Another account kindly provided by Megan L

Senior Spank Day!

In my last week at school, not long before graduation, it was Senior Prank Day. This is an old but totally unofficial tradition where 12th graders have once last chance of showing some mischief and naughtiness before they leave school. One problem is that students and teachers can disagree about what is funny so it was not uncommon for some students to find themselves collecting swats one last time!

Of course, I had to be part of this distinguished number. That day we had decided to have a shaving cream fight and had brought cans of shaving cream with us. Now we had planned to go outside but someone started it in the hall and excitement reigned as we squirted the cream at each other. In a short time there was shaving cream everywhere.

The merriment was brought to an end by a teacher who summoned the Vice Principal, Mr Blair, to deal with the mischief makers. Thankfully he was a nice guy who realised we meant no real harm. He told us to clear up the mess we had made but warned us that any repeat would be dealt with severely as a breach of rules.

Clearing up the mess was not nearly so much fun as making it but we set to and the hall was soon returned to its previous state. Unfortunately some of us still had some shaving cream left in our tins and did not want to waste it. Hence, as we left the hall, I squirted my cream over the head of a boy who’d really given me a hard time during the hall melee.

I ran off laughing but I suddenly heard a voice boom out: “Christina Bridges!”

I turned round and saw Mr Blair. Now I thought I was out of sight of Mr Blair but unfortunately he’d followed us into the hallway and saw what I had done. By the look on his face I could tell he was not pleased!

“Go to my office at once and wait for me there!” He thundered.

I went shamefully and red faced to the office to the titters of some of the students. When I got there the secretary asked why I was there and I explained. She shook her head and muttered: “Oh dear! I thought we were going to see today through without this. Why do you always have to be in trouble, young lady?”

She told me to take a seat and I waited with growing anxiety for Mr Blair. In spite of the fact he was strict I liked him because he was fair minded. I now realised I had flagrantly disobeyed him and was going to have to suffer the consequences.

After what seemed like ages, Mr Blair rustled in and told me to follow him into his office. He looked at me sternly as I stood there in dread of what was about to happen.

“Christina, I distinctly told you there was to be no more fooling with that shaving cream. Why did you disobey me?”

I felt ashamed. This fair minded guy had given us a break and I had been the one to ignore it.

“Sorry, Mr Blair,” I said, turning a deep shade of red. “I guess I was excited.”

“So now I’m going to have to punish you for your insubordination,” he said.

“I guess so, sir.”

“Right! I could suspend you for what happened today.”

My heart jumped into my mouth at the thought, but he continued: “But I realise you didn’t mean actual harm so I’ll just give you three swats. Is that fair?”

“Yes sir!”

Mr Blair went and fetched the secretary in who tutted when he told her what was going to happen.

“Bend over the desk, Christiana,” said Mr Blair. “You know what to do.”

Sadly I knew only too well what to do. But why? I wasn’t a bad girl really. Just a mischievous one who had a habit of getting caught. The recent fun and hilarity seemed a long way away as I bent over the desk.

“Now look at the picture,” said Mr Blair, indicating a picture above his desk.

There was a slight pause as Mr Blair moved into position and then a loud crack and my yell as the first swat landed. Tears came to my eyes and I bitterly regretted my shaving cream folly.

However, I did not have much chance for regret as the second swat landed.

“Owwww!!” I yelled and started crying.

Mr Blair then landed the third swat which really ignited the fire in my behind. He told me I could stand up which I did clutching my behind and hopping from one foot to the other. Stoicism on such it occasions was not my strong suit!

“Off you go,” said Mr Blair, “and tell your friends that any more silly tricks and they will be in my office for the same treatment.”

He paused then added: “And you’d better behave yourself else you’ll be getting the same again. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir!” I said, with a sob.

I left the office red faced and rubbing my sore bottom. I washed my face and after a time joined the other students.

The other students, especially the boys, found it funny that someone (other than them) had been spanked. They laughed when some wiseacre remarked that Senior Prank Day had become Senior Spank Day!

Needless to say, I did not share their amusement. But given the passage of years I can now smile about it.