In early 1957, at my secondary school in Middlesex, I was 15 years of age and in the metal work class when I heard someone shout: “Stop, stop.”

I immediately pressed the red ‘stop’ button on the wall by the machine I was working on and the room went quickly silent. The teacher came out of his office and asked who stopped the machines. I said that I had heard someone say stop twice, so I pressed the red button. The teacher assumed I was playing games so he told me to come to the front of the room and he went into his office and brought out a cane. The teacher told me to bend over and he gave me 3 or 4 strokes of the cane and then told me to get back to work.

In the distance could be heard someone moaning as if in pain and the teacher went over to where the noise came from and saw a boy with some of his clothing in the machine he was working on and his arm was trapped also. The teacher sent one of the other boys in the class to the headmaster to send for an ambulance and within a very short time, the headmaster and an ambulance arrived and the boy was extracted from the machine and taken to hospital. He was in quite a bad way.

The teacher went with the headmaster to his office and sometime later I was called to that office where the teacher and the headmaster both apologised to me for the caning and the headmaster said he would have to write to the education office and also my parents explaining the mistake and apologising to both. My Mother was very cross and visited the school the next day to make sure the headmaster was aware of her concern. The metalwork teacher also apologised to me again for his mistake. He congratulated me on my quick thinking and action and that was the end of that episode.

In September of that year, having stayed on for a 5th year to take GCE ‘O’ level exams which was very new for this type of school, I became School Vice Captain. My duties included taking the payslips at the end of the month to the teaching staff and I collected them from the school secretary.

It was late in this year that I was doing my rounds towards the end of the school day when I came to the deputy headmistress’s class room. This room was security glass everywhere with just a small panel by the door to see if anyone was in the room prior to entering. This deputy headmistress was not a very nice person. She had no time for the boys and did everything in her power to ensure that girls in the school were kept separate from the boys. She was just over medium build, not too tall and with a face you would not argue with. Facial hair and lack of any make up made her look very stern.

I always kept her payslip to the last as she would not allow me to enter her room until all the girls had gone. I came up to the glass panel only to see a girl I classified as my girlfriend bent over with her pants down and the cane in the hand of the deputy headmistress. I very quickly tip-toed back and went round the corner and waited until I could hear the cries of the girl no more and the door being opened and closed, which I regarded as the girl having left.

I waited for a few minutes and then went to the door and knocked and waited for a ‘come in’. When I heard it I went in and handed the payslip to the deputy headmistress but she said nothing, did not smile, and I immediately left the room.

I went towards the direction where my girlfriend would have gone and found her crying and leaning against the wall. It was home time so I went with her to her house and I knew her parents worked for a government installation and never came home until after 7pm so we would be alone until then. The girlfriend’s name was Sarah.

Gradually she sorted herself out and washed her face and came down and we had a drink and she asked me if I wanted to see the marks on her bottom and I said: “Yes,” and once she had lifted her skirt and dropped her pants, the marks were very vivid. Sarah adjusted her clothes back and soon after I went home which was just around the corner from her house. Looking back, I never connected at that time CP and sex and I am sure that I had no major feelings from seeing her bottom.

Sarah went with her parents to Belgium where the posting would last for a number of years so gradually I met up with another girl who lived further up the same road as I did and she was named Tricia. She loved to wear her school blouse with the top few buttons undone and sideways view of her showed very well developed breasts. Fifth year pupils were allowed to ride on bikes to and from school once they had passed the cycling proficiency test and both Tricia and myself had done so.

One afternoon on the way from school to home, Tricia stopped to give someone a lift on her back pannier mechanism but was seen by a teacher and reported to the fearsome deputy headmistress. Before going home the next day, Tricia had to report to the deputy headmistress and was told off for illegal use of a bicycle and she was given 3 strokes of the cane and lost the privilege of cycling to school for the rest of the term. The dangers of what she was doing were outlined to her and all of this was told to me when she came out of the room and came to me where I was waiting for her. I hugged her and soon she stopped crying and we went home to her house and again her parents were out until later.

She made a drink of tea and then we went up to her bedroom where I saw her bottom which was by now very black and blue with 3 ridges very prominent. We actually did some petting and, for the first time, I felt urges from what was going on, although I did not recognise what they were at that stage.

Once I left Tricia, I went home and that was my first opening into the world of CP which developed a few years later into a lifetime of enjoyment including a wife who loved to be dealt with not only by me but in magazine shoots, films and parties. CP stayed with us all our lives and still does.