Like many kids of my generation I got the slipper in school a number of times. One of those times happened when we had a very nice young teacher called Miss K who took us for PE and games. If the weather was fine it was held outside in the playground, but this particular day it was pouring with rain so she had arranged for us to do some country dancing in the hall. It was a Friday afternoon and we were all a bit restive, and the boys obviously were not too keen on dancing.

Anyway, she got us in groups and put a record on the player (vinyl in those days) and told us to hold hands and dance in circles for a start. From this, she told us a few more moves which we practised to the record. However, the boys were starting to mess around and us girls were being drawn along with it. So Miss K gave a warning that there would be trouble if anyone else misbehaved. Unfortunately, a couple of our boys in our group did not take the warning seriously and our circle collapsed because we whirled round too fast. As we were dancing next to the record player, we knocked into it and the stylus went right across the record.

Miss K came up looking very angry with fire in her eyes. She had obviously had enough of the misbehaviour and was going to make an example. She told one of the boys to take his plimsoll off and touch his toes. He did so and received three resounding whacks on the bottom, which made him yelp. He got up with red eyes clutching his rear.

This procedure was then repeated five times as each one of us in the group had to touch our toes in turn and receive three whacks on our bottoms. I suppose it was fair enough to whack us all as we had all been involved. However, as girls we had our short drill skirts flipped up by Miss K before she applied the slipper and so were spanked on our knickers while the boys got it on their shorts. This was quite normal but I always thought this was a bit unfair as the boys had two layers to protect them and we only had one. But then as my mother said if we hadn’t of been messing around we wouldn’t have got spanked.

Two of the girls and one of the boys blubbed after they were slippered but I managed to hold it together, albeit with tears in my eyes. Then, after making it clear that anybody else who messed around would get the same treatment, Miss K put the record back on. It now had a click in it where we had scratched it, and we got back to country dancing. Six of us had to dance around with stinging bottoms but it was amazing how much better behaved everyone was after Miss K’s athletic exercise!