I was paddled at school quite a few times, worse luck. I wasn’t a particularly bad girl, but I was mischievous and had a habit of getting caught and thus ended up with a sore bottom.

The worst time was when my friends and I skipped a lesson. I don’t know why we did it, but it was a silly dare and, of course, we were found out. The principal told us our parents would be informed and we will get a detention on Saturday. Saturday detention takes place once a month and you got it for being really naughty, when you got five swats of the paddle as well. So, it was certainly something to be avoided as it involved a miserable day with a sore bottom.
My friends and I were really upset at how stupid we’d been but that was nothing to how upset my parents were. Of course, dad put me across his knee gave me a good spanking and I heard later my friends all got the same from their folks.

Anyway, we had to wait a couple of weeks for the detention and went in our PE kit as we would be doing some work in the school after the spanking. We were all very anxious because some of us had been paddled before. I knew just how much it hurt. After about half an hour, the teacher in charge called us in; me and two friends and three other girls. The teacher gave us a lecture about behavior and told us we were getting five swats of the paddle each, and then told us to line up against the wall with our noses to the wall.

She called the first girl into the office next door and we heard five cracks of a paddle with lots of yelling and crying. I was getting really nervous and so were my friends. Then one of my friends was called in with the same result, and she came back sobbing and was told to fold her hands in front of her and face the wall. I could see her bottom was in agony and she kept squirming.

By this time, I was a wreck but I was thankful almost that I was next. The teacher told me to bend over the desk and tapped the paddle on my bottom on the back of my shorts and gave me five hard cracks with the paddle, which set the tears flowing. I tried to keep it in but by the end of the spanking I was hollering.

I clutched my butt which was on fire and made my way back and took my place at the wall. I was longing to rub my flaming behind but couldn’t. Seemed ages that the other girls were dealt with and then we all had to stand facing the wall while the teacher wrote it up in the punishment book. Thankfully we were then allowed to rub ourselves and had ten minutes to use the bathroom and collect ourselves.

It was horribly uncomfortable doing the detention, but my bottom felt a bit better by the time I went home. Unfortunately, I had reckoned without mom, who told me a detention should have a spanking so put me over her knee in the evening before I went to bed and warmed my poor little butt up again. I had to stand in the corner for the usual time and then went upstairs after kissing my parents and slept on my tummy.

What a day! How I regretted skipping. All I had to show for my efforts was missing a game for my team and a sore bottom. I felt so ashamed of my stupidity, but mom told me in the morning that it was in the past and I’d been punished so get on with my life. She said she made mistakes growing up and had to learn from them. Just wished learning hadn’t been so painful, especially during church that morning as I squirmed around on my sore bottom during the sermon. But then, as the good book says, the way of the transgressor is hard. Especially for the bottom!