I’d like to share a few real life experiences of mine. During my MBA days, I used to tease girls a lot and act cool. In spite of repeated requests from the girls, I never used to listen. One of my favourite targets was my batch-mate in MBA. One day, as usual, I pulled her hair. She never used to get angry, but that day got wild at me. Unfortunately for me that day, she was carrying an umbrella with a long and sharp tip at the end. She started chasing me wildly. I tried to escape, but I slipped and had to stop running to regain my balance. She caught me and gave me one hard whack on my bottom with her umbrella. The sharp edge of the umbrella scratched my bottom. I couldn’t sit for two days. And while coming home after getting the whack, I had to stand in the bus throughout the journey, although half the seats were empty. I don’t think I teased girls after that day.

One teacher used to make me do uthak baithak, an Indian punishment where one is made to do sit-ups while holding ears criss-crossed. For every uthak baithak I did, I got one whack with the cane on my bottom.

On the occasion of World Bicycle Day, I was reminded of an episode during my teens. I used to go for early morning tuitions daily. One day as usual, I woke up, brushed my teeth and drank a cup of water to start off my day. My mother came smiling to me. Before I could even think why she was smiling at me, she lifted her hand and spanked me hard on my bottom. She punished me for a mistake I made a few months earlier, but was waiting for the right time to spank me. My bottom was on fire. I found it hard to cycle to tuition since cycling requires constant pedalling. The more I pedalled, the more my buttocks stung. I had to stop at times to soothe my bottom.

I was reminded of an incident when I entered 3rd standard. After the first day of school was over and I came back home, my parents asked me what my teachers asked me in school. After I told them what the teachers taught me, my mother said that she wished my teacher gave me two whacks with a wooden ruler on my bottom. She got her wish because after a few weeks my librarian properly spanked me on my poor bottom, not one, not two, but a lot! And I swear I saw stars when she was spanking me.