When I was at primary school I had my bum smacked quite regularly, not just because I was naughty but because I always seemed to get caught. Like the time during one wet break I was chasing a boy round the classroom and the duty teacher happened to come in and see me running in front of the class, while the boy had managed to slip into his place so wasn’t caught.

The teacher sent me to the corner while she lectured the class about the amount of noise coming from there. Then as an example as to what would happen to anyone else, she sat on the class chair and told me to bend over her knee. I reluctantly complied with the request and the next couple of minutes were painful as she smacked my bottom hard, to the wonder and somewhat amusement of my classmates, especially the boys, who always found a girl being smacked entertaining.

When the smacking finished, I was in floods of tears, something which was compounded as I was made to stand back in the corner with a sore bottom until my teacher came back. I had to endure all sorts of whispered comments and was relieved when my teacher came in, even though she did give me a good telling-off for misbehaving.

I had to sit the rest of the day on a sore bottom. Of course, when I got home mum had no sympathy for me but thankfully was quite content to leave such things to the school. I told her it was unfair the boy didn’t get smacked too, but she said if I hadn’t been messing around in the first place I wouldn’t have got smacked, which is generally the story of my school days. I was a slow learner, it seems!