Friday May 24th

May 24th was the last day of the school year for best friends Erika and Crystal, and also the final day of their junior year. After the end of the day they would be high school seniors.

The two girls decided to treat themselves to breakfast before school. Crystal drove them a few miles to the neighbouring town of Trinity where they eat at a McDonald’s.

Lovelady High School’s tardy policy allows students to be tardy to school twice each semester before they face any disciplinary action. As both girls had clean tardy records they were not particularly worried if they were a few minutes late to school.

After eating breakfast, the girls left the restaurant to find an inconsiderate customer had parked blocking Crystal’s car in its parking bay. Waiting for the owner of the vehicle to come and move it probably only took a few minutes, but it was to be a costly delay.

Erika and Crystal eventually arrived to sign in at Lovelady High School’s front office seventeen minutes after the start of the school day. Unfortunately for them, students at LHS can only be counted as tardy for school during the first fifteen minutes of the day. After that time any student who is not in class, and has not been excused to be absent, is considered to be skipping class.

While it may be the last day of school, and they may only be two minutes too late, Lovelady Principal Richard Cooper was clearly not in the mood to let standards slip. Both girls would receive four swats of his paddle.

When it comes to paddling students Principal Cooper was not known to mess around. And he seemingly did not believe in going easier on girls either. A little over a month earlier, eighteen year old senior Michelle tweeted how he set her butt on fire with his hard swats.

At 8:39 am May 24 2013, Erika was the first of the pair to be punished. As Crystal waited nervously outside the Principal’s Office door she could hear her friend crying out in pain, while Mr Cooper repeatedly instructed her to remain still. Inside the office, the searing pain of the swats had Erika screaming out loud and leaping around.

At 8:48 am, it came to Crystal’s turn. She seemed determined to take her spanking better than her friend. After entering the office she bent herself over and placed her hands on Principal Cooper’s desk, and she appeared proud of the fact that she managed to remain in position throughout the four hard swats.

While Crystal may have taken her paddling better than Erika, it does not appear that Mr Cooper went any easier on her. Some ninety minutes after the swats she was still feeling their effects.

Megan L