I was 10 years old when I went to stay with my mam’s Aunty, who worked part time in one of her partner’s shops he owned. Mam and dad worked full time and were going to send me to boarding school till Aunty Joan said she’d look after me. She lived on her own but Joe would stay at weekends when I was home with mam and dad.

My parents never spanked me; just grounded me, which was enough.

Anyway, after two weeks at my auntie’s I started being cheeky to her. That’s when I was told I had two options; be grounded for four weeks or have my bare bottom spanked. The four week grounding would mean, come in from school, tea, bath, then bed. The spanking would be over and done with and I could go back to playing out with my friends. I took that option.

I was told to go to my bedroom and remove all of my clothes except my underpants and stay there till I was called. I was called to the dining room where she was sitting on a dining chair. She gave me a lecture, then told me to remove my underpants and bend over her knee where she spanked my bare bottom until she was satisfied. Then I was made to stand in a corner for 15 minutes naked.

When I was 12, I was introduced to the belt; four strokes across the bare bottom. This went on till I was 19 years old.

I received my first severe punishment when I was 15 years old by Joe, her partner. I had been doing work experience in his shop and he asked me to do something. I hadn’t done it right and I back chatted him. I told my aunty that night.

She said: “Did you not belt him?”

He said: “No.”

My aunt then told him he could belt me now, in front of her, but he said he’d sort it tomorrow. Even then, aunt made me take my pants down and she gave me four across my bottom.

Next morning, Joe picked me up for work. Halfway on the journey to work, Joe asked if my bum was sore.

I said: “No,” and thought no more about it until we shut shop up.

We were sat in the office where Joe was doing his paperwork. When he finished, he reminded me about the cheek I had been giving him and said he thought my aunt’s belting was not good enough and that he was going to punish me.

He told me to remove my clothes and stand with my hands on my head while he went to fetch a cane from the shop. When he came back he told me to put the wooden chair in the middle of the room and bend over the back of it. I was told I would receive 6 strokes of the cane, which turned out to be 12 as on the fourth stroke I wet myself because they were really hard strokes. After the 12 were over, with tears pouring down cheeks, he told me to stand up. As I did I caught sight of my bum in the mirror; I had 12 swollen cane marks.

I was made to sit on the wooden chair, naked, till we were ready to go home. As I eased myself into the chair, he caned my hand. I fell back into the chair. I didn’t know what hurt the most; my bum or my hands.

I received further beltings and canings till I was 19.