This was told to me by a long-time friend, Bernice, who was happy for me to retell this for her on this platform. Only names have been changed from the original telling.

It was late summer and the schools were on holiday. Bernice, her sister, Toni, and her mother were away for the day at the seaside. The breeze was gentle and just enough to take the edge off the hot sun. Small puffs of cloud slowly drifted across the sky giving occasional shade from the glaring sun. All in all, a quintessentially British summer’s day.

They set off early, parked up easily, and selected a good spot on the beach. Bernice, then 16, was 3 years Toni’s elder. Her Mum, Zoe, was a very attractive 40-year-old teacher enjoying the summer break very much. All three had several dips in the clear cool waters to keep cool but as the day wore on, the beach filled up markedly and they decided it was time to leave the beach and go to a nearby funfair. Both girls were quite excited as they really loved fairground rides. Toni liked the dodgems, whilst Bernice’s favourite was called the ‘Waltzer’. Toni had never been on that one, but Bernice was determined to change that.

They arrived at the fair, just a short 5 minute stroll from the beach, having dropped their beach things back at the car. Here, away from the sea, the temperature seemed much higher and all three were soon sweating. Purchasing unlimited ride tickets for the two girls, she told Bernice to look out for her younger sister. In particular, Bernice was not to force her younger sister onto any ride she wasn’t happy with.

Their mother managed to find a bench seat where she could keep an eye on the two girls without spoiling their freedom. With a cool drink, wide sun hat and sunglasses, Zoe was catching the eyes of several young men passing by. One even sat down briefly and tried chatting to her. Although flattered, she really didn’t want any attention so she firmly told the young man to go away.

The girls meanwhile had just done the ghost train ride and were now on the swing boats, but soon decided that it was too hot for that much exercise. Running back to their mum, they had a big drink of cola and dashed off to try the dodgem cars. They arrived just as the cars stopped and everyone jumped out. Both girls grabbed a car each, much to the disgust of some lads who had just been near Zoe. The operator told the girls they were perfectly alright and told the lads to leave them alone.

The ride started and the girls crashed and bashed each other mercilessly. Bernice was trapped between Toni and a couple chunky lads. She was jolted so hard she banged her knee on the car and was in quite a bit of distress. She limped off as the cars halted and the safety bar rose. She chastised her sister who in turn blamed the two lads. Bernice gave the lads a real blast of expletives. Once again, the two girls returned to their mum and had more cola.

Bernice then dragged a very reluctant Toni off for her first Waltzer ride. Toni did not want to go, but Bernice insisted. The lads they came across earlier stood close by and started cat-calling, saying she was chicken. That did it. Bernice got her way, and Toni joined her on the Waltzer ride. The safety bar came down and the ride slowly started to move. Toni was OK with that, but soon it gathered pace and was spinning wildly. Toni desperately wanted to get off and waved frantically at the lad running the ride. This probably happened many times each day and he was taking sadistic pleasure in the young woman’s discomfort. It was then it all happened.

Toni became very agitated and was going redder and redder in the face. Suddenly, she shuddered and was terribly sick all over the car. The operator saw this, stopped the ride and told everyone to get off whilst the ride was cleaned. Bernice apologised to the lad but Toni berated him as she had made it clear she needed to get off.

The girls went back to their mum. Toni was quite pale despite her normally well-toned skin colour. She told Zoe what had happened.

Zoe was angry at the operator and gave him a piece of her mind as they went to leave the funfair. She was also extremely cross with Bernice. Not only was Bernice supposed to look out for her sibling, she had more or less forced her onto a ride she did not want to go on. Coupled with the excess of cola both had consumed, she should have known better at her age. That meant Bernice deserved to be thoroughly punished.

Bernice knew only too well what that meant. She was no stranger to her mother’s lap. Bernice expected to be sent to her room when they got home, which was the usual routine. Mum would then knock and go in a few minutes later, then give her a telling-off before putting her over her knee for a deserved spanking. Although usually just with the hand, Zoe did sometimes employ Bernice’s own hair brush to great effect.

However, on this occasion, Zoe had quite different plans. She thought justice deserved to be swift as Bernice had just spoiled the day for everyone. After a minute or two walking through a large park leading back to the car park, Zoe spotted what she was looking for; a park bench, quite secluded and with no one nearby.

Zoe made a direct line for it and sat down in the centre, then told Bernice to come over right now. Grudgingly, Bernice obeyed, realising what was about to come. She protested, asking her mother what would happen if someone came by, but Zoe was not listening to any argument.

Taking the daughter’s hand, she expertly pulled Bernice across her knee so that the girl’s hands and feet rested helplessly on the ground. Within a few seconds, Bernice felt her dress being pulled up over her bottom, exposing her pale pink panties for any passer-by to ogle at. Then the first smack of her mother’s hand came crashing down on her behind. Again and again, her mother’s hand spanked Bernice’s exposed bottom as she lay bucking and slithering, trying to free herself from her mum’s vice-like grip.

Suddenly, Zoe heard a noise and, still smacking Bernice’s backside, glanced over to see that same group of lads standing at the end of the path they were on. They were pointing in Bernice’s direction and were laughing at the site of this teenager getting spanked by her mother like a naughty toddler. Zoe flipped Bernice’s dress back down to cover her and yelled at the lads, telling them in no uncertain terms to go away or they would be next. They didn’t need telling twice and went away.

Bernice thought that was the end of her spanking, but her mum had other ideas. Whipping her skirt back up, she landed a good dozen additional firm spanks to the already sore and glowing bottom. Only then was Bernice allowed to get back to her feet. With tears staining her face, and her hands rubbing her bottom as though her dear life depended on it, they completed the sorry walk back to the car.

Toni had recovered her colour by this point and had enjoyed not only watching her sister’s discomfort at the actual spanking but also the ignominy of a group of spotty youths gate-crashing the event and seeing her upended and being spanked on her knickers. It almost made the sickness worthwhile.

The 55 minute drive home was a sore and quiet one for Bernice, still smarting both from the spanking and from being seen to be spanked by those lads. Zoe and Toni chatted all the way home and Bernice disappeared straight up to her room. She stayed there all evening, apart from coming out for supper, her bottom still smarting from that sound spanking her mother metered out several hours earlier.