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It had quieted down and everyone was settled in to what they were doing in homeroom that morning. It probably wasn’t more than five minutes until the silence was broken by a knock on the door by a student office helper. My homeroom teacher, Mrs Warnick, asked the girl standing in the doorway: “May I help you?”

She replied: “Is Lexie Bradford in here?”

My ears perked up immediately when I heard my name. Mrs Warnick acknowledged that I indeed was in the room and the girl said that I was wanted in Dr Kaufman’s office. I know a worried look came over my face immediately and some of the smart alecks in the room made their comments with some oooooooooohs and aaaaaaaaaahs as if they knew that I was in trouble, while at that point, no one really knew why I was being called down to the assistant principal’s office.

Mrs Warnick hushed the room, thanked and told the girl I would be right down, and then the girl disappeared. Mrs Warnick looked at me and shrugged and told me I had better go on down to the office right away. She told me to sign out and to take my things in case I didn’t come back before the end of the period. I wasn’t even sure exactly where Dr Kauffman’s office was so I asked Mrs Warnick. She told me to just go to the main office and someone would point me in the right direction.

I gathered up my things and headed out the door. Although I wasn’t sure why I was being summoned to the office, I had an inkling that it might have something to do with the bus stop episode earlier that morning. I was already feeling quite nervous because I had never been sent to the principal’s office before. I stopped by my locker, which was just outside my homeroom, to drop off my stuff.

As I walked down to the office, I kept telling myself that this just had something to do with academics or something like that and that I wasn’t in any kind of trouble. Even though I ‘tried’ to think that way, I couldn’t help but imagine the worst as well. When I got downstairs and turned the corner towards the office, I saw my best friend and neighbor, Britany Chapman, walking in and I think my heart rate increased two-fold right that second. I knew we had to be in big trouble now!

I walked into the main office where Britany had just entered, and she was now taking a seat in a row of chairs in front of the counter. One of the secretaries, Mrs Altman, asked me what I needed and I told her my name and that I was told to report to Dr Kauffman’s office. She nodded and pointed to the same row of chairs where Britany was sitting telling me to take a seat and sit quietly and that Dr Kauffman would see us shortly.

I started to sit down next to Britany and looked at her uneasily. She looked back smiling with sort of a smug look acting like nothing was going on even though she probably knew why we were there too. Britany was always the kind to show no emotion and play everything cool no matter what, but deep down I knew she had to be nervous too. I think she just did a much better job of not letting it show. Britany started to say something to me as I sat down, but immediately Mrs Altman interrupted and told me to move a couple of chairs down from Britany and that we weren’t to be talking while we waited.

Gosh it was an awful feeling sitting there like that! We were the only ones sitting in those chairs at that time. As I sat there, I couldn’t help wondering exactly where Dr Kauffman’s office was. Here I was with almost three years’ completed at this school and I didn’t even know where the assistant principal’s office was. I guess maybe that was a good thing, but unfortunately I was soon to find out. Mrs Altman was still at the counter close to us as she was shuffling bunches of paperwork. I didn’t know Mrs Altman that well either. She was an older lady, maybe in her early fifties. From what I did know of her she usually seemed to be quite friendly, but today she just seemed like she was in a bad mood. At that point she seemed to me to be like a person you didn’t want to cross when she was in a bad mood. Another secretary was sitting at a desk near the back of the office doing some typing and other office chores.

While we continued to sit there and wait, which seemed like forever, many students and teachers, and even the occasional outsider, made their way quickly in and out of the office taking care of trivial things. Some that I knew looked at me and smiled, said hi, or asked what I was doing there. I would just shrug and try to act brave whispering “for something stupid” hoping that they didn’t have a clue as to why I was there and that I may be in trouble. It was all very nerve racking to say the least. I looked around the office and noticed two female student helpers working behind the counter. One of them of course was the girl that delivered the message to my homeroom. “How embarrassing,” I thought to myself. Thank God I didn’t really know either of them although I had seen them around before.

In the meantime, Mrs Altman continued with what she was doing at the counter in front of us while she also helped people who came in and out of the office as well. The other secretary, Mrs Daines, would occasionally move about in the office with files and paper work. Sometimes she even came out from behind the office counter turned the corner to a short hallway, which was still inside the main office to our left, and would go in the first door on the right pretty much ignoring us the whole time except for an occasional smile. I figured this was a file room or something because she would go in and out with folders and papers. She did this once or twice while Britany and I sat there. Mrs Daines was also an older lady, though a bit younger than Mrs Altman, maybe in her late thirties or early forties. She always seemed very friendly, but she didn’t interact with the students as much in the office I think mainly because she was more of a direct secretary to the principal and both assistant principals.

As we continued to sit there I think Britany and I both became more and more frustrated as we waited. A few times when Mrs Altman walked away from the counter, Britany would mumble things like “this is ridiculous” or “I wish they would hurry up already” and things like that. I didn’t want to get into any more trouble, so I didn’t say a word even though I was thinking the exact same things.

As the time passed it was nearly time for the five past nine bell and the student helpers finished what they were doing and were waiting for the bell. Just before it rang, the door at the end of the hallway on our left opened and Mr Houcke, the principal, came out and walked towards us. He asked if we were being taken care of, and Mrs Altman quickly told him we were waiting to see Dr Kauffman. He then left something on the counter for Mrs Daines and walked out of the office to patrol the halls as he usually did between classes.

A few seconds later the bell rang and the two girls left the office. Just a few seconds after that, another door opened down the hallway and this time it was the male assistant principal, Mr Gibson. He walked our way, greeted us with a smile, nodded and said “ladies”, then just continued walking right out of the office without another word.

Quickly the halls filled with students and it was the normal, noisy hustle and bustle of kids going to their first period classes. It was a wall of windows in the office behind us, so whoever walked by could see us sitting there. Anyone that knew us waved as they passed. That was soooooooo embarrassing! I could only imagine what people were thinking.

The next bell rang at ten past nine and the halls were empty and silent again and first period was now in session while Britany and I were “still” sitting in that dang office. My nerves had settled a bit, but I was still on edge and just wanted to get out of there. Mr Houcke came back in and went behind the counter and spoke quietly and briefly to Mrs Daines. Then he returned to his office appearing to be in a pleasant mood as he usually did. I didn’t know him personally, but as a principal, he seemed to me like he was a pretty decent guy.

Shortly thereafter, Mrs Daines went back into the first room again. After a moment or two, she came out and stood at the door and said: “Lexie and Britany, Dr Kauffman is ready to see you now.” My heart sunk into my belly. I found out then and there that it wasn’t a file room at all; it was Dr Kauffman’s office.

We both got up slowly and walked towards Mrs Daines where she stood outside the door and directed us in telling us to go on inside and take a seat as she gave us an awkward smile as if she were trying to tell us good luck or something. Once we were actually in the assistant principal’s office, she pulled the door shut and disappeared on the other side. Sure enough, there was Sherri Reddinger sitting in one of the chairs facing Dr Kauffman’s large desk at which she was sitting on the other side. Dr Kauffman pointed to a couple of empty chairs next to Sherri and asked us to please sit down. She looked at Sherri and asked her if these were the two girls, to which Sherri answered: “Yes ma’am.” I was physically shaking all over and I think it was obvious to everyone else in the room that I was scared to death. Britany still somehow appeared to be calm, cool, and collected.

Dr Kauffman’s office was a rather large room. It had dark brown carpeting and the walls were painted off-white or a beige-like color. Her large wooden desk sat near the center, but closer to the windows which we faced from our seats and were to her back as she sat at her desk. I think the view from the windows was the teacher’s parking lot. To our left there was a wall with some large wooden cabinets and book cases that matched her desk. To our right were some filing cabinets and above those were some pictures and certificates of her achievements I believe, like her degrees and so forth.

As we sat there in front of Dr Kauffman, she looked very stern and serious as she always did. I would say she was probably in her late forties to early fifties and she was dressed like a typical (female) school principal in a dark colored skirt suit. I don’t think I ever saw her dressed any other way. She was a rather large woman, about 5′ 8″ tall, broad but not fat, probably 160 to 180 lbs. She had gray hair and wore large square-like framed glasses. She looked at us both and asked: “Which one of you is Miss Bradford and which one is Miss Chapman?”

She seemed to have no idea who we were as neither one of us had ever been in her office before for any reason. She spoke in a calm, but firm voice. Britany spoke up right away and said she was Britany Chapman. I think I may have tried to speak, but nothing came out of my mouth. Dr Kauffman then asked if we knew why we were there. Britany and I looked at each other, but didn’t say a word. Then Britany looked over at Sherri giving her one of her “I’m gonna kill you for this” kind of looks. Dr Kauffman snapped at Britany immediately and told her to get that smug look off of her face if she knew what was good for her.

After a few more words from Dr Kauffman and nothing but silence from us, she reached down and held up the jacket saying: “You two don’t know anything about this huh?”

I was going crazy and think I wanted to bust out bawling as I just stared at the floor. I think Dr Kauffman knew how scared I was and figured I would crack easily as she directed her attention to me. She told me to look at her and asked me if I had anything to say. I felt so embarrassed as I managed to look up at her. I’m sure my face was as red as a beet. I just wanted to run out of there, but don’t think I could have moved even if I would have tried. I still couldn’t manage to speak.

Dr Kauffman began to grow a little restless and impatient as her voice started rising a bit and she proceeded to tell us we had better explain what happened if we knew what was good for us. She went on saying she had a plentiful list of witnesses as she held up a tablet with a list of names written in it. I was startled by her loud voice and I was becoming even more scared now, but somehow managed to squeak out a truthful explanation, my voice quivering with every word. Britany nudged me and gave me the dirtiest look as I spilled my guts and Dr Kauffman snapped at her again. I went on to explain that we were just goofing around and that we really didn’t mean for it to happen; this in all reality was true. Even Britany didn’t mean for it to happen like it did.

I did my best to make us sound as innocent as possible as I told Dr Kauffman the whole story as to how everyone “always” picked on Sherri. She was an easy target for harassment for some reason. I explained how Britany managed to sweet talk Sherri into handing over her new jacket that morning, but Sherri should have known better. Very nervously I went on to say that we were just teasing her just like everyone always did. The whole crowd at the bus stop was laughing and cheering us on as we played keep-away with her coat. It was totally an accident that it ended up in the mud. “I swear, we didn’t mean for that to happen at all,” I pleaded. I tried to point out also that it wasn’t our fault that it rained so hard the night before. I think I did more stuttering in those few short moments than I ever did in my entire life.

After I finished speaking, Dr Kauffman looked at Britany and asked her if that was how it happened and Britany just sat there looking very angry and upset and I knew it was at me. Dr Kauffman then asked Sherri if what I said was true and she pretty much agreed. She then raised her voice at Britany telling her that if she didn’t admit to it also that she would start calling in her witnesses and if the story concurred, she would be in a lot more trouble than she already was. Finally, Britany confirmed what I had said even though she was very upset at doing so. She still didn’t look scared at all, she just looked mad, but she knew there was really no way out of the mess we were in at that point.

After all that, Dr Kauffman made us apologize to Sherri demanding that it had better be sincere. I looked over at Sherri and gave a very sympathetic request for forgiveness because I was indeed very sorry for what happened. Britany at first gave a pitiful performance until Dr Kauffman verbally lashed out at her again. Britany then gave an acceptable apology, but she still had a bit of resentment in her voice. Once that was over with, Sherri was excused while we were told to remain seated.

For about the next fifteen minutes or so, we got bawled out big time as we sat there. Dr Kauffman just verbally laid into us and I just wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere. I honestly don’t remember all that much of what she said that whole time except for things like “I can’t believe you two”, “you should be really proud”, “how would you like it if someone treated you like that?”, and statements of that nature; the kind of words to make you feel awful. At least that’s how it made me feel. I wasn’t proud of myself at all.

When Dr Kauffman finally settled down and began speaking in a normal tone, she sat down at her desk and scanned through a couple of files on her desk. She then just sat back in her chair and stared at us both for a minute shaking her head. She made reference to the files and said: “I can’t believe we are sitting here right now. You both have excellent records; I just don’t know what to do with you two. What do you have to say for yourselves?”

Britany and I just both sat there not saying a word. What could we say? That went on for a few more minutes and Dr Kauffman said she needed some time to figure out what to do with us and she told us to go back out to the main office and take a seat and that she would call us back in shortly.

So that’s what we did. We went back out and sat in the same place as before and had to wait again. Worried to death, I just hoped it didn’t take as long as before for her to call us back into her office. Although I really didn’t want to see her again, I just wanted out of that main office where people could see me sitting there looking all nervous. Thoughts kept going through my mind as to what we were in for. I really had no clue; she hadn’t mentioned any punishments up to that point. I truly felt we were going to be suspended and corporal punishment never really crossed my mind. It was just an awful situation and I was hoping I would just wake up from a bad dream or something, but of course it wasn’t a dream – it was really happening. How could I be so stupid? If I got suspended, what was my mom going to say? My parents divorced when I was thirteen, so my dad lived away, but I was sure he wouldn’t be too proud of me either.

At that point I was just an emotional wreck. To make matters worse, I could tell Britany was really mad at me, but I tried not to care. She was really the one that got us into that mess. Yet, I have always been the type of person to worry about how other people felt and I didn’t want her mad at me. So I just tried my best to ignore that feeling. With a million thoughts racing through my mind, I don’t know how I kept myself from breaking down into tears, but somehow I managed up to that point.

After maybe ten or fifteen minutes, Dr Kauffman popped her head out of her door and asked us to come back in. We all sat down and she began to stress again how disappointed she was with our behavior. She spoke very calmly now and kept referring back to our excellent records up to this point. She kept saying how she didn’t understand why we would pull something like this and hoped that it was just a one-time mistake and that she hated to see our records blemished by something so senseless. After all, we both were honor students. She said she thought it over and over and she knew that we were both good kids, but something like this just couldn’t be swept under the carpet. There had to be consequences for our actions regardless of our previous clean records.

She rattled off a few punishments that she thought about, including suspension, but she didn’t think any of them were really appropriate for us and told us again that she really didn’t want to see anything like that go on our permanent records. Then she got silent for a moment, looked at us again, him-hawed around a little, nodded, then blurted out: “I think the two of you could really benefit from a good hard paddling.”

Again my heart dropped into my belly. The look on her face as she spit out those words is a still image in my mind and will be forever. She kept on talking as she began writing out some green slips and she proceeded to tell us she was going to give us each five cracks with her paddle. I was just simply dumbfounded. I couldn’t say a word. I glanced over at Britany for just a second and she still just had a “pissed-off” look on her face as if to say “whatever!”

As Dr Kauffman wrote out our slips she continued talking, reminding us over and over about what we had done and now how we were going to pay the price. One good thing about her handling it this way, she wasn’t going to tell our parents about it, which was a big relief to me and I’m sure it was to Britany as well. I was hoping my brother wouldn’t say anything to my mom as I was sure he would find out about the whole deal. He was usually pretty good about that kind of stuff though, so I was sure I could count on him to remain silent, but I also knew he would have something on me too if he wanted to play it that way, but I tried not to think about that too much.

Dr Kauffman finished writing and reached across her desk and handed us each our green slips and told us she would see us seventh period, the last period of the day.

We both took the slips and were excused to go to our classes. Britany stormed out of there pretty quickly without even looking at me and she didn’t say a word. I knew she was really ticked at me, but now I was really more worried about myself. It was third period now and as I walked to my locker to get my books for class I was in somewhat of a daze. I guess maybe I was sort of in shock, with nothing but the thoughts running through my mind of getting five cracks across my butt in a few hours.

I was emotionally drained, just wondering how bad it was going to be. I always hated to be spanked and tried to avoid it whenever I could. Even at home, I got out of my share, but I knew that there wasn’t going to be anyway out of this one at school. Dr Kauffman had made it crystal clear that she was going to warm our behinds and that it was the best thing for us. Memories of being paddled by my sixth grade teacher came back to me and I just couldn’t help but remember how awful that was and how I promised myself I would never let it happen again. Well so much for that promise and back then, I could see no way out if it.

I finally made my way to Trigonometry and suffered through the rest of the period, trying to concentrate on something else other than what was coming later on that day. Some kids in the class knew I had been in the office, but they may not have known why. At least that’s what I had hoped. At any rate, it felt like some of the stares I got were burning right through me when I walked in and sat down. I didn’t look at or talk to anyone and just kept to myself until the bell rang at the end of the period.

The next period I had lunch. I wasn’t too crazy about going and socializing with my friends which was the normal routine. I didn’t feel much like eating anything and I tried to act normal, but my friends could tell something was wrong. I kept telling them nothing was the matter, but they knew I had been in the office and kept nagging me about it so I finally caved and spilled my guts.

There were seven other girls that sat at my lunch table and they all pretty much seemed surprised to hear what I was in for come seventh period. I don’t know if any of them were ever paddled and I’m certain none were by Dr Kauffman, but they all tried to cheer me up even though I think they knew Dr K was not a softie when it came to delivering a tail warming. I told them I didn’t want to talk about it and that they had better not say anything to anyone else. They promised me they wouldn’t. I convinced them to stop talking about it, but it was hard for me to concentrate on anything else and I could sense concern in some of the other girls that felt sorry for me. Yet I’m sure they were probably glad it was me and not them.

I’m sure I would have felt the same way. In fact, that’s what I wished! That it WAS someone else, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I was the one in trouble. With all this going through my mind, this was one of the few times I was glad Britany didn’t have lunch with me so I didn’t have to deal with her attitude.

I managed to make it through lunch without much more fuss being made over my predicament. It was pretty much the same through the next couple of periods too. I just tried to keep to myself and didn’t feel like talking about much of anything, which was VERY unusual for me. Normally I talked a lot! Anyone that knew me knew something was wrong, but I tried to tell as few people about it as I could. In fact, I don’t think I told anyone else after lunch.

On the other hand, there were a few that knew what was going on already. I’m not quite sure how, either one of the girls that weren’t supposed to say anything did, or Britany was talking about it, which I kind of doubt by the way she acted, but I can’t be certain. I never did see Britany again until it was time for our fate. I’m sure she was trying to avoid me, and to be honest, I was trying to avoid her too. It took me awhile to realize that I was mad at her because, after all, it was more or less her fault we got into that whole mess.

As the time drew closer to seventh period, my anxiety was growing more and more. I just wanted to run away and hide somewhere, but I knew that wasn’t an option. That had gotten me into BIG trouble once at home a few years earlier, which is another whole story. I just can’t even begin to explain the feelings that I experienced that entire day. I don’t really know how I managed not to break down in tears. And as the day went on, it only intensified more and more. My distressful emotions increased even more so when the dreaded time had come and I had to report to my seventh period class.

I didn’t wait for the late bell for seventh period to begin before I went up to Mr Marshall and handed him my green slip. I didn’t want to talk to anybody and just wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could as the other kids were making their way into the room. I was literally shaking all over as I gave the slip to my teacher. He either knew what was going on or just didn’t care because he didn’t say a word as he signed my slip and excused me to go to the office. Maybe he didn’t know what was exactly in store for me, but he had to know I was in some kind of trouble. It just wasn’t a common thing for someone to be excused from a regular class with a green slip. At that point I really didn’t care; I just wanted to be away from the class and made my way through the halls towards the office while everybody else was heading for their last class of the day.

I made it down to the office just before the late bell rang. I took a deep breath and went in and reported myself to Mrs Altman who instructed me to take the same seat where I spent most of that morning. I can only imagine what I must have looked like. I just know I was scared to death and it had to show. It wasn’t much longer before Britany walked in and she took her seat. She never said a single word nor did she even look at me. We just sat there quietly waiting for the inevitable. The office was now pretty quiet and, unfortunately this time, the student office helper that was now there I knew very well. I tried to ignore her and she did the same as she carried on with her work. All it did for me was add to my embarrassment. I was sure she probably knew why I was there and if she didn’t, she was probably going to find out soon.

I’m guessing we were sitting there for maybe five or ten minutes when the door to Dr Kauffman’s office opened and this kid emerged followed by Mrs Daines. She told him to take a seat and wait while she went behind the counter, grabbed something, then went back into Dr K’s office. I had no idea who this kid was or what he was doing there at the time, he just sat there with us while we continued to wait. It wasn’t much longer until Mrs Daines came back out and called Britany’s name. Britany got up and went into Dr K’s office and Mrs Daines followed her in and closed the door.

Over the next few minutes the silence was golden as I sat there with this kid. Then suddenly I heard a loud “CRACK” come from Dr Kauffman’s office which obviously meant Britany’s paddling was underway. I was somewhat startled at the first swat and the kid’s eyes lit up as he shook his head, made a silly face, and said something like: “Uh oh, Coffee’s at it again.”

I don’t think I actually said anything to him at first, but I gave him a glaring look as if to say “shut up ya jerk!” He just kind of chuckled and said: “You’re next aren’t ya?” I got a little embarrassed by this, but stood my ground and told him to be quiet all the while Britany’s tail was in there continuing to be lit up – and I do mean lit up.

As much as I wanted to smack that kid, I honestly do think though that he helped me somewhat while I was out there as Britany got her paddling and I waited for mine. I think it helped cut some of the major tension that I was experiencing. At any rate, the sound of the paddle smacking her small hind end could be heard clearly through the walls. There was probably a fifteen to thirty second pause between each crack. I couldn’t hear any voices at all and I was trying to hear how well Britany was taking it. I never did hear any loud yells. Maybe that had something to do with “Chuckie”, as I refer to him now, talking the whole time while she was getting her cracks.

As I continued to listen, he kept on yapping about how hard Dr Kauffman cracked because he had gotten it from her before, but this time he was getting detention for some reason I can’t even remember. Before it was all said and done, he finally did shut up when Mrs Altman yelled at him and made him move to the chair at the end of the row. Britany got her fifth and final crack and I was pretty sure I did hear a little howl. As if I could get any more nervous, I certainly did as I knew it wasn’t going to be long now before I was in that office getting my own butt whacked.

The door opened shortly thereafter and out came Britany followed by Mrs Daines. She told Britany to take a seat and then called me in. I stood up, wobbly legs and all, and started walking towards Mrs Daines. I looked at Britany nervously, but didn’t say a word as we passed each other. She didn’t even glance back proving that she indeed was very mad at me. Her face looked flushed and she was a bit teary eyed. She wasn’t really crying at that time although I think she must have been a few minutes earlier.

Mrs Daines gave me somewhat of a sympathetic look as I approached the office. She put her hand on my shoulder and showed me in then closed the door behind us. There I was in this office alone with one woman on a mission to bust my butt and another to stand back and watch. All emotions were rapidly taking over my body as I was sweating, shaking, and felt like the World was caving in on me. As I walked in slowly, Dr Kaufmann greeted me with a stern, yet somewhat friendly voice. She was standing at the right side of her desk holding the paddle. My eyes just automatically focused on that board as she called me over and once again started to lecture.

From what I remember, the “board” was roughly about a half inch thick by four inch wide by twenty inch long, not counting the handle she was holding onto. It was made from a light colored wood and it looked quite worn and well used. It didn’t have any holes in it nor did it have any signatures on it like many of the teachers’ paddles I had seen before. To me it still looked scarier than any I had seen before because I knew it was soon going to be used on me.

I was completely scared to death as Dr Kauffman explained to me why she felt this punishment was very necessary and again how upset she was with my actions, yet she did mention that she knew that my behavior was persuaded by Britany. But she continued by saying that I could have made the right choice and didn’t have to go along with her blah, blah, blah.

As she continued speaking, my eyes kept focusing on that paddle. I did try to look at her from time to time, but the paddle was pretty much all I could think about. I did manage to notice that the window blinds were now closed. I was thankful for that because now no-one would be able to see in from the parking lot outside. It was about the only peace of mind that I had and I really have no idea why I remember that. I guess probably because I didn’t want anyone seeing me get my rear end blistered.

Dr K finished her lecture by saying that even though she felt Britany was more to blame than I was, she wasn’t about to take it any easier on me. She assured me that she was going to make the punishment count. This didn’t help my state of mind at all. She did go on to mention that she made us wait until the end of the day to be disciplined for two reasons. One; so we had plenty of time to think about what we had done and what we had coming, and two; because it was going to cause quite a bit of discomfort while sitting, so we wouldn’t have to worry about that problem during classes all day. This was another real morale booster for me and so very considerate of her. (Yeah Right!)

She wrapped up her speech and asked me if I was ready. I responded by saying in a very meek voice: “I don’t really have a choice do I?”

She then called me over to the edge of her desk. She told me to stand about three feet from the desk with my feet shoulder width apart and to bend over and grasp the sides of the desk. I did this while still shaking all over as I looked over my shoulder and watched her every move as she walked around behind me to my left side.

Mrs Daines walked over to my right side and stood watching. Dr K. told me to stand still and look straight forward. I was so freaking scared that I looked back at her with pleading eyes and actually stood up and told her I couldn’t do it. Tears were starting to form in my eyes a little. She told me I had no choice in the matter and that I had better assume the position and not to make matters worse and that it would soon be all over. She reminded me that I didn’t want a suspension on my record, which in reality she was right, but I didn’t want a paddling on my butt either.

Just like back in sixth grade I somehow managed to bend back over, but I still couldn’t look ahead. She kept telling me to do so, but I was bouncing up and down a bit wiggling and waggling. As usual, when it came to getting a spanking, I was acting like a baby. Dr K raised her voice a bit and told me to look ahead. Not wanting to make it any worse than it already was, I finally did so and no sooner than I looked forward she caught me by surprise and quickly gave me the first crack and was it ever hard and Gawwwwwwd did it ever hurt!

I shrieked out and jumped up as fast as I could and my hands went straight to my rear. Tears welled up in my eyes and again I was looking back pleadingly at Dr K. She gave me a little time to let it set in and then pointed at the desk with the paddle and told me to get back in position. We basically went through the same routine with me dilly dallying around not wanting to look forward as if I was going to get out of it. As soon as I did, crack number two about knocked me across the desk. I’m sure whoever was outside her office had to hear me yell.

I was crying full tilt now and holding onto my rump not wanting to let go and again looking at Dr Kauffman with pleading and crying eyes. She didn’t seem to have a whole lot of sympathy for me as she just gave me a few more seconds to rub it out and get back over the desk. I managed to get back in position and I think the third crack was even harder yet. My butt was really on fire now and I had to be hopping from foot to foot. Dr Kauffman gave me a little lecture about acting like a child. I couldn’t help it; that’s the way I always reacted, but her threats of an extra swat or two must have sunk in because I managed to get back in position and stay down for the last two. There was just no way I was going to get any more than I had to. She may even have eased up a little on the last two, but regardless if she did or not, my butt was very sore and numb by the time it was all over.

She continued to talk as she walked around to the other side of her desk and put the paddle down. She held up a box of tissues and offered them to me. She let me cry it out for a few more minutes and then I finally settled down while my butt continued to burn and throb. That lady definitely knew how to paddle. I was just glad it was finally all over and I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Once I finally settled down I got the old “you’re not going to do anything like this ever again are you young lady?” speech, which I assured her I wouldn’t. With that she told Mrs Daines she could show me out. I was never so glad to leave anywhere as I was to get out of that office. Mrs Daines led me out to the main office and I was so embarrassed as I had to face all those people. Britany was still sitting out there as well as my new found friend “Chuckie”. I tried my best to ignore them both, but as I walked by I knew they were both staring at me and was sure they were smiling a little. I could only imagine what they must have thought. They probably thought I was the biggest baby in the whole World.

By this time, it was nearly time for the dismissal bell to ring. Mrs Daines said I could go to the rest room and freshen up a bit if I wanted. She said I didn’t need to come back if the bell rang before I was through. You better believe I high-tailed it out of that office as fast as I could and went upstairs and used the girls’ room closest to my locker. Thank goodness the rest room was empty. I really wanted to, but I wasn’t about to look at my butt in the mirror for fear of someone walking in. I did however; go into a stall so I could pee. I put my hands on my bare bottom and it was definitely very hot to the touch. I tried to look behind me to see the damage, but I couldn’t see much. I could tell that it certainly was red, but I couldn’t see how bad it really was due to the poor lighting. It was a bit uncomfortable pulling my tight jeans back up though. I then went out and fixed my face as best as I could, but the bell rang within a couple of minutes and I just wanted to get out of there and go home, so I raced to my locker trying to avoid all contact with everyone, got my things and headed for the bus.

Our afternoon bus driver was never the same guy as the morning driver, so I doubt if he knew anything about what happened in the morning. I boarded the bus all red-faced and embarrassed hoping that no one would say a word to me the whole way home. Britany never rode the bus home because she was in gymnastics so I was glad I didn’t have to deal with her at that time as I knew from her behavior she was mad at me. Although the worst of the pain was subsiding, it still was fairly uncomfortable sitting in the bus seat. As I sat there silently in my seat people could tell I had been crying and knew something was wrong because I was not acting like myself. The girl I sat with knew what had happened and kept telling them to leave me alone. As the bus filled up though, it got worse.

When some of the guys that knew what happened (who were always typical jerks) got on the bus and saw me, they started shouting out so EVERYONE could hear asking me how those cracks felt. It didn’t take very long, in fact it was even before the bus pulled away from the school that everyone knew that Lexie Bradford and Britany Chapman got five cracks from Dr Kauffman for bullying Sherri Reddinger earlier that day. I just wanted to crawl in a hole.

The ride home was not fun at all even though things did settle down quite a bit and they did drop it for a while, but several comments were flying again as soon as we got to my stop and I got off the bus. My friends were laying into the jerks telling them to shut up. I just ignored them all while trying to hold back the tears and I ran to my house as fast as I could.

Thank goodness no one was home at the time. My brother worked after school, my mom was still at work, and my younger sister always got home about fifteen minutes later so I had the house to myself. I ran upstairs quickly, shut my door, and stood in front of my vanity mirror as I slowly took down my Jordache jeans to see how bad it was. It was still somewhat red and blotchy, but the worst of it was gone with the exception of the spots where the paddle really connected around my lower cheeks, especially the right one. Those spots ended up as bruises that lasted well more than a week reminding me what had happened every time I sat. Even though it was bad enough, I was actually surprised it didn’t look as bad as I was expecting. I thought it would be more purple.

After my inspection, I cleaned myself up and prepared for the rest of the evening so I could act like nothing had happened with the hopes that my brother wouldn’t say anything when he got home from work. Unfortunately, my mom found out from another source.

Sherri’s mom had called both my mom and Britany’s later that evening. She knew about the paddlings and everything. Obviously my mom was not at all happy. She chewed me out pretty good and even mentioned giving me a spanking, but fortunately that didn’t happen. I ended up getting grounded for two weeks and my mom also took me to Sherri’s house and I had to apologize to her again as well as her mother. That was awful embarrassing!

Britany was quite upset with me as it turned out so we actually didn’t speak for a couple of weeks. When we finally did start talking again, we never discussed the issue even after she got her Mustang and I rode to school with her and everywhere else for that matter. I was always too embarrassed to bring it up and apparently she was too.

Believe it or not the two of us are still good friends today and we only live about twenty miles from each other. We both have kids the same age and a couple of years ago the subject finally came up when we were talking about how times have changed since we were in school. We both agreed that the whole thing was quite ridiculous even though what we did was pretty stupid. We also agreed that Dr K certainly lived up to her reputation of being a sound paddler. Rumor had it that she gave it harder than Mr Houcke or Mr Gibson. Although neither of us ever got it from either of them, we felt that the rumor was probably true.

After all those years I found out for the first time that her mom whipped her with a belt that night. Turns out she got the belt quite a bit growing up, but that was her last one at age eighteen. The funny thing is that she got married that fall. I can’t even imagine that when I think about it now. She actually got two spankings in one day while she was engaged to be married six months or so before her wedding. That has to be quite a memory for her. For me, I know I will NEVER forget that day.