My memory of my punishment was simple in my house. My mother could look at me and I knew that was enough. However my father was another thing. My dad was a caring, kind and funny guy, but he had certain rules; don’t cheek and don’t lie.

Sadly once, when I was about 10 ish, I forgot this and went to sit on the park field with my friends. My cover was that I was having a tea party at my friend Shane’s. I would be home for no later than 7.30.

One thing led to another and I was late, very late.

It’s important to remember my dad spanked me over his knee all the time. He never did it at the time of been naughty, it was always much later because he didn’t want to be angry. But I would often cry a little, of humiliation more than anything, because he would start spanking my clothes but I would end up with a bare bum. It was always a quick thing and always in my bedroom.

Anyway, this night I returned home, full of life. It was about 10.30 pm, 3 hours late. My dad was angry. My neighbours were round; my friend Shane’s dad was there (my parents had rang him) and found out I hadn’t been there. Worse thing was, my mother was worried sick so had called the police. I hadn’t realised the time, and was being clever. My dad asked where I had been, and I said just over the park, but he was upset with me.

So I decided to say sorry and head to bed. But was shouted back.

My dad said he had loads of people searching for me, and I needed to realise it was not the way to behave. Unfortunately for me, we were in the sitting room and the room had my father, my next door neighbours, Shane’s Dad, and a few others there.

Little did I know, he was going to smack my bum in front of them.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me over his knee. I tried to say no, but he started smacking me. It was hurting a little, but I didn’t want the people watching, so I was cheeky and told my father it was not the time for this.

Sadly after about 10 minutes, my bum was getting sore. My sports trousers were not really stopping the hand. When he did stop, I stood up and thought it was over. My father, who had calmed down at this point, said I had to apologise to everyone in the room for dragging them out.

I did this, but sadly the second I had said sorry my daddy pulled my sport trousers down and started to smack my pants. This is where I demanded he stop; I was too old. But he told me he thought I was too but until my actions improved then he would smack my bum.

I knew the audience of adults all agreed, and a few said to my dad they would leave us, but my father shocked me by asking them to stay. He said I had been acting up for too long and my other spanking clearly hadn’t worked so perhaps the humiliation of having my bum smacked in front of them would remind me.

With this, I resigned myself to the spanking, but again I got stood up although not for long. My dad, decided to explain to me that everyone who loved me was looking for me so I needed to remember not to lie and not be cheeky. He put his hands on the waist band of my pants and pulled them to my knees.

I protested but he said he always smacked my bare bum, and that wasn’t changing. Then I was put back over his knee. I gave up and just laid there.

My mother was by then giving out coffee to the others.

My dad’s hand was smacking my bare bum in front of everyone. As I kicked a little, my pants fell completely to the floor.

He didn’t spank my bum massively hard, but it was red. After he had stopped he stood me up, and gave me a hug. He asked me to apologise again to the others, which I did.

I was then sent to bed. I ran to bed, and didn’t wait to pick my pants and trousers up.