More than twenty years ago, I had a relationship with Fiona and I thought it might be interesting to recount my memories of time with her. She and I had an exciting time together, but we were never going to be long-term; she was way too much trouble. As I said, this goes back over twenty years and she was the only partner that I have been with that shared my interest of CP. When she had goaded me into caning her, which she did often, she often used to say after the first cane stroke that it was too light. Naturally that was followed by something a little stronger! She could take a strong caning.

The point is that for Fiona it all started with the corporal punishment she received at school from her Deputy Headmistress. The Church of England school she attended was renowned for its frequent use of corporal punishment. She was punished quite a few times, normally with a slipper but there were three punishments she recounted of particular interest. The Deputy Headmistress gave her six stokes of the plimsoll across her bottom with her skirt removed for playing truant. A week later she played truant again and the Deputy Headmistress told Fiona to report to the Headmaster when, in his presence, she received a caning from the Deputy. She received eight strokes in front of the Headmaster with her skirt removed and pants tugged up. That, I think, was the start of her relationship with the world of CP.

She said the pain from the cane was intense, but much more of a turn-on than either the slipper or plimsoll. There is no doubt this caning gave her strong memories that led to her discovering and exploring the world of CP, and she said she wished it had been the Headmaster himself who had caned her and also wished they had made her take her pants off. They had pulled her pants up, making her bottom partly bare, but she would have preferred the absolute purity of a bare bottom caning. The third punishment she received was after she had been caught engaging in indecent behaviour with her boyfriend, and the Deputy Headmistress caned them both in front of each other.

Interestingly the Deputy Headmistress punished pupils of both sexes whilst the Headmaster only caned boys.

On this occasion, Fiona was again made to remove her skirt before being told to bend over for six severe strokes after her pants had again been tugged up. One can only imagine what her boyfriend was thinking as he watched Fiona’s caning, an experience that he must have remembered in later years

He was then told it was his turn and that he was to take off his trousers and bend over. Once in position, instead of pulling up his pants as she had done with Fiona, to his horror the Deputy told him that his pants were too thick, so she pulled them down as Fiona then watched him get six severe strokes to his bare bottom. Apparently, this was his first caning and he found the experience a real ordeal. Fiona always enjoyed recounting these experiences later in life.

Other memories included taking Fiona to New York. In the 1990s there used to be a spanking club called La Belle Epoque. All the action was given by the club’s own doms, and Fiona was soon minus her skirt getting a severe spanking over someone’s knee. This was followed later by a hard paddling whilst she was bent over a trestle. This club served booze which strangely meant that all the action had to come from their own staff and all punishment had to be with knickers retained, however minimal. But the entertainment was excellent and I watched many attractive girls getting spanked or paddled.

On another trip to New York, I took Fiona to ‘Paddles’ which was slightly more seedy. Here the rules were different; no booze was available but ‘hands-on’ and nudity were allowed. Fiona wanted me to warm her up and she was soon without any clothes below the waist whist I gave her a spanking. The club’s owner came over and suggested that I use a wooden paddle which he supplied. After this, Fiona was happy to remain naked below the waist with a slightly red bottom and pubic bush on full show as we drank diet-coke. But she was not done and wanted a caning and asked me if I minded her asking another man to administer. We had already watched this chap give his partner a caning and as he clearly knew what he was doing. I agreed. For Fiona, the prospect of a caning to her bare bottom from a complete stranger was irresistible and after a brief chat, she removed the rest of her clothes, was bent naked over a punishment bench for six strokes of the cane given expertly by our new friend. These strokes had been firm and, after the six strokes, Fiona stood up and turned to him completely naked and asked him if he could do any better!

Back over the bench, she took another six more severe strokes which left her with a brilliantly decorated bottom. This was only time I ever witnessed her being caning by someone else. She talked about that caning very often after we returned to the UK.

The point is that it all started with the caning she received at school from the Deputy Headmistress in front of the Headmaster that gave her strong memories that led to her discovering and exploring the world of CP. I think the actual pain of receiving the cane was a big turn-on for Fiona, but having others watching, the Headmaster witnessing her first caning, followed by her boyfriend and then in the two clubs in New York but the twelve strokes of the cane she received in Paddles from a complete stranger was the ‘pinnacle’.