I can remember getting my first kiss from a boy when I was about seven or eight years old. I was walking home rather slowly as I had just been spanked by my teacher very soundly and my bottom was really sore. She had had enough of me that Friday afternoon and, when I had made another silly remark, she put me in the corner. It was called the Naughty Corner, and  children who were put in there generally got a spanking.

I might have got away with it had not the previous week the teacher come in with a new hairstyle  which she obviously thought did something for her. On that occasion I had made the memorable remark, “It doesn’t suit you, Miss!”

I thought I was just telling the truth but the teacher was quite upset and I was hauled out the front to be told what a rude little girl I was and given a couple of smacks on the bum to impress the point on me.

In view of the previous confrontation with the teacher my chances of getting away without a sore bum this time were very slim. Sure enough, after the lesson finished and she had dismissed the class, the teacher called me to stand in front of her and gave me a right telling-off which brought tears to my eyes. She then put me over her knee and flipped my skirt up for a meeting between her hand and my rear. She was quite young and athletic and smacked hard for the next minute or so, at the end of which I was yelling.

After it was finished, I got a final lecture as I hopped from foot to foot holding a well warmed bum, and when it was over I exited in floods of tears. I really felt the whole world was against me, especially as I had caught the eyes of some of my class who were grinning at the quite obvious fact I had just been very well spanked.

As I walked home, however, I saw my little friend Sammy. He lived just up the road from me and as we were in the same class we sometimes walked to school together.

He had obviously waited for me and had concern written on his young face. He asked me what had happened and I told him through my tears about the spanking as I rubbed my cute young bum. He looked at me very concerned in an old-fashioned way.

“That’s a real shame for you,” he said. Then he looked at me and said, “I think it was wrong of her to spank you. I think you’re too nice to spank!”

With that, he embraced me and planted a kiss on my cheek. I went quite red but I really liked it so I kissed him back. As we walk home together we slipped our hands into each other’s. I used my other hand to rub my bottom as I was walking! When we got to my house he gave me another kiss and I walked to my door. I waved him goodbye and watch him go up the road to his house, then rubbed my bottom and went in.

That night, I had to go to bed early as mum disapproved of me being spanked at school. She didn’t spank me again but gave me a lecture on behaviour and I was packed off to bed with a firm pat to the bum. I didn’t really mind as I was very tired from events of the day, especially the spanking. And as I lay there, I thought of Sammy’s kisses.

I had really enjoyed being kissed by a boy and there would be many more. But he was my first boyfriend and I loved him dearly.