This is one of a few accounts of home spankings. These memories are a double sword for me. While I cannot say that I did not find them enjoyable at times, the fact that he was enjoying administering them, as we know now, kind of dampens the mood a bit in retrospect. Unlike the spankings at school, the ones at home were usually directly on the bottom.

Although I did not know it at the time, my uncle had a liking for giving spankings, which seems obvious now, but at the time no one imagined such. We found out about this interest when he died at 62 in 1982. His second wife found various magazines and personal notes about the subject as well as some badly filmed 8mm silent movies.

Funny, we thought he was going easy on us when compared to our friends’ parents who often used a belt or strap, and all along he was living his fantasy. One of these incidents I recall vividly will show that he had some weird ways when it came to spankings. This one involved me and my three older female cousins (his daughters), back when I was 9. Uncle Rob had ‘trained’ us on how to behave when being spanked. He did not allow legs and arms to thrash about and you could only cry lightly. If you did anything against his rules, then he would swat harder. So, you basically laid over his lap for 2 to 4 minutes while he lightly swatted your bottom.

In the last several years, friends have shared a few spankings clips and I swear that in some of them the storyline had to be written by him. It just goes to show how much art reflects reality and how common this was and still is. This incident is memorable because it was one of a handful of times that all 4 of us girls (me and my three cousins, Uncle Rob’s daughters, which included a set of twins) received it together. He also would spank his son and my two brothers, but almost never in the presence of us girls.

This happened in August of 1954 just after I had turned 9. This was also the genesis year of my ‘liking’ spankings. Besides enjoying some of the after effects, I also was a keen observer of the others as they received theirs. He almost always started from the oldest and finished with me, so I had a lot of visuals in my head as I got mine. Mom had taken my two brothers and cousin Sam to Fayetteville to get some clothes for the upcoming school year. We girls had taken that trip the previous week.

It was late in the evening on a Friday. The sun was just starting to set and Trudy (12), Cathy (12), Donna (10), and me (9) were out near the hay barn. We had scooped a bunch of hay that was outside the door of the barn and stuffed it into a metal barrel that was used to burn trash. We really loaded that thing with hay to the point it was very heavy if you tried to move it. Then Cathy ran up to their house and was gone for a few minutes. Soon, she returned with a can of Cardinal Brand lighter fluid. She removed the red cap and proceeded to squirt the whole can into the hay filled barrel. Man did that stuff stink to me!! Then she took out a big box of Diamond ‘Strike Anywhere’ matches, removed one and struck it on the rough edge of the box and threw it in. The flames jumped up quickly and then she threw the remaining matches, box and all, into the barrel where they quickly flared up. We all laughed and giggled because it was so cool to watch a fire.

Maybe because the hay was really dry and very compacted in the barrel, this caused the fire to burn with a heat and intensity that I had never experienced. soon several embers began floating out the top which almost resembled fireflies gone berserk and we became concerned that the nearby grass was going to catch fire. Trudy ran to the nearby well and pumped some water into a steel bucket and returned to put it inside the barrel. Puffs of white smoke shot out the top and popping sounds emanated from the metal barrel as it reacted to the quick temperature change.

Trudy ran to get another bucket of water and, just as she put it on the fire, Uncle Rob came out on the back deck of his house and yelled: “What in the Sam hill do you think you girls are doing?”

Then he came running out to where we were, picked up a nearby metal barrel lid and sat it on top of the fire. Shortly after, the fire fizzled out and tons of smoke was seeping out the edges. He then looked at us very intensely and said: “You don’t play around with fire like that!! You could have set the field, barn and maybe the house on fire and then what would you think? Girls, go to the house, take a quick bath and get ready for a warming.”

We looked at each other with a look of ‘dang it’ and processed to do as we were told. We slowly shuffled up to the house and did as we were told. Trudy and Cathy took theirs baths first and then Donna and I did. Afterwards, we dried off, put on our panties and then waited in his bedroom for our spankings. None of us wore shirts at night during the summer as it was too hot.

Uncle Rob was a big man, standing about 6 ft 4, and weighed about 210. He was well built and a strong guy who worked out often with his collection of dumbbells. At the foot of his bed was a wooden chair with a high back on it. He had someone make it for him because he found regular chairs too short for his long legs. This chair was used mainly for him to sit in and give spankings, as I rarely saw him in it for any other reason.

When he came in about 5 minutes later, we were standing against the wall facing the chair. He sat down and we placed our hands behind our necks as we had been trained to do. He then reminded us why we were here and then called for Cathy first. She then went and stood to his right and he grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down almost to her knees. Then his right hand went to her back and he lightly pushed her and she went across his lap and held on to the legs of the chair.

As I stated earlier, we were ‘trained’ on how to behave during spankings. If we didn’t follow his rules of no thrashing of arms or legs, keep your legs still and together and no loud crying, then the spanking would not be really hard. They lasted about 2 to 4 minutes each. After she was over his lap, he placed his left hand in the center of her back to keep her in place and then he placed his right hand on the center of her behind and rubbed back and forth slightly before giving her the first swat. She only said “ow” and slightly turned her head to the bed on her left. Uncle Rob then rubbed his hand in circles on her behind several times and then swatted again.

Again, she said “ow” and he repeated the steps again. Every now and then instead of rubbing in circles, he would move his hand from the center of your bottom down your legs to about halfway to the knees and then back up and over your bottom to the small of your back. He continued this for about 3 minutes until her behind was a light pink color and then let her up where she went back to the place where she had been standing prior and placed her hands behind her neck again.

Then he called Trudy over. Like Cathy, she did not really cry much during the spankings, but she did shake her head more and sometimes tried to look forward. Since there was nothing for me to do but watch, I became keenly interested at watching Uncle Rob’s big tanned hand striking Cathy’s pale white bottom. I would shift my eyes between his face and his hand, and I found it so fascinating. Also, she seemed to be going through the vowels on her verbal reaction to each swat. Ow, Eye, EEE, OOO, Oh. (You could almost sing Old MacDonald to it. Sorry I’m bad!).

He seemed to change his facial expression from a serious look to one that seemed to have a slight smile to it. As his hand swatted her backside you could see it compress and then pop back into place as it grew pinker and pinker. Her panties slid slowly down her legs until they rested around her ankles. Soon hers was over and she went and stood next to Cathy.

Next, he called for Donna who already had a crying look on her face as he pushed her over his lap and while she also said “ow” on the first few, she began lightly crying around the 5th one and kept that up for the duration. Uncle Rob went through his pattern of swat, rub several circles, swat, rub down your thighs and up to the small of the back, swat. He did this over and over again taking about 3 to5 seconds between them. As I mentioned in an earlier story, one of the strange things I noticed was the sound of the swats changed from one to the next. The pitch of the sound would fluctuate as his hand struck a slightly different area of the behind.

Finally, hers was done and quickly she was helped off his lap and was quickly standing next to me, hands behind the neck.

“Em,” he said, while using a beckoning finger which then pointed to his right side and I took my hands down from the back of my neck and went to where I was directed. He looked at me with a serious look as he pulled my panties down to my knees and then pushed me over his lap. As I went over I put my arms forward so they would not be caught on my sides after I was in position.

Like everyone before me, I grabbed the chair legs and gripped tightly. Before the first one hit, I could hear the sniffing and crying of those standing to my right. Then I felt his hand rest on my behind followed by the rubbing in circles. Then the feeling stopped and a second later the first swat struck my behind. I cried “owwwww” and tried to hold off from crying. The sting in my bottom was tempered as he rested his hand on it and began rubbing up and down on either side of it.  As strange as it may sound, this weird practice of his actually made the spankings more tolerable. As soon as your backside was sizzling, it was cooled a bit by the circular and up and down rubbing. I did start crying several swats in, but kept the volume low. I too began feeling my panties slide slowly down my legs until they were at my feet as well.

Finally, after about three minutes my spanking was over and I was helped off his lap and went back to stand with the others. He went through his speech about playing with fire and then told us to go to bed. Soon the four of us were in the king-sized bed in the second bedroom and we eventually began talking about the fire that got us in trouble. Meanwhile, the fires in our bottoms were still smoldering.