When I was a junior in High School I took part in a one act play. This was part of an evening of music and drama which acted as a fund raiser. The play we did, ‘Child Wonder’, was about a spoiled child movie star. It was, I think, a bit of a take on the Shirley Temple thing. The child star is a bit of a fake as she is actually older than her claimed ten years; she is a teenager. But the mother has faked her age as the family rely on her income to keep them in the manner accustomed.

The kid is actually a right brat to the family and the dad is itching to give her the spanking she deserves for her bratty behaviour, but can’t as she is a ‘star’.

Anyway, it all unravels as a reporter finds out the star’s true age and ‘outs’ her as older than she is. To the mother’s horror, the movie company promptly cancels the contract but this misfortune does give the father the opportunity to do what he’s wanted to do for years; put the spoiled brat over his knee and give her a good old fashioned spanking. The curtain falls with the brat over daddy’s knee getting her comeuppance, at which point the curtain comes down and the play ends.

Because I was quite small, I landed the part of the spoiled girl for the production. Of course, the play included the ‘dad’ (played by a boy named John) putting me over his knee at the end of the play and giving me a spanking. Now I was not that bothered as I was used to being in that position at home occasionally as my folks believed in spanking as part of raising us. Also John was pretty good looking and hunky so I didn’t mind going over his knee. In fact, some of the other girls were pretty envious, I think.

I also like to think some of the boys were envious of John spanking my cute butt. He did tell me it was one of his most memorable experiences at school!

Anyway, rehearsals of the play went pretty well. We kept the spanking scene till last. In the play the spanking comes right at the end so as I was being spanked the curtain came down to end the play. We agreed to lower the curtain after the third slap with me squealing and kicking and then John would give me a couple a couple more and I would continue to yell until the applause. After which would come the curtain call with me rubbing my butt and looking suitably chastened.

At the rehearsal we practiced him putting me over his knee with me pretending to resist and protesting: “No! No! No!” but going over his knee easily enough as he sat on a chair.

The first time he did it, John appeared a little timid and just patted me until the producer and I told him to put some realism into it after which his hand descended with authority on my tight jeans and my squeals weren’t all put on! After the fourth rehearsal we reckoned we’d got the hang of it which was a good thing as my butt was by this time red hot!

We were putting on three performances of the play. I wore a short dress with my hair in pig tails so as to look like a little girl. I put a pair of cheerleader briefs on under the dress for decency’s sake in case the dress rode up during the spanking. They also added another layer of defence against John’s hard hand! John wore a grey wig and really looked the part. Everyone said I played the brat beautifully. Mom and Dad joked I’d had plenty of practice at playing the brat at home! By the end everyone was itching for my character to get her just deserts.

However, the stage is unpredictable and at the first performance something went wrong which had dire consequences for my butt. John put me over his knee on cue and started the spanking which stung like anything. Unfortunately the guy working the curtain appeared to be in a bit of the dream and forgot to lower the curtain on cue. Thankfully (for the sake of the play) but sadly (for my bottom) John had the sense to keep on spanking me as I squealed and kicked over his knee. Just how many spanks I’d collected by the time the curtain eventually came down was no-one’s business, but as we took the curtain call my pained expression and the rubbing of my butt certainly weren’t put on!

“Ow! You enjoyed that!” I said to John as I walked off stage to give the stage hand working the curtain a piece of my mind. John apologised with a grin on his face but told me he couldn’t think of anything else to do. To make up he asked me out for a milk shake afterwards, but the stool I perched my somewhat tender bottom on felt hard! I had gotten quite fond of John and as neither of us was part of a couple at the time we dated for a bit. Nothing came of it but we remained good friends.

One thing that did come out of it was that when the word got round about the extended spanking scene all the other two performances were sold out. Thankfully nothing went wrong on these occasions but I think the audience members probably felt a bit short changed as far as the spanking was concerned!