Garry recalls a strapping he received from his mother

During 1975 was sent to the headmaster for bullying younger pupils and taking their money. Without much to say in my defence, I received six strokes of the strap, three on each hand, with the headmaster wielding the leather belt with both hands. What made things even worse was that my mother was his secretary.

This meant that my mother had been fully informed of my misdemeanours and indeed it was she who let me into his office for my punishment. When I came out, I was sobbing loudly even though I was fifteen at the time. All she said to me was that I could expect double what the headmaster had given me and across my bare backside.

As I walked home I could see my hands were bruised from the headmaster’s belting and then I had to face my mother. She kept a thick leather strap hanging on a coat peg in the cupboard under the stairs. We were a single parent family but, thanks to my mum’s job at the school, we were better off than some of my friends. Mum was also very good looking and always dressed well.

As soon as I walked in through our front door, mum called me into the kitchen and gave me a real telling-off for bullying the younger lads and taking their money. Then she pushed me into the living room and drew the curtains because, she said, she didn’t want anyone to see the hiding I was going to get. Then I heard the cupboard door open out in the hallway and when mum came back into the living room she kept both hands behind her back.

There was a hard backed chair in the corner of the room and mum and told me to bring it out into the middle of the room. As soon as I’d done that she told me to get my trousers and pants down. At the time, I was fifteen years old and my face was burning with the humiliation of being exposed like that in front of her.

I watched as she rolled one end of the strap round her right hand until there was about two feet of strap hanging free. Then I was told to bend over the chair. I got right over with my feet apart, and sensed her moving forward. I felt a rush of air and then the strap landed on the lower part of my bottom.

After the first six strokes had been rapidly applied, my bottom felt like it was on fire and tears were streaming down my face. Mum warned me never to bully again or show her up in front of the school like that, otherwise I could expect her to double the punishment again.

Then she started giving me the last six and soon my bottom was beginning to go numb. The last two strokes landed more on the tops of my legs.

When I was told to get up I found it very difficult but mum was not sympathetic, even when I rolled onto the floor because of the numbness. Finally, just as she was about to leave the room and fetch herself a glass of wine, she told me that if I wasn’t up and with my trousers and pants back on I would get another leathering. I managed it just in time. I was then grounded for a month.

The End