I’m in the tenth grade at high school in the state of Georgia. It has always had the paddle available as a punishment, although its use had been dying out until a couple of years ago. Then it started to be used more frequently, mainly for boys, but we girls also found we were not exempt.

I had never been paddled. I was sent to see the principal, Mr J, about 6 months ago when my work started to deteriorate and I was getting to classes either just in time or a few seconds late. I guess my teachers kind of got together and decided a visit to Mr J was needed to give me a bit of a kick.

I liked Mr J. He had a reputation for being a nice guy anyways, and he didn’t give me the bawling out I’d been expecting, but asked a load of questions about how things were at home, how I found school, my friends and all that sort of stuff. He seemed really interested even though he did round things off with putting me in Saturday morning detention.

Saturday morning detention is kind of the staple punishment at my school. It lasts from 8.00 am until noon and it’s a real chore. You’re allowed to read, do homework, or just sit there, but no cellphones, no eating, no talking.

I served my detention and it was very boring. It did make me try harder for a bit, so I suppose it kinda worked. Then last semester I guess I’d allowed things to deteriorate again and, no surprise, I was given another appointment to see Mr J.

When I went into his office, he had me sit on a chair in front of his desk while he read some stuff, my stuff, on his computer. Then he switched his attention to me and began asking the same old questions about my home life and school and stuff.

I guess he reckoned he had all the information he needed when he said he was thinking I was maybe due for another Saturday detention. No surprise there, then. I was expecting him to go back to his computer and sign me up for next Saturday, but he didn’t. He told me he was also weighing up whether maybe four licks of the paddle might be better for me.

The moment he said it, he sat looking straight into my eyes like he was expecting to see some sort of reaction, but I don’t think I did react at all. By that time, it was clear I was going to get some kind of punishment, and all I really needed to know was what. My main concern was about the effect a Saturday detention would have on my weekend and how it might affect my parents.

Then Mr J asked how I felt about his idea of paddling me. I think I just kind of shrugged. I wasn’t sure if, at that point, he was actually offering me a choice, or just running the idea past me. I felt his eyes boring into me. I told him I would take whatever punishment he gave me. I was never the sort to argue.

He slapped the desk in front of him, which made me jump. He’d decided to paddle me, he said. I felt a shiver run over me, but I do remember saying something along the lines of, “Yes, sir. A spanking would probably be best for me.” I believe I was really thinking it would save all the trouble of rearranging Saturday so I could serve the detention.

He left the room and I sat there twiddling my thumbs while I waited. I’d heard enough about paddlings to know he was fetching a female member of staff to act as a witness, but I can’t say I was feeling scared. I remember feeling a bit uncomfortable sat in this plush office all on my own.

Mr J returned with a Mrs M, one of the team of five school secretaries. She was mid-40s, married, short dark hair. I’d spoken to her a couple of times in the past two years, but I didn’t really know her.

She asked me to stand up, and then she took the chair and turned it around before moving it about three paces from the desk. No guessing what that was for! At the same time, Mr J was taking something from the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet. It turned out to be a typical school paddle, around 18 inches long, four inches wide, maybe a half inch thick. One end was tapered down into a handle eight inches or so long.

At the time, I was wearing blue denim dungarees and a white t-shirt. Underneath I had a white bra and low-slung white panties, both bought for me by my mother!

I was asked to check my back pockets were empty, which they were, and then Mr J told me to get myself bent over the back of the chair Mrs M had placed out in the center of the room. I leaned over the back, but Mrs M told me to get right over and to get my head down as low as I could. I kinda gripped the leading edge of the seat and splayed my elbows out. My dungarees then felt tight, so I guessed my butt made a good target at that point.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mrs M come round to my right and a little behind me. Mr J then tapped my butt several times with the paddle, and I braced myself.

Suddenly, wham! The paddle collided with my butt and it hurt. In a brief moment, three more pops with the paddle, and for a moment I thought my butt was on fire. Then Mr J told me to stand up and give myself a few moments to collect myself. I saw him putting the paddle away, and then Mrs M took me by the shoulder and aimed me at the door. And that was my school paddling.

Later that day, I was given a letter to take home, which is standard procedure. The parents don’t have to sign anything so some kids destroy it and don’t tell their parents. I told mom when I got home and I did give her the letter, which briefly stated my offence and my punishment. Mom said she hoped I would learn from the experience and not find myself back for another spanking. So far, I haven’t.

Next day, I told my best friend what had happened and she was surprised, but said she reckoned she’d have done the same, given the choice.