In the late 1960s, Sue my wife, who was in her last year at school, got into a heated exchange with another girl, when a small corridor window was broken.

The girl reported Sue to the deputy headmistress, Miss T, who told the girl she wanted to see my wife at 4pm.



At 4pm my wife walked down the corridor to Miss T’s classroom and, looking in, saw the deputy headmistress sitting at her desk writing. Sue adjusted her school uniform, which consisted of a white shirt and tie, a navy blue pleated wrap over skirt, quite short, white knee length socks, black shoes and her hair was tied up in two pig tails, she then knocked on the door. Miss T waited a few moments, then shouted “come in” Sue entered and waited in front of the deputy headmistress’s desk.



Miss T wasn’t very tall, but was quite a plump woman with short wavy hair sat at her desk writing while Sue stood waiting in front of her desk. After a few minutes she finished off what she was writing and looked up at Sue, asking what she thought she’d been playing at, but as my wife started to explain she was cut off in mid-sentence. Miss T didn’t want to know, then told Sue to stand up properly and started what would be a long lecture. Sue thought “how boring, I wonder how much longer she’ll be droning on?” Sue’s friend was now in the corridor looking in out of view of the deputy headmistress.


Miss T, then told Sue she was going to give her a slippering and fetched out a exercise book and while entering all the details she told Sue to fetch a chair from the back of the room. The chair was placed in front of the deputy headmistress’s desk and Sue waited while Miss T finished writing, attempting to see what was being written, with little success.



Miss T replaced the book, picked up a set of keys and walked to a cupboard, unlocked it and fetched a slipper from the top shelf. My wife was worried now as Miss T demonstrated how flexible the slipper was. It was one of the deputy headmistress’s discarded slippers with a very well worn rubber sole and a pink canvas upper, Miss T couldn’t contain her obvious pleasure at tantalizing Sue by waving the slipper in front of her face, unable to contain the smirk all over her face, as she calmly lectured her.



Miss T then told Sue to bend over the chair. When my wife had originally fetched the chair she wondered whether she’d have to bend over the back or seat of the chair, but Miss T made it abundantly clear she wanted her bent over the chair seat. She was made to arch her back and as the deputy headmistress lifted Sue’s skirt she started wriggling much to the annoyance of Miss T who told her to keep still or she would get an extra stroke, this certainly had the effect of keeping her still and gripping the chair legs tightly.



Miss T gently lifted and folded the back of Sue’s skirt to her waist, still giving her a lecture, then the deputy headmistress placed her hand in the small of Sue’s back and she felt the slipper tap her bottom, Sue’s friend was doubled up laughing at her, my wife was quietly laughing back trying to give the impression she wasn’t bothered until Miss T raised the slipper and brought it down with a whack that echoed round the room, right across her navy blue knickers. Sue jumped and dropped her head, gripping the chair legs tighter.



Miss T then raised the slipper and brought it down a second time with a loud whack, Sue jumped which caused her skirt to fall into place, much to the annoyance of the deputy headmistress, as she got back into position, Sue was told to arch her back more, then her skirt was lifted and folded, a few taps on the bottom then the third and final whack, that almost made Sue stand up.

“You may go” came the deputy headmistress’s next words. So Susan didn’t hang around, leaving the room and rubbing her bottom, telling her friend how much it had hurt her.



Sitting down afterwards was very uncomfortable as three very angry red slipper sole imprints was plainly visible on her bottom, that turned into bruising, lasting a few days.