This is a true account of a belting my wife, Margaret, received at school in 1975 which I was able to witness as we were in the same class, 4A. We’d been going out together for about a year by that time.

She was wearing a tight little grey school skirt, black sheer tights, block heel shoes, white blouse, school tie and a tight ‘V’ neck grey school jumper. Underneath she was wearing cute pink panties. I knew because at morning break we had been kissing and having a rather heavy petting session in a corner of the school grounds and my hands had been wandering.

At one point, though, she opened her bag, took out her cigarettes and lit one. I warned her against doing it and mentioned she could get the belt if anyone caught her. She didn’t seem that bothered, though, and said it wouldn’t be the first time.

Towards the end of the break, we headed back to the school building and joined the separate lines for boys and girls. As the lines edged forward, my wife to be tied her shoulder length blonde hair into a cute little ponytail. When we got inside our classroom, we sat down next to each other.

Mrs Park, the teacher, entered the room. She was in her early forties and was wearing a tight skirt to just above her knees, black sheer tights, stilettos and a tight black polo neck jumper. She had a very severe face and always wore bright red lipstick. She was very strict and used her thick brown leather belt frequently.

After putting her bag on her desk, she came round to the front of the desk and eased herself up on to the desk. Then she pulled a chair from a desk not being used and put her feet on it. She asked if we all knew the school rules and after prompting we all said that we did. Then she said that while getting something from her car during the break she witnessed a blatant disregard for school rules from someone in this room.

My heart skipped a beat. I looked at my girlfriend and she was thinking the same. You can see the teachers’ car park from where we were snogging. Mrs Park then asked if anybody wanted to own up to anything. Silence!

Mrs Park told us she was getting angry, adding that if she caught anybody smoking on school grounds she would warm their fingers. I stole a glance at Margaret who had her head down and was slowly easing the rings off her fingers. Clearly she knew what was coming.

When nobody wanted to own up, Mrs Park called for Margaret to stand up. The whole class looked towards my girlfriend as she slowly uncrossed her legs and stood up. Mrs Park asked Margaret what she had to say for herself. My girlfriend simply shrugged her shoulders. Then Mrs Park asked Margaret if she denied smoking on school grounds. With her voice breaking slightly, Margaret said that she didn’t deny it.

Mrs Park asked Margaret if she knew the punishment, and Margaret confirmed she did in a whisper. I felt so sorry for her, yet strangely excited.

Mrs Park rose from the desk and called Margaret forward. The classroom was deadly quiet. Mrs Park rummaged in her bag and took out her brown leather belt. It was folded in half and she twisted it back and forth to straighten it. My girlfriend was standing with her arms folded and her sexy little bum cocked to one side.

Mrs Park said that she didn’t think she had strapped Margaret before, and Margaret confirmed she hadn’t. Then the teacher told my girlfriend she was getting four strokes for smoking and an extra two for not owning up.

When Margaret said that wasn’t fair, Mrs Park asked if she would prefer to be sent to Mr Cordonier, the headmaster. Margaret muttered that she wouldn’t and was then told to hold her hands up, both of them side by side and with her thumbs down. I had been belted like this and it hurt like hell. Margaret held both her hands up and, as she was facing the blackboard, her sexy little bottom was towards the class.

Mrs Park took up position by laying the strap across both Margaret’s hands. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Mrs Park lifted the strap and brought it down. CRACK! Margaret dropped her hands and leaned forward, giving everyone a nice view of her pink panties.

Margaret held her hands out again.



Margaret gave a little gasp after the third one and again her hands dipped and she leaned forward putting her sexy panties on show again.

When Margaret held her hands out again they were shaking violently. CRACK! That one really hurt because my poor girlfriend gave an anguished sob and dropped her hands in between her thighs. When she pleaded with the teacher, she was told she wouldn’t smoke on school property again by the time they were finished. Slowly Margaret held her hands out, and they were shaking.


The poor girl was really sobbing now and Mrs Park put the belt back in her bag. Margaret was told to go and sit down, with a warning not ever to be caught smoking on school property again.

I stole a glance at Margaret’s hands and they were scarlet. She had two angry red lines on her right wrist where the tails of the strap had caught her. When we were told to get our books out, I could see Margaret complying but then slowly rubbing her belted hands up and down the cold desk legs.

After a little while I could sense Margaret trying to draw my attention. I looked over and she gave me a little smile. Her hands were still shaking and she had them on her lap. She slowly opened them and they were scarlet. Her fingers were swollen as was her right wrist.

As a postscript, this never stopped Margaret smoking and she still smokes to this day.