I was 21 when I first came into contact with the spanking world. I was living at home with my parents and it was actually my mum’s magazine – just a normal women’s weekly one. However it had a feature on couples who enjoyed spanking.

I was young and naive and had no knowledge of this kind of thing, but it ignited very strong feelings within me even though I tried to put these to the back of my mind.

A year later and I had finished my degree, got a job and moved into my first flat. I remember the day very well as it was the one when Andy Murray won the Gold Medal at the London Olympics. I was keen on tennis and played for the ladies team at university.

Having moved into the flat I was spending (too much) time on the internet looking at all things spanking and decided that I very much wanted to experience it myself.

There were two big problems however. I was extremely shy and had never been in a serious relationship before, but was very keen to meet somebody that might want to go down that route. I certainly didn’t want a one-night stand.

The other problem was that I was aware there were some dubious people on some of the websites. It was this that stopped me doing anything about it for the time being.

In January 2013 I finally took the plunge.

The advert read:

“35 year-old professional male, kind and considerate, seeks younger female for initial friendship, possibly more. Very experienced in administering spankings and corporal punishment. You don’t need to have any experience in this yourself, just a desire to experience it from somebody who will gently guide you through this world.”

I summoned up the courage and replied. After the longest 2 days of my life I got a reply.

Simon was delighted that I had replied and his e-mail suggested that he was really nice. We exchanged pictures and chatted on the phone. I was extremely nervous and it was more a general chat and we just skirted round the spanking bit.

I agreed to meet Simon for a couple of drinks the following Saturday afternoon at a pub, just to meet each other – nothing else. If it went well we could perhaps meet up again – if not, no hard feelings.

I probably went overboard and got my hair re-styled, and went and bought a new outfit and shoes. I really wanted to create a good impression.

I arrived just on time and I saw Simon in the pub. He really was attractive, but my heart was pounding as he walked towards me. He kissed me on the cheek and I sat down while he got me a glass of wine.

My nerves soon disappeared as Simon was so easy to talk to, though we didn’t talk about spanking at all until we got the second drink. I didn’t realise it at the time but Simon was initially also very nervous.

An hour passed and it was time to go home. As we were about to bid farewell, Simon told me that he would really like to see me again. I said that I would very much like to see him again too. He then asked me what I was doing for food that evening and I said I would probably get a Chinese takeway. He said that there was a really good takeaway near where he stayed and, if I wanted, we could eat together. If I hadn’t had a couple of glasses at this point I would probably have started shaking, but I agreed.

We got a taxi back to his flat and Simon poured us another glass of wine. We sat on the sofa and he suddenly told me that I was a brat and that he was going to put me over his knee. My nerves had completely gone now, probably due to the wine. He told me to remove everything from the waist down and bend over his knee where he was going to give me a good thrashing. My nerves came back but I was so excited about being told to do this that they only did so fleetingly.

He fondled my bare bottom for a few minutes then started spanking me. It was a wonderful experience, quite painful but not unbearable, but the feelings it released were wonderful.

I stayed the night with Simon and he has now been my boyfriend for the last two years. He is the most wonderful guy and we have so much in common other than spanking. The only thing he wasn’t truthful about was his past experience; I was the first girl he had spanked.