May 5, 1971


My name is Judy Ann Johnson and I cannot believe as I get up this morning that I only have three more weeks of high school. Three long weeks until graduation and them I am off to get married and start my new life with my husband.


I rise as usual at 6 am and set about the chore of getting ready to go to school. I just turned eighteen a couple months ago, accepted a proposal for marriage a couple days later and now I do not have a care in the world.


Well almost not a care, I still have to face Miss Caldwell for a few more days but maybe I can survive it OK. Miss Caldwell is the epitome of a nosy, grumpy old biddy that has nothing better to do than not retire. She has to be at least eighty-five years old and should have quit many years ago. She attempts to teach accounting but is so old fashioned that she thinks the new text books should be put into the incinerator as they show too many shortcuts for her. She cannot stand the fact that she must give me A’s and that I am as smart as I am. She hates me and the feeling is mutual. I despise her.


I am riding along in my new Pinto my father bought me for a graduation present and am jamming to the Rolling Stones’, (Satisfaction) on my 8 track player and smoking my last cigarette until at least lunch time. Pulling into the parking lot at school I tamp out my cigarette and am just about to get out of my car when guess who shows up. You guessed it Miss Caldwell herself. She is the assigned duty teacher for the parking compound and she sees me putting out my cigarette and runs, as best as she can, over to me as I am getting out.


“Well Judy Ann, I finally caught you after all this time of trying.” She bellowed out to me as she had a huge grin come over her face. “I think you had better report to Mr Lampkin immediately as he will love to hear about this.”


I thought damned as I attempted to maintain some sense of calmness. This is all I need today, a lecture on the perils of smoking and the sins it leads to. So I take my time and gather the books I will need for first hour and casually stroll along to the office to see the warden. Mr Thomas Lampkin is an ex football coach who cannot put two complete sentences together but he still managed to graduate from college and become a coach and now has somehow become principle of Fairview High School in Bossier, Louisiana. He is as sadistic as old hag Caldwell is. His reputation precedes him as he used to severely paddle the boys on the football team. And since becoming principle last year has continued with the rest of the student body.


So I finally knock on his door at 8:10 and go in upon his request to enter. He has already spoken to the witch as he asked me why I was late getting to his office. I explained the locker trip and also composing my thoughts which went clearly over his head. He said that I had been caught smoking on school property and wanted to know what I had to say for myself. I told him I was putting out my cigarette before leaving my car and since I was in my property then there should be no problem. But he allowed since my car was on school grounds then it was to be considered a breach of school rules. I said this whole thing was caused because of that old bitch Caldwell and her vendetta against me. He then told me to come back during my free period which was second hour and we would discuss it further.


I felt somewhat relieved and began to think he was actually a reasonable and fair man after all. But that was soon dispelled when I went back. He told me that since I had breached two rules I had a choice of either eight swats with the paddle or a one week suspension.


I told him he was out of his mind, as neither was acceptable to me. At the very most maybe a couple days of after school detention. He said he was in charge and made the call so that was my option and I could think about it for a few minutes and let him know.


With only three weeks left, the suspension was totally out if the question as I had worked very hard to maintain my 3.9 GPA throughout my entire high school career and this would destroy that. So without any other options available I chose the swats. After all how bad can that be?


He said they would be administered right then and there and asked me if I had anything in my back pockets. I said no. I had chosen to wear a really tight pair of thin jeans over my sheer panties to enhance my backside as I walked since my hubby to be loved to see me like that.


Well I was told the reason for eight swats was six for the smoking and two for calling Miss Caldwell a bitch and arguing with him. He told me to bend over his desk and remain until he was done. I complied with some optimism that this would be over quick and not hurt that bad. When he gave me the first swat that notion left. There was a loud bang and then nothing but massive fire upon my bottom. I thought I had sat on a hot branding iron.


The next seven were carried out just as hard and hurt just as badly but I had determined that I would not shed a tear, whimper, or show any effects at all. This man was not going to break me. After six swats he began to see my resolve and did everything he could on the next two to break me but it did not happen. That was the most pain I have ever felt and even though my bottom was on fire and blistered I rose when told to and walked out of his office without a word.


I went to the restroom but could not get my jeans down to look to see the damage. The longer the day went the more the burn and the more the hurt as I found out that jeans keep the heat in. If I had worn a skirt or dress then air could have gotten to my bottom and it would not have hurt so bad. I struggled and did not say anything to anybody but made the day. When I got home and got my jeans off my bottom was totally blue and bruised really badly. This was definitely abuse but it was not reported or dealt with during this time.


I did graduate on time and with honors as the second in my class but I steadfastly refused to shake hands with Mr Lampkin or hug Miss Caldwell at the ceremony. In fact I did not even make eye contact with either of them. I maintain hatred for them even today and they have both been deceased for many years. Just thinking about this now makes my bottom ache.


Provided by JTW