prompting a few more slaps on my bare behind.

After getting dressed, we had a good laugh about it. I had wanted it to stay between us, but she let it slip when a bunch of us went out to eat. Most thought we were joking, but laughed when we said it was true.

I even told my mother about it. She laughed and said I probably deserved it. She never spanked us and said that any woman who feels I need disciplining has her blessing.

I am now 55 and a bunch joke about disciplining me and we just laugh, knowing that it won’t happen.