The school year of 1956-1957 was a watershed in my development of this thing, now called a kink, where the inflicting of something that was supposed to be a punishment seemed to have this other fascinating and strange side to it. It was something that required answers to questions that could never be asked in 1950s Arkansas where fundamentalist Christianity was the norm and not the exception. Now with hindsight, a bit of science and a more open society, we now understand more about this phenomenon. Why did this affect me and my friend David, but not my cousin Cathy or brother Eli? Why did spankings give me a form of pleasure that others found to be just plain uncomfortable?  It is obviously a combination of genetics and environmental conditions.

I sincerely believe that had my uncle and school administrators delivered hard, bruising fewer swat spankings instead of the softer, more numerous kind, I may not have developed this ‘like’. I did receive a few hard swats back in the day and they were not something I recalled fondly. Also, my laid-back nature which led me to find guys who acted in an authoritative manner just added to my list of likes when it came to receiving corporal punishment. Spankings from my mom or female teachers did not excite me as much, so ones’ mindset has a lot to do with it.  This was my last spanking of my 6th grade year and it was definitely more ‘likable’ than the one received the previous month which I got with Cathy and Peggy Sue. I am not sure why, but maybe more nerves connected to the danger zone than before, LOL. And it was not just the physical sensations that made it ‘fun’, but it was also the visual things like watching the paddle whack its target, the facial expressions of those getting it, and Mr Anderson’s concentration on his task at hand. Then add the aural effects of the swats as well as the exhalations and sounds of the ones getting it made it an experience to remember.

 It was mid-May of 1957 and summer vacation was almost here. The days were warm and getting more humid as the month of June approached. I would like to say that I never/rarely misbehaved in order to receive a paddling, but there were times where the consequences of my actions did little to nothing in avoiding what the result of that misbehavior would be. And this would be one of those times.

The day just didn’t seem to want to be nice to me. First, I recall not wanting to get out of bed as I was still tired and yawny, and then once getting up I discovered that we had no running water. Apparently, the fuse on the water pump had went south overnight so my brother Eli had to go out to the hand pump on the well and pump some into a bucket so we could use it to wash our faces and brush our teeth.

Then I discovered the red dress I wanted to wear had not been washed from the previous week, so I picked out one that was white from the waist up except for a band on the sleeves and blue/white checkered below with two white stripes near the bottom edge. At least I had new panties as Uncle Rob had bought us girls several pairs in a bulk buy at some wholesale place in Little Rock the previous weekend. They had a slight frilly pattern near the leg holes but otherwise were quite plain. I then slipped on my thin white socks and my-oh-so-boring black Mary Jane shoes. Mom then came in the room and put my shoulder length hair into small pigtails and then told me to go eat breakfast. After scarfing down my eggs and biscuit, I went to wait for the morning bus that would ferry me, my two brothers and 4 cousins to school. 

The bus ride was unremarkable and soon we were at the place that would soon grant us a three-month reprieve in a couple of weeks. It was 10:30 am and time for recess. I ran out and found an unused tether-ball set and began playing with it. After a couple of minutes, I saw that pain-in-the ass 5th grader Rickey, who had hit in me the back of the head with a red kick-ball back in September, harassing a girl named Delores by tossing small dirt clods at her. For whatever reason that set me off and I quickly left the tether-ball area and went running fast towards him. When I got to him, I pushed him in the back and yelled: “Quit being such a turd!” He fell forward and scrapped his head on the hard dirt surface and immediately began calling for a teacher, Mrs Green, who was standing nearby.

As you can surmise, I was taken to the office and a report was made on what I had done. I then sat in the waiting area for 20 minutes and was then told to go to the lunchroom at 11:00 and then return at 11:30. As I left, four boys were coming into the office, one 5th grade (Rickey) and three 6th graders. As they went by, I wondered if they were in trouble as well. Unlike previous times, this time I was not worried and was looking forward to the encounter with Mr Anderson. I proceeded to quickly eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and drink my milk that still came in mini-glass bottles. I spent the remaining time wondering how this encounter was going to be.

At 11:30 I returned to the school office expecting to be the only one there, but I surprised when I saw three 13 year old girls from the 7th grade sitting in the waiting area. They were Alice, a leggy redhead about 5′ 2″ who always looked a little raggedy in her clothing as she obviously wore hand me downs like me, but mine were in good condition. Also, there were Carol and Connie who were identical twins whom I thought never got in trouble. Apparently all three were caught smoking a pipe that Carol and Connie had taken from their dad, and when caught kept denying it until two witnesses were brought forth to corroborate the incident.

Just as I sat down, I heard a swat from Mr Anderson’s office followed by a loud: “Uhh.” This was followed by 19 more, each one followed by a similar exclamation. The looks on Alice, Carol and Connie’s faces took on an expression that was a combination of worry and empathy to the one who was getting it just a few feet away. It sounded to me that he went a tad bit harder on the boys than he did us. We sat in the waiting area silently for another 3 minutes until Mr Anderson opened the big dark brown door and out came the 4 boys. Two had grins on their face, one had no expression and the last one, Rickey, looked like he was about to cry.

As soon as they had left the office area, Mr Anderson invited us girls in by saying: “Come on in, ladies, let’s see what you have done. Soon all 4 of us were standing in front of his desk as he did his customary review of our transgressions that was written on a piece of paper he held in his right hand. After a short spell where he pondered what our punishments would be, he decided that Alice, Carol and Connie would receive 20 swats and I would get 17. Why 17 for me? What an odd number I thought.

Then Mr Anderson stood up, removed the medium-sized, light brown paddle from the wall, told us to turn around so that we had our backs to his desk. As we turned, he walked around us and took one of the small chairs and placed it in front of the mirror and then called for Alice as he beckoned with his finger to come to him. With a worried expression on her face as she looked downwards, she approached him, and he placed his index finger under her chin to lift her gaze towards his as he told her that smoking was not allowed on school grounds and definitely not allowed for 7th graders. Just as he finished, he put his left hand on her shoulder and turned her around and told her: “Bend over, Alice, and place your hands firmly on the seat edge. Thank you. That’s a good girl.”

Then he grabbed the edge of her yellow and white dress with his left hand, pulled it back tightly and held it in place, which showed a bit of bare skin between the waist band of her panties and the dress. Her face tightened and she slightly shifted her legs as he tapped a few times and then rubbed the paddle against her panties. Then he delivered the first one which elicited an “ayeee” from her as he dress slightly billowed from the wind of the paddle.

She cried lightly after the first one but varied little for the next 19. Whap 2 – Ayeeoo!  Whap 3 – Ayeeii!  Whap 4 – Ahh oh!  Whap 5 – Ayeee!  Whap 6 – Ayiioo!  Whap 7 – Ayyeee!  Whap 8 – Please!

 Mr Anderson interjected a “Good girl” here.  

Whap 9 – Ayyeee!  Whap 10 – Ahhh  Whap 11 – Oh please!  Whap 12 – (exhales loudly)  Whap 13 – Owww!  Whap 14 – Ayeeeii  Whap 15 – Ahhh!  Whap 16 – Oh!  Whap 17 – Please!  Whap 18 – Ayeeee!

“Good girl, almost done.”

Whap 19 – Ayeeeoo!  Whap 20 – Ayeeii!  While she made her exclamations after each swat, it reminded me of the ‘E-I-E-I-O’ of the song ‘Old McDonald’ which made me secretly chuckle.

As I watched her face in the mirror, I noticed her face would relax a bit as he rubbed the paddle on her behind between the swats but she would tighten up and grit her teeth as she felt it lift off for its return swing. A few times she would push back when the paddle was in the rubbing mode and shift her bottom on it in order to bring a bit a relief from the burn. I understood that as I did the same thing to tone down the sting. She looked down most of the time, but occasionally would look forward into the mirror in front of her. Her short red ponytail jiggled after each swat. For the first time I began to feel some of the excitement in the nether regions before receiving it. After the last one he rubbed the paddle on her burning backside as he commented about her poor choice of behavior that day. After the small speech, he said “Go and stand back by the desk and face it.” As she went to where he told her, which was to my right, I saw her reach up under her dress and rub her behind with both her hands.

Then he beckoned Connie to come to him and she obediently approached him, and he gave her the same spiel about the inappropriateness of young girls smoking. She then looked up at him and begged him not to tell her dad about the stolen pipe as that would result in them getting spanked with a strap at home. After a quick pause, he assured her that her would not, but they still had to receive their punishment here.

She replied: “Yes sir, Mr Anderson, I know,” then he placed his right hand on her shoulder, walked her to the chair and gently pushed her over it as he told her: “Bend over, please, and hold the chair edges. Good girl.”

Carol and Connie came from a family that had more money than most in our area, but they were not rich. They were wearing similar, but not identical, pastel pink dresses that had a shiny sheen to them and the white/black saddle-back shoes with white socks that I coveted so much. Both sported white plastic headbands on their dark shoulder length brown hair. As he pulled the edge of Connie’s pink dress back, her facial expression took on one of worry and she seemed to silently say: “Oh,” with her mouth. Then, as Mr Anderson began rubbing the brown wood paddle on her bottom, I noticed for the first time how much it contrasted with her white panties. As his arm swung back, I began switching my eyes back and forth between the paddle in his hand and her face in the mirror. Just as he swung down, she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth and then it struck: “WHAP!” She let out an “Owww ohh owww” and began shifting her knees slightly, first the left one and then the right. She still had 19 more to go.

She also began whining lightly but seemed to take it well. No doubt this was much better than a strap.   Whap 2 – Oww!  Whap 3 – Ahh!  Whap 4 – Ow! oh!  Whap 5 – Ssssss!  Whap 6 – Ssssss!  Whap 7 – Ow! Ow! Ow!

“Good girl, Legs together please.”

Whap 8 – Ahhhh!  Whap 9 – Ow Ow!  Whap 10 – Sssss  Whap 11 – Ow! Oh my!  Whap 12 – Sorry!  Whap 13 – Ahhhh!  Whap 14 – Sssss!

“Good girl, almost done.”

Whap 15 – Ow Ow OW!  Whap 16 – Ssssss!  Whap 17 – Ahhhh!  Whap 18 – Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!  Whap 19 – Sssssss!  Whap 20 – Ow! Oh! Ow!   Mr Anderson spaced the swats about 3 to 4 seconds apart and did his usual rubbing the paddle on the pantied behind during the ‘break’. During her entire paddling she continued shifting her legs slightly, one then the other. The white plastic head band contrasted with her dark brown hair that was pushed back behind her ears and ended in an outward curl at the top of her shoulders. While she was getting it, my attention occasionally diverted to Alice, who was standing to my right and still rubbing her bottom. Then he reminded her again about smoking and then let her up and told her to go stand to the right of Alice. She too began rubbing her burning backside and the sounds of dual sniffing could be heard.  

He then approached Carol and escorted her to the chair and told her to bend over it as he gently guided her into position. Unlike Connie, Carol’s facial expression was almost blank at first and only slightly changed as he pulled her dress back over her back and then held it in place. Her panties were pastel pink like the dress she had on, so the contrast with the paddle was less than with Connie. As the first swat found its target, her face contorted into one of pain and said: “Ouch” in a slightly lower tone than Connie but did not cry, at least not yet. Whap 2 – Ouch!  Whap 3 – Ouch!  Whap 4 – Owie!  Whap 5 – Ouch Ouch!  Whap 6 – Ouch Ouch!

After the 6th one she began crying lightly. Whap 7 – Ouch!  Whap 8 – Oww!  Whap 9 – Ahhh!  Whap 10 – Ouch!  Whap 11 – Ssssss!  Whap 12 – Ouch Ouch Ouch!

Carol had been shifting her behind in small circles during the paddling, prompting Mr Anderson to tell her: “Carol, do not shift so much or I may miss and strike your legs which will be more painful.”

She replied: “Yes sir,” and he continued the spanking as he answered: “Good Girl.” Whap 13 – Owww!  Whap 14 – Owww!  Whap 15 – Ouch Ouch Ouch!  Whap 16 – Stings!  Whap 17 – Ouch Hurts!  Whap 18 – Ssssss!  Whap 19 – Owww!  Whap 20 – Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch!  Carol continued shifting her bottom between the swats as he rubbed the paddle on it, but her movement was not as intense as before the warning. After the last one she stayed in position a bit longer than her sister and Mr Anderson rubbed the paddle on her panties as he reiterated the reason she had received this punishment. Then he let her up and told her to stand to the right of her sister and she too began rubbing her bottom. Then it was my turn!

“Emily,” he said had he approached me and placed his hand on my back just below my neck and pushed me slightly toward the chair. “You are here because of attacking Rickey who was doing something bad, but it was not your place to correct him. His backside was warmed well just a few minutes ago.” Then he pushed me slightly as I stood before the chair and said: “Bend over, Em, and hold the seat please,” which I found added more excitement to the session. I did as I was told but I did not like this particular chair because the chair back pressed into my stomach a bit. As usual, I shivered slightly as he pulled my blue and white checkered dress back and then held it in place.

I could feel his thumb on the bare skin just above the waistband of my panties. I looked in the mirror and he had an expression of seriousness as he began rubbing the paddle on my behind and then he seemed to sport a small grin as he swung back. “Whap” and instantly my behind was on fire. The first few swats are the most uncomfortable, but then they get better. I tried not to make much noise so I could concentrate on the paddle sounds as well as whatever noises he made. He said things like this in a low, hard to hear tone. Some of the words/sounds were just guesses but correct for the most part.

Whap 2 – “yep”  Whap 3 – “hmmmm”  Whap 4 – “yes”  Whap 5 –  “Good girl, Em!”  Whap 6 – “yeah”  Whap 7 – “uh huh”  Whap 8 – “yeah”  Whap 9 – “Yes, good girl.”

Whap 10 – “nice”  Whap 11 – “hmmmm, good girl”  Whap 12 – “Good girl, don’t wiggle your bottom so much.”   Whap 13 – “Yes, that’s a good girl Em.”  Whap 14 – “yes”  Whap 15 – “Good Girl, almost over”,  Whap 16 – “alright, last one!”  Whap 17 – Good girl Em, good girl.”

During the swats I too slightly shifted my behind as I pressed it against the paddle as he rubbed it between them. You could shift within reason, but his firm left hand kept you from getting out of position much. I could also feel my ponytail shifting a bit as I moved my head. I could also feel the portion of his hand that was on my back just above my panties shift slightly from swat to swat. Like Carol, he rubbed the paddle on my bottom as he did my transgression rewind. It was so strange that this stinging pain also felt good at the same time. Why was that? What was wrong with me? He then let me up and I went to join the other three.

Carol and Alice were still rubbing their behinds as Mr Anderson walked back to his desk and sat down. He then said: “In the future, just remember if you light up a cigarette or pipe around here, you will have your bottom lit up as well. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” we all replied almost in unison and then he dismissed us. None said a thing as we exited the office and went our separate ways. As I returned to my class and sat on the hard wood chairs of the classroom, I slightly shifted a bit as I worked out the sting. When I got home, three hours later, I went straight to our bathroom to look at my behind. It still had a slight pink glow to it that would disappear overnight, though the memory would remain forever.