My final caning in the fourth year was in the last week of the school year. I was 15 and demob happy, looking forward to the school holidays. We were on a trip to London and not in school uniform visiting a museum. I was now fully appreciating the beauty of ladies and there were plenty in London.

I was in a group and saw a lovely lady nearby. She was in her 20s at a guess and wearing a mini skirt and tight fitting top. I made some comments about her body to a friend, deliberately loud enough for her to hear. She immediately looked around and came over. She asked me which school I was from and I told her. She asked me to take her to one of the teachers so I took her to Miss K who was in charge of our group.

The lady spoke to Miss K for a few minutes before Miss K came to me. Miss K said the lady was upset by my comments and suggested that I apologise. I walked to the lady and said I was sorry for my comments and upsetting her. Miss K spoke to the lady again and the lady left.

Miss K then came to me and told me that I was to remain with her for the rest of the trip and to report to her during registration the next day. The next day I duly went to registration and informed my form mistress that I had to report to Miss K. Not surprisingly she already knew. I walked to Miss K’s classroom where she was the form mistress for a first year class. I knocked on the door and she ushered me in.

Miss K was in her late 20s, average build, straight long dark hair, curvy and wearing a tight green skirt, a white blouse, green jumper and black high heeled shoes. She taught History but had never taught me. She told me to go to the school secretary and collect the cane and book. I suspected that was likely but hoped I might get off with a lecture as it was the last week of term.

I walked to the office and the secretary answered. I told her I had come for the cane and book which she handed over. I walked back to the classroom along deserted corridors as everyone was in registration. I entered and Miss K took them from me. I noticed she had moved furniture around and placed a chair in the front of the class.

Miss K started writing in the book and I started removing my blazer without being asked. Miss K picked up the cane and flexed it before telling me to bend over the chair back. I bent over and noticed that every pupil in the class was staring at me. Miss K then announced to the class that I was being caned for being rude to a lady in London. She told them that none of them would have seen her use a cane before as she did not usually agree with it. However this was one occasion that she felt deserved it.

Miss K stood alongside me and then the cane touched my bottom. Miss K started tapping, rather hard, which stung my bottom. Before I knew it she had lifted the cane and it landed hard on the top of my bottom. The burning line soon arrived and I attempted to alleviate it by tensing my bottom. Miss K told me to say still. She paused before the tapping returned hard and vigorously. Then the second stroke landed just below the first. I could not stop the yelp that followed, much to the amusement of her class. Miss K told them to behave or they could join me. Miss K delivered three more hard strokes each slightly below the previous one. Each had the desired effect and I had tears starting.

She then tapped the cane very hard right at the lowest part of my bottom before she lifted the cane back. One of her pupils told me she lifted it over her shoulder but I do not know if this was an exaggeration. It landed extremely hard at the lowest point of my bottom, resulting in a loud cry of pain. Some of her class laughed until she warned them again to be silent or they would be next. I suspect this was an idle threat as she had probably wanted me to be humiliated by their laughter.

This was one of the most embarrassing canings I suffered. I could see all those first years’ eyes looking at me through my tears. I was very pleased to hear her high heels click away from me. She told me to stand. I was told to replace my blazer before being handed the cane and book. She dismissed me with a final warning that it would be the Headmaster next time. I thanked Miss K before leaving.

I had truly expected to be visiting the Headmaster for a hard bare bottom caning. I walked to the office and handed in the cane. The secretary was retiring at the end of the week. She said she hoped that would be the last time she handed the cane and book to me. She was a lovely lady and I thanked her for her comments and consideration when I had been there previously. I quickly freshened up before returning to class just as registration ended.

This was a very humiliating and painful punishment I suffered especially when teased by the first years in break. Did I deserve it? Definitely, because I embarrassed a lovely lady with my comments and been very rude. My next lesson was very painful and I got warned several times by the teacher to stop fidgeting. Miss K had delivered a very expert caning for someone who did not use the cane normally.