After my two canings in junior school I went to grammar school and I got caned six times in five years. This is the account of my first caning there.

I was cheeky to a teacher, Miss JB. She was a trainee teacher and in her early twenties, with dark wavy hair that was in fashion, white blouse, black coat and skirt with black high heeled shoes. This was quite common in this school at the time. It was in the first term of my first year and I was twelve years old.

Miss JB told us to copy some work into our books. I asked her why we had to copy it. She told me it was because she said so. I continued the argument and Miss JB shouted at me to go and stand outside the door. As I went, she told me she would deal with me at the end of the lesson.

The bell sounded and Miss JB told me to follow her to the headmaster. I remember the fear I felt as I walked along the corridor behind her with all the other kids watching. She knocked on his door and we were told to enter.

The head, Mr DS, was very tall and very frightening to a first former. He was in his 50’s and wearing a dark suit with a black gown over it.

Miss JB explained what had happened and the head asked me what I had to say. I immediately said I was sorry but he said it was too late for that. He told me in no uncertain terms that I should always obey teachers or I would be caned.

He stood up and went to the cupboard in the corner of the room. He opened the door and I watched as he selected a crook handled cane and walked back to my side. I was ordered to remove my blazer before being told to bend over the desk. I watched him remove his gown and jacket. I did as I was told and was warned not to get up until I was told or I would get extra strokes.

I heard the head stand by my side and felt the cane touch my bottom. I heard it swish and felt it hit my bottom. There was no pain immediately but shortly after I felt the burning sensation. I felt tears welling up.

The head repeated the stroke and I yelped with pain as the cane hit. He repeated this 4 more times and each stroke produced a cry of pain, especially the last one which was extra hard and low down. I was crying well at the end. This was even worse than my previous canings.

I was then told to stand up and face him. I watched as he replaced the cane and completed the punishment book. I was told to apologise to the teacher which I did. I noticed that she had the same smile as the teacher in junior school as I said sorry. I was then dismissed.

By now I was late for the next class and so could not freshen myself up. I walked in and the teacher asked me why I was late. I explained that I had been caned by the headmaster which caused several pupils to giggle. The teacher asked what for and I was forced to recount the story in front of the class. I was then asked how many strokes I got and I replied six. I was so embarrassed.

I was then told to sit down and remember the pain as I sat. I recall wriggling through the lesson. I never argued with a teacher again!!!