This took place at a High School in ‘D’, Missouri. I do not remember the exact year but it was probably somewhere around 2006 or 2007. I also don’t remember what grade the person being paddled was in, but I believe she was a junior or senior.

‘Mn’ of the class of 2007 had been assigned detention for stating that she “had to pee” during class. ‘Mn’ decided she would rather be paddled than to go to detention. She explained the situation to one of her teachers and asked his permission to go to the office to be paddled. He allowed her to do so and the principal told her she would get 2 swats. He asked her if she was sure this is what she wanted to do. She said it was and the principal gave her 2 swats with a wooden paddle.

‘Mn’ returned to class and rubbed her bottom for a little while, complaining that it stung. Her teacher eventually told her to stop rubbing her butt.

I was a student in the class and saw all of this happen except, of course, the actual paddling that took place in the office.