The Woodwork Master

Due to the absence of a staff member, Mr P, the woodwork master, had taken over the lesson period in our form classroom rather than the woodwork room where he normally taught us.

I don’t remember the offence but I was told to go to the woodwork room and select a piece of wood for a spanking on the backside. There was considerable choice of wood in the workshop used for carpentry lessons and I considered carefully which would cause the least pain.

A wall of laughter met my return to the classroom, dragging a long heavy piece of wood, almost like a section of scaffold board.

‘Nosey’, as Mr P was known, tried unsuccessfully to restore order and, much to the further amusement, I was told to bend over to receive my punishment. Of course it was impossible for the teacher to cause any pain without causing me to overbalance and possibly cause injury.

There was often some good natured fun that today would get a teacher dismissed. Our young science master used to have a section of rubber gas tubing that he called ‘wicked willy’. Boys who failed to return homework on time would have to bend over and receive a stinging kiss from ‘wicked willy’.

In our school punishments were given over normal trousers or gym shorts.