Several years ago I started dating a woman named Becky. We were both in our early 40s. We were in a restaurant and a couple of teenagers were being rude and disrespectful near us.

Becky said to me: “I don’t know what it is with kids today. Most of them act as if they need a good spanking.”

This kinda really caught me off guard. I had always had an interest in spanking for as long as I could remember, and her bringing this up kind of struck a nerve instantly.

I asked her if she was spanked growing up.

She said she got a few ‘good whippings’ from her dad growing up. “Pretty much just when I really needed it,” she said.

I was kinda dumbfounded. I was really interested in what she was saying but didn’t want to seem turned on by it or act weird about it.

I asked how old she was when she last got in bad trouble with her dad.

“Probably 16,” she said. “I came home late one afternoon from being out with my friends. I could tell something wasn’t right when I got home. My mom and dad both seemed agitated about something. I went to my room. I could hear my mom talking to my two younger brothers about going to town. I came out of my room and asked if I could ride along also.

Her mom immediately said: “No!” She was to stay home.

She said from past experience she had a pretty good idea what this meant. When one kid was in trouble and probably going to get the belt from dad, mom would take the other kids and ‘go to town’. She said she went back into her room and kinda waited for what was next.  She really had no idea what her parents had on her but she was sure she was going to find out.

As soon as her mom and brothers had left the driveway, her dad yelled for her to come downstairs. She slowly walked down the stairs, she said. Her dad had a small black 35 mm film case. This was back in the late 1980s and those film cases were commonplace. Brenda said she knew exactly what her dad had. She had marijuana in that case. She said her dad asked where she had got that marijuana, and she said she just shrugged her shoulders.

She said she knew she was in for it. She was sure she was going to get the belt. It had been a few years since the last time she got a whipping, but it was always bare butt over the sofa, and she was sure this would be the same.

She said her dad sat the film case down and motioned for her to come to him.

“Girl, drop your shorts and panties and bend over the sofa,”

As he said it, she could hear the belt buckle clang and the strap being pulled through his trousers loops. In the few years it had been since she had last been in this situation she said she had developed into a young lady and having to drop her shorts and panties in front of her dad was punishment in itself. But she knew better than to argue with him. In her house, he was the judge, the jury, and the punisher. Arguing would either result in a worse whipping or even getting smacked across the face.

She said she turned to the sofa, bent over the arm, and then slid her shorts and underwear down to hide her front side from her dad.

She said he whipped her a good 12-15 times. She said she told herself before he started not to let him make her cry. She said after about the 5th stroke she had tears running down her face. She said this was the last whipping she ever got and was definitely the worst. Her dad told her if he ever caught her with marijuana again he would beat her ass far worse than he had ever done before.