When I was about 16 I dated a rather nice boy who I’ll call Max. I really liked him but unfortunately I found out he started smoking along with some friends of his. Apparently they thought it was cool. One day we were having a walk. The weather was hot and I was in my short shorts which he found very fetching. We stopped to rest for a few minutes and he tried to light a cigarette. I told him not to do that because smoking is bad for you and blew the match out. He lit another one but I blew that out too.

Finally he said, “Jenny, if you do that again I’ll put you across my knee and spank you.”

Of course, as a hot blooded and defiant teenager I saw this as a challenge. I didn’t know whether it would be right then and there, but spanking or no spanking I was going to blow the match out.

He duly lit another one and I duly blew it out, at which point he grabbed me, put me over his knee and gave me 12 very firm smacks on the back of my shorts. I squealed and wriggled over his knee as he slowly spanked away, but he made sure that each smack had its full effect. I was also just hoping no one was coming down the path to observe the youthful high spirits.

After he finished the spanking he was able to light his cigarette as I was too busy hopping around and rubbing my bottom.

“I didn’t think you’d do that,” I said, wriggling and squirming as I frantically rubbed in a way which made him most satisfied that his work had been well done.

“Well, I did warn you,” was his reply.

I noticed red marks showing below my shorts so tried to pull my shirt down as best I could to hide them. I had got a sore bottom, but at the same time was rather pleased my boyfriend had carried out his threat to spank me as it was quite a thrill going over his knee.

So we parted on good terms with a kiss, which reminded me of his smoking.

“Smoking will get you into trouble,” I said.

“No, never,” he said confidently.

His confidence was very misplaced as a couple of weeks later he and a friend were caught smoking on the way to school and given six strokes of the cane each by the headmaster. Apparently his head could really whop so he was very sad and sorry next time we met.  I told him afterwards he should’ve listened to me!