This took place when I was a freshman in high school In Alabama.

It all started when I arrived for school. I used to meet my close circle of friends at the picnic tables situated at the rear of the sports ovals. We like it there as it was some sort of quiet in an otherwise over-crowded school.

There was four of us. Firstly, myself. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and was the athlete of the group, being the captain for the swim team. Then there was Sarah. She was the rebel of the group, constantly getting herself and the rest of us into trouble. She was short, brunette, with tanned skin from living her life lazing around her parents’ place. Then there was Keely. She’s of Italian decent, so had naturally olive skin with lovely long Brunette hair. She was the most attractive one in the group. All the boys loved her, but she was a massive teacher’s pet. Then, lastly, we had Caitlin. She was the funny one, slightly bigger then rest of us, pale with blonde hair.

On this particular morning, we were waiting at the picnic tables and Sarah was late, as per usual. By the time she arrived, the bell had rung for us to attend class.

I chipped, “Sarah, about time you got here. We are going to be late for home room. I have already been late once this week.”

Sarah joked back, “Aww, relax. We can just cut behind E block and make up the time.”

All four of us started walking our way to class, and Keely said, “Are we sure we want to go this way? It’s out of bounds.”

Caitlin responded, “You go whatever way you want. I’m getting to class on time. Last thing I want is to be late again and get a trip to Miss A.”

Morgan replied, “Yeh, true.”

Miss A was the principal, and a known hard-ass for the rules. She was pretty athletic for her age, almost in her 50s, being the ex-head of the PRE department.

While we were walking behind E block, Sarah has thrown a football at me, causing it to hit me in the head.


The other girls all laughed.

“You bitch!” I shouted, and laughed before trying to kick the ball back at her. However, the ball came off the side of my foot and we heard a loud smash as one of the windows in E block completely shattered.

Sarah instantly gasped, “Run!” and we all went as fast as we could, stopping close to our home rooms, panting and trying to regain our breath.

Keely, clearly stressed, said, “Maybe we should turn ourselves in.”

I snapped back, “No way! We will be in massive trouble!”

Caitlin backed me up. “Yeh, it will be swats for sure. No chance!”

Sarah snapped, “Shut up! Listen to me. No one saw us, so we were never there. Got it? We all stick together. Nobody will know.”

We all nodded and agreed before splitting to go to our home rooms.

Miss A was known to be very harsh with the paddle. However, it was rarely used. Sarah had it before, as did Caitlin. Keely and myself had been lucky enough to avoid it thus far, and I wanted to keep it that way.

Everything went as planned until I arrived at my second class for the day with Sarah. Our teacher pulled us to the side straight away and informed us that Miss Allen wanted to see us in her office. We both then collected our bags and started our walk to the office.

I whispered, “We’re screwed.”

Sarah snapped back, “Just stick to the plan!”

I nodded.

Once we got to the office, the admin lady, Miss G, who was always nice, stated, “Miss A will be here soon. She said for you to wait on the chairs outside her office.”

We walked around to the chairs and found Caitlin and Keely already seated there. We took the seats beside them.

Sarah again sternly said, “Stick to the plan, okay? We were not there.”

Caitlin and myself nodded and agreed.

Keely whispered, “Maybe we should just tell the truth and she will go easy on us.”

I snapped back, “Do you want to get paddled? Stick to the plan!”

Keely’s eyes had already watered up and she whispered back, “Okay.”

A short time later, Miss A arrived. She was wearing a knee-length pencil skirt and white blouse, and did not look happy.

She snapped, “Okay, Sarah. You first with me.”

Sarah replied, “Yes miss,” and followed Miss A into the office. The door was then closed. We could all hear talking, but not what was being said. About 5 minutes later, they both exited.

Miss A snapped, “Take a seat, Sarah. Caitlin, come with me.”

Once the door closed, I quickly whispered, “So what happened?”

Sarah whispered back, “Yeh, she asked about the window. I don’t know how she got our names, but I stuck with the plan and I think she brought it. As long as we all stick together, we are good.”

Miss A then again exited the office with Caitlin and said, “Okay, Chloe, you’re next.”

My heart was pounding. I have never felt so much adrenaline. Miss A lent against her desk as I stood.

She spoke calm but stern, and said, “So, do you know why you’re here?”

I shook my head. “No, Miss.”

She replied, “The window was broken behind E block and I’m not going to say how your names came up, but they did, so I’m going to ask you, and I want honesty, do you know anything about it?”

I shook my head, my heart still racing. “No, miss. I’m sorry, I have no idea.”

I could tell she was not impressed but thought to myself she must have no evidence.

Miss A then stood up off the desk and said, “Mmm, okay, back outside.”

I did as I was told and she in turn called Keely in and shut the door.

Sarah and Caitlin both turned to me and whispered, “So?”

I replied, “Yeh, I stuck to the plan. I think we’re good.”

Sarah snapped, “Keely better do the same. She’s the teacher’s pet.”

I assured her, “She will it will be fine.”

We sat for what felt like forever and Caitlin stated, “What’s taking so long?”

That’s when we heard it a loud crack, followed by a moan of pain.

Sarah snapped, “That damn snitch!”

We heard another 3 cracks, all about 5 seconds apart. My heart was racing. I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never been in this position before.

Miss A then opened the door. Keely’s face was full of tears and she was holding a piece of paper. Miss A looked furious and snapped, “Keely, get to class. You three in here, now!”

We all followed her in and at this point I had no doubt in my mind what was about to happen. We all stood side by side and Miss A yelled, “So explain to me why I was lied to, girls.”

We all stood in silence, and she snapped again, “Well? Answer me!”

Caitlin perked up, “We’re sorry, Miss. We didn’t want to get in trouble.”

Miss A replied, “That’s not good enough. We value honesty at this school. Understand? I’m guessing you all heard what just happened.”

We all replied together, “Yes, Miss.”

Miss A went on and said, “Keely was smart enough to tell me the truth, unlike you three, so I took it easy on her. You lot won’t be so lucky. She received 4 swats. You lot will get 4 for the window and 4 for lying. Do you understand?”

I could see the sheer shock on Sarah’s face as she gasped, “Eight?”

Miss Allen replied, “Yes, eight, girl. You heard me. Maybe next time you will think twice before lying. Another word and you will get the maximum ten. Got it?”

“Yes, miss,” Sarah replied.

At that point, I truly panicked seeing Sarah’s shock at the number of swats.

Miss Allen then calmly asked, “One last thing, and I want honesty. Who put the ball through the window?”

There was a moment for silence before I struggled to mutter, “It was me, Miss.”

Miss A snapped back, “Finally some honesty! If used earlier, it would have saved a lot of trouble, but because you indeed broke the window starting the mess you will get an additional two swats.”

Hearing those words almost broke me, and I could feel a tear already rolling down my cheek.

Miss A then picked up a large wooden paddle off her desk and tapped it against her hand.

“I know Sarah is no stranger to this position, and I can recall a visit from Caitlin also, but Chloe, have you been here before?”

“No miss,” I replied.

“Okay, then we will go with Sarah first, then Caitlin, and you, Chloe, can go last to observe. I’m sure you will work it out.”

Miss A stepped up and took a stance beside her desk.

“Okay, Sarah, you’re up first. You two girls go stand backs to the wall.”

Sarah stepped up to the desk and I could see her fiddling with the clip on her skirt before dropping it off. I was mortified. I didn’t know what I was expecting, just over the skirt maybe. Nobody had ever made me aware of this. Sarah then bent over and placed her elbows on the desk. She was wearing a grey cotton thong that rode up her bottom, providing zero protection.

There was a moment of silence as Miss A tapped Sarah’s bottom, then crack! Sarah barely made a sound. It was much the same for the second and third swats, but the fourth swat had Sarah cry out.

Miss A continued the rhythm of the swats until the seventh swat. Tears were now flowing on Sarah’s face. She dropped to her knees, crying, “Please Miss, I’m sorry.”

Miss A showed no sympathy. “Get up, girl. You have one left.”

Sarah quickly got back into position followed by crack! Sarah jumped up and grabbed her bottom, which was now bright red with two noticeable bruises in the middle of both cheeks.

Miss A then said, “Sarah, get your dress on and go face the back wall. Caitlin, you’re up.”

Caitlin then stepped up to the desk, removing her skirt and revealing a pair of black full-cut classic panties before bending over and taking position. Miss A brought the first strike down on Caitlin’s bottom. Caitlin cried out, clearly not taking it as well as Sarah. The swats continued, with Caitlin sobbing and struggling to get here words out.

At one point, she stepped away from the desk, rubbing her bottom and sobbing, “Please miss, I’m sorry. Please, no more.”

Miss A snapped, “Back in position.”

Caitlin did as she was told and took the final two swats. I did notice that Caitlin’s bottom, being larger, had a lot more bruising as she made her way to face the back wall with Sarah.

At that moment my heart sank. I was terrified because I was up next.

Miss A tapped the table and said, “Come on, Chloe. You’re up.”

I gingerly moved up to the desk and unclipped my skirt, dropping it to the ground and exposing my green and blue striped bikini-cut panties. I slowly lent over and placed my elbows on the desk. I felt a light tap on my bottom before; crack! It was like a lightning bolt to my bottom. The pain was so intense it took my breath away.

The spanking continued. Everything in me wanted to break the position, but I knew I had to hold on. After five swats my legs were trembling. Miss A stopped and moved in to inspect my bottom before stepping out again.

“Okay, Chloe, two more. Hold position,” she said sternly.

Crack! and another crack before I had time to count, causing me to leap up and grab for my bottom.

Miss A then placed the paddle back on the desk and said, “Okay girls, compose yourselves. I hope we have learnt a valuable lesson here today.”

Miss A then handed all of us a bit of paper to take home to our parents.

“I want them signed and back on my desk tomorrow. Do I make myself clear?”

We all quickly responded, “Yes, miss.”

Miss A then smiled and said, “Okay, back to your classes.”

We all walked on out of the office. I was still sniffling and wiping my tears away.

Sarah asked, “Are you both alright?”

Caitlin giggled.

Sarah then said, “I have never heard of someone getting more than five swats. Never again! What about you, Chloe? You good?”

I managed a chuckle. “Yeh. Sore lol! Keely, the snitch.”

Caitlin and Sarah both laughed and agreed.