When I was in high school I took a short cut round the back of one of the buildings. We were actually not supposed to go there as it was out of bounds, but some students used to use it to smoke, which was against the rules. This particular day there were two girls there I knew who were indulging in that illegal activity. I was brainless enough to stop and have a chat with them as they smoked and sadly for us a teacher on duty came round the corner and caught us.

I protested I was not smoking and the other two girls, who had been caught red handed, backed me up. But the teacher still said I was in a forbidden part of the school and sent the three of us to see the AP.

The AP was pretty good about it, especially as the girls owned up to smoking and once again told him I was just chatting with them and not smoking. He told them they will be getting six swats of the paddle each, which was the usual penalty for smoking. But then he turned to me and said that, although I had not been smoking, I had committed an offence punishable by three swats from the paddle. I protested I had merely been taking a shortcut but he said I shouldn’t have stopped to talk.

He called in his secretary to witness the spanking while the other girls waited outside the room. By this time my stomach was doing flip-flops. I then had to bend over the desk and receive three stinging swats, which really set my bottom ablaze.


“Ow!” I yelled as the paddle made painful contact with my butt and I felt the heat spread through my cheeks.


“Ahhhh!” I yelled louder as the pain factor doubled. I never believed in taking spankings stoically!


“Whoooooo!”  came my yell, as I got up and did a little dance in front of the AP. Most embarrassing but I really couldn’t help it. The paddle hurt so bad!

“No more of that now!!” said the AP. “Try and stay outa my office!”

“Yes Sir,” I said, fighting back the tears as I squirmed and rubbed my behind.

I went out of his office clutching my butt with tears in my eyes past the other girls who were waiting their turn for the paddle. As I got to the end of the corridor I heard a yell from the office, which was obviously from one of the girls being spanked for smoking. I rubbed my own bottom which was on fire, courtesy of the AP’s paddle and moved on.

Sitting down for the rest of the day was very uncomfortable. I thought I was unlucky to get the swats. If the other girls hadn’t have been there smoking I’d have probably just been told off. As it was, by talking to them I had been associated with their crime.

Wrong place at wrong time, I thought, as I gave my poor bottom another rub. Just my luck!