Getting the cane at school was a hazard of school life. Even some of the generally well-behaved girls got it on occasions. I remember a really nice, studious girl called Pat. As far as I know, she was never in trouble like some of us were. She was quite a looker, even in her school uniform and her looks attracted the attention of some workmen at the school. Unfortunately, she made some rather ribald remark to them which was overheard by a bossy prefect who reported her to the head. So, although Pat never gotten into any trouble at school before, she found herself bending over the desk for three strokes of the cane across the backside. She was right upset about it and we thought it was a bit harsh, but that’s the way things were. And although we sympathised with her, some of us were maybe a little secretly pleased that even a good girl wasn’t exempt from getting her bum whacked.