I went to a primary school back in the day when each teacher was allowed to have his or her own paddle. Typically, the students were punished out in the hall fully dressed, but one time when I was in third grade I was paddled over my panties in front of the whole class.

I will never forget our third-grade teacher’s name: Miss B. She looked like she drank a whole lot of beer, she was huge. She was quite strict and with no sense of humor. Every week at least one kid, almost always a boy, got a paddling out in the hall. Sometimes, when she was in a bad mood, it was several a day.

She kept her paddle in her desk. It was shorter than a regular school-style paddle, and the part she applied to our bottoms was oval rather than rectangular. When she took us out in the hall, she would bend us over under her arm rather than having us grab our ankles. She actually would lift us off the floor and paddle our bottoms, with our head dangling next to her big rear and our feet dangling in front. It was quite a helpless feeling.

This is also back in the day when all of the girls were required to wear dresses. Some of the wealthier girls wore various undergarments, but most of us just had underpants underneath, so we had to be careful on the playground, as the boys would like to look up our dresses as we climbed the jungle gym or the ladder to the slide.

I was 9 years old, one of the class leaders, and a little rambunctious. We liked to joke around with the other girls. One of my friends had heard about a game that some of her friends from other schools had been playing. We decided to play it on some of the girls in our class.

At our school, bathroom breaks were taken in small groups of about half a dozen girls at a time. We were in the bathroom with a bunch of girls one day when she and I decided to play the game. We got on each side of one of the other girls who we didn’t much like.

“Do you like to play dress-up?” my friend asked.

“Yes, of course,” the girl replied.

Then my friend and I grabbed the hem of the girl’s dress on each side, pulled it up over her head, and yelled together, “Dress up!”

The other three or four girls in the bathroom laughed hard, but the girl we had done it to was not amused. She started to cry and ran out of the bathroom. We knew she was headed straight for Miss B.

We finished going to the bathroom and returned to the classroom as if nothing had happened. Miss B called me to the front of the class. She had moved her chair to the side of the desk rather than behind it, and she was seated on it.

“So, Trina,” she said. “You like to play dress-up? Well what about this game of dress-up?”

With that, she jerked me over her lap, pulled up my dress and began spanking me over my panties. She gave me several smacks with her hand, then picked up her paddle off her desk and whacked me with that. It was rapid-fire and all over in about 10 seconds, but I was already bawling, both from the pain and the embarrassment. She put down her paddle, stood me up, and pushed me toward my desk.

You could have heard a pin drop. The other kids were in shock. They had never seen a student spanked on their underwear, nor had they seen a student spanked in front of the class. They were afraid to laugh, exclaim, or make a sound for fear they would find themselves in the same position.

I went to my desk and sat down, sniffling as quietly as I could. My bottom was on fire, and I could feel the hard chair even through my dress. I couldn’t look at any of my classmates. I was so embarrassed. I knew I was going to be teased unmercifully about this. And I was hoping my parents weren’t going to find out, as they had that ‘punished at school, punished at home’ philosophy.

Fortunately, Miss B never told them. I think it might have been because she had broken two rules for discipline: She didn’t take me out in the hall, and she didn’t spank me fully clothed.

When we finally got recess that day, I went to my friend who had started the game. I asked her why she didn’t get spanked as well. She said she didn’t know. Later we found out that the girl we had teased had only told Miss B my name. Apparently she wanted to be friends with my friend, so did not report her.

The boys had a field day. They teased me about the flowered panties they had seen. They would ask me on many days what kind of panties I had on, and if they could see them. That was hard to take, but I also realized that I was the center of their attention. Eventually I turned that to my advantage. I would ask them to run errands for me. I would ask them to go easy on me during our playground games. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was the beginning of me using sex appeal to control men, something I have done successfully ever since.