I had left school having had just one caning (for fooling around on a bus) and one slippering (for loitering in the changing rooms after hockey) but I think the seeds of curiosity in corporal punishment had been sown. I had no idea how the next experience would come about but I remembered those two experiences with shame and excitement.


After I left school I moved to a large town to work in an admin job which I enjoyed. I had managed to get some digs in a nice house owned by an elderly couple. They had explained when I responded to their card in the newsagent’s window that they had decided to take a lodger not for the money but partly for company and some help around the place. I said that was ok and they pointed out that as the rent was low they really did expect me to help out with odd jobs like cleaning, shopping and so on.


This interview took place in their front room and I had to stand on the rug while they addressed me and this reminded me of the interview with Miss E, my headmistress when I transferred to a boarding school. They also had other rules and made it clear that I was not to bring boys in and there was to be no smoking or drinking there. I said I understood and frankly this was no problem in exchange for such a cheap rent which meant I could save some hard earned cash. In a way this was like an extension of school with rules being laid down but at this stage no penalty for breaking them.


Being 18 I wanted to have a social life and after a few weeks of being well behaved and doing their various tasks I did skip a few chores. Both Mr and Mrs B did make comments to me and I certainly got the message that they disapproved. They used phrases such as ‘naughty’ and ‘misbehaviour’ and I overheard Mrs B talking to a visitor one day about ‘deserving punishments’ and the other lady agreeing. Unfortunately i did not get any more of their conversation.


One evening Mr and Mrs B called me into the kitchen and told me to sit at the table. They said they had noticed that I had again skipped a few chores and that they expected them to be done in exchange for a low rent and they had made this clear when I answered their advert. Mr B said that if I did not want the accommodation cheaply and to do the chores then I should move out.


I was quite taken aback as I had not realised they were so offended by my shirking. Mrs B then said that they felt that some form of punishment might be appropriate. I had no idea what she meant, may be a small fine but I meekly nodded at her suggestion.


Mrs B then said: “Just to be clear and to remind you, Mr B and I think that some corporal punishment should be used. We do not think you are too old for a spanking though other means are available if you prefer.”


It was funny but I felt at ease with these two authoritarian pensioners and simple muttered something like: “yes……yes…”


Mr B continued: “Have you received corporal punishment, Jane?”


I replied that I had been slippered once and somehow managed to reveal that I had been caned once too.


Mr B said: “Good, I am pleased that you have been caned.”


“Very well,” said Mrs B. “Come to the front room. I think we should start now.”


This was quite sudden but you must remember that this was around 1967/8 when cp was common and young people generally did not argue with their elders. I followed her to the front room and she closed the door and sat on a chair.


“Come over my lap, Jane,” she said.


I could hardly believe it but wanted to comply. I went over her knees placing my hands on the floor and she folded my skirt up. I recall how exposed my bottom felt as she folded the skirt up and placed her hand on my cheeks.


“We will start with a spanking and see how your behaviour improves.”


With that she started to spank my bottom. She must have given me thirty hard slaps and they stung. She told me to get up and so I stood up and rubbed my bottom and she reminded me of the couple of chores I had to do the next day “unless you want another tanning, Jane,” she said.


In my bedroom that night I examined my bottom in the mirror and made use of my very moist pussy.



In the coming weeks Mrs B spanked me twice more and I began to enjoy her dominant manner. Then one evening the spankings stepped up a gear when I came home and Mr B asked if I had posted his letter he gave me that morning. I blushed as I realised it was in my bag. He knew I had not posted it and pointed to the front room.


In there I went over his knee and believe me he could spank hard. He pulled my knickers between my cheeks so it was virtually a bare bottom spanking. When he let me stand up I rubbed my stinging bottom and had to rearrange my pants. He then sent me to the post box and my bottom glowed and tingled all the way there and back.


The spankings continued and I was enjoying them and I wondered if they knew this but each spanking was for some genuine misdemeanour and some but not all were deliberately let slip by me.


After a couple of months Mrs B said that they were enjoying my company but I was still slack with some chores and over tea one day she asked me about the time I was caned. She listened attentively as I told her in some detail and she said nothing more other than to comment that she knew what it was like to be caned.


That night in bed I wondered why she had asked and I thought back to that event. I did fantasise that they would cane me and when they were out on a couple of occasions I did look for a cane but did not find one despite looking in their wardrobe, under the stairs cupboard and in Mrs B’s underwear drawer.


On the following Saturday I called by with Roger who I knew from a youth club in town. Bringing a boy home was definitely against the rules but we would be there for just a few minutes while I went up to my room but when I came down Roger had lit a cigarette. I ushered him out and used a towel to fan the room to get rid of the smell. We could not hang around as we had cinema tickets.


When I came home that evening Mr and Mrs B were in the kitchen. I stood there while they quizzed me about smoking and I explained what had happened.


Mrs B said: “This cannot pass unpunished. You have had the cane, Jane?”


She knew full well that I had received four strokes and when I said ‘yes’ she acknowledged that she knew. Mr B produced a cane from a hook on the kitchen door. It was a classic school cane and looked well used. “To the front room,” said Mrs B.



I was aghast and excited but meekly led the way. They both came in and shut the door. I was also aroused but now we were at the very point of receiving the cane again I wondered if I could go through with it. In fact I did not have any choice.


“Turn round and bend over,” said Mrs B. I did so and paused for a moment thinking of Miss E telling me to bend over just three or four years earlier. I bent forward and placed my hands on my shins realising that Mr B was there.


Mrs B lifted my skirt and then took the cane from Mr B. I was acutely aware that my bottom was on show just in tight cotton pants and I felt the cane touch my bottom several times as Mrs B obviously took aim. All I can say about the next few moments is that compared with Mrs B’s six of the best Miss E was tame. Each stroke bit my bum and was accompanied by a distinct swish and crack. I held my position but when I stood up I could feel the welts beneath my pants.


Mrs B handed Mr B the cane and I went to my room where the inevitable inspection was made. My bottom was marked more than when I had received those four strokes before and the marks lasted for longer. The following day Mrs B came into my bedroom while I was standing there in my pyjamas and asked how I was feeling.


“Sore,” I said as she sat on the bed and patted my bottom. “I am sorry Mrs B and I did deserve that caning.”


She replied: “Yes, you did and your bottom will soon recover but there will be more for you young lady if needs be.”


After I had been caned at school Matron had inspected my stripes in the dorm that evening and now Mrs B told me to turn round and lower my pyjamas. I felt her hand on my bottom as I bent over the bed and it was quite thrilling showing her the marks.


From then on the spankings stopped and it was always the cane. There were several times when we were in the kitchen and for some misdemeanour the cane would come off the hook and I would bend over and have my skirt lifted or be told to lower my trousers for a couple of strokes and on other occasions Mrs B would cane me before bed including one occasion on my bare bottom.


I don’t know if it was co-incidence or not but she had told me she would cane me before bed that evening but she timed her arrival in my room as I returned from the bathroom still wet and wrapped in a towel. After removing the towel I had to bend over the bed then she gave six strokes of the cane. Mrs B seemed to take quite an interest in the marks afterwards and presumably my youthful hirsute pussy and breasts.


On several occasions Mr B also caned me and he always gave six and they hurt but it was special receiving corporal punishment from him as it was a no nonsense approach – six strokes and then nothing more was said.


After three years I was moving away and on the last day I thanked Mr and Mrs B for letting me have a room at their house.


“And the corporal punishment seems to have worked, my dear, you never forget chores now, do you?” Said Mrs B.


I blushed as I was more certain that she knew how I felt about being spanked and caned. “Well, you have spanked and caned me a number of times and…….” I said to them. I wasn’t sure what to say next.


“I think you needed it, my dear,” said Mrs B.


“She did, she did,” said Mr B. “But I doubt her next landlady will use the cane.”


I was feeling really turned on and knew I probably would not see them again. I blurted out: “Would you…I mean……one last time, a caning?”


They looked at each other.


“To the front room, Jane,” Mrs B said.


She and I went in there and to my complete surprise Mrs B said she knew how I was feeling! A few moments later Mr B came in holding the cane.


“Trousers down and bend over,” he said.


I recall being in a spin as I lowered them and bent over. Mrs B tapped the cane against my bottom and delivered six of the very best. I remained in position feeling the sting on my bottom when she knelt in front of me and took my hands.


“Now a final six from Mr B.”


We held hands as six strokes were given in the space of a few seconds. I stood up and slipped my hands inside my knickers and clutched my welted bottom then pulled my trousers up. I hugged Mrs B then Mr B and kissed them both. I left that house with a spring in my step.


On the train to my new home my backside glowed and on arrival at a flat I was to share with two other girls they greeted me. They were my age and one was quite bossy just like Pippa the prefect but neither of them ever showed any inclination for spanking. It would be several years before a slipper, tawse or cane marked my bottom again.