I always have been prone to the giggles and it has got me into trouble more than once. Like at school when my teacher, Ms H, was bending down to get something and cracked her head on the side of the desk. Unfortunately the sight of her holding her head made my friend, Jan, and I get a fit of the giggles. The problem was we couldn’t stop.

Ms H glared at us and told us to go out of the room. Unfortunately, as we were passing, Jan giggled once again, so Ms H handed us the paddle and told us to wait outside in the hallway for her.

We did so, feeling our bottoms to be very vulnerable.

At last, Ms H came out, took the paddle in her hands and gave us a lecture at how impolite and inappropriate we had been. What followed was painful as we both had to grab our ankles and get three swats from the paddle. Jan went first while I had to face the wall. There were three loud pops and three louder yells from my friend, who burst into tears at the end. Interestingly, the class was deathly quiet and listening as I think the sound of the paddle on our bottoms and our yells sent a clear message to the class,  which was obviously the teacher’s intention.

Jan then had to face the wall, which she did holding her bottom and wriggling and shuffling her feet. It might have looked funny if I were not just about to be spanked myself.

“Your turn, Kerry,” said Ms H, and I grabbed my ankles and braced myself in anticipation. I felt the paddle rub across my bottom, and then a few seconds pause, and then WHAP!

“Ow!” I yelled.

There was more rubbing with the paddle as the heat started to spread in my bottom and then WHAP!

“Oweee!” I yelled louder and burst into tears, instinctively jumping up and holding my bottom.

“One more, Kerry,” said the teacher. “Bend right over or you might get an extra one!”

I tearfully bent over, wishing the old hag somewhere. Possibly to be sent to the Artic in a bathing suit!


The third spank really ignited my bottom and I jumped up and down holding it. All dignity was gone, but I didn’t care as my bottom hurt so, so much. The teacher then gave us five measly minutes to go and wash our faces.

We went back into the classroom very red-faced and tearful and gingerly sat down on two bottoms that appeared on fire. We had some teasing after the lesson, especially from the boys who I think were intrigued by hearing two pretty girls getting spanked. We had quite a few offers of dates from them but they only wanted to check out the spanking. Still, one of them did treat me to a hamburger!

After that, I tried to keep my giggles in check!