I was reading a post on your website about a girl’s experience with a novelty paddle that said ‘For the Cute Little Deer with the Bear Behind’ that had a picture of a deer and a bear on it. This brought back memories for me because my parents also had that paddle! Fortunately, my parents did not it hang it up for anyone to see, but they had it stored in a drawer to use whenever they needed to punish my siblings and me, and I remember how much it hurt to have that paddle smack my bare bottom. My bottom stings just thinking about it.

I was born in Washington DC in 1975 and my family is black (African-American). For those who are unfamiliar with black American culture there is a class divide and colorism within the community. My mother’s family is Louisiana Creole; they are fair-skinned, and upper-middle class, part, of America’s ‘Black Bourgeoisie’, whereas my father was dark-skinned and from a working-class background.

My cousins from my mother’s side were all very stuck-up and snooty. The cousin closest to me in age was named Juliette and she was sort of the princess of the family, and was a classic mean girl. She was very pretty, light-skinned, with light brown hair and hazel green eyes. One summer, when I was 13 and she was 14, she was over my house when she walked in on me getting a spanking. I was fighting with my parents in the kitchen and I cursed at my mom, and my dad got the paddle, sat in a chair, pulled me over his lap, pushed up my skirt, pulled down my panties and, as per the paddle’s instructions, spanked my bare bottom. I was soon crying and promising to be good when Chloe walked into the kitchen.

I reached up to try to pull my skirt down when my mother said to her, “Chloe would you please excuse us? We are busy teaching Leonie some manners,” and I heard her giggle and walk out. As soon as she left, my father pushed my skirt back up and kept spanking me. At this point my bottom felt like it was on fire so, even though I tried not to, I was crying like a baby knowing that Chloe could hear everything. I could have died from the embarrassment.

Chloe, of course, teased me about the spanking, telling me that my dad was so low class to spank a girl my age. She told me that she had not been spanked since she was 5 or 6 and that her parents would never punish her in such a childish way. She continued to tease me about being spanked for weeks and even told friends of hers about seeing me get spanked. Being spanked at 13 is humiliating enough, but have your arch nemesis see it was more than I could bear! (Paddle pun intended).

However, I learned later that summer that Chloe was lying about being spanked. One Saturday afternoon I was over Chloe’s house playing with Chloe’s brother who was the same age as me. I heard yelling coming from downstairs and then Chloe’s voice yelling, “No! Please, don’t! I promise I’ll never do it again!”

I learned later that Chloe had been caught smoking.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs with Chloe pleading with her father, “Please don’t! I’m too old to be spanked!”

This I had to see! I pretended that I had to go to the bathroom and instead followed the noise of Chloe’s pleading. Soon I heard what sounded like a belt whipping skin and Chloe’s pleading turned to agonizing screams and cries. I crept towards Chloe’s bedroom. Fortunately for me, the door was slightly ajar, and I could see Chloe lying over her father’s lap with her shorts and panties around her ankles, getting whipped with a belt by her father on her bare bottom!

My heart was filled with Schadenfreude! Here the family princess, Miss I’m So Much Better Than You, getting it on the bare!

After a few minutes, her father stopped spanking her and I slowly crept away to the sound of Chloe sobbing. A short while later, Chloe’s mom called us all to the kitchen for dinner. When Chloe walked out of her room and saw me, her jaw dropped and her eyes widened and I could tell she was humiliated. She didn’t say a word through dinner and didn’t look at me once. Needless to say, she never brought up my being spanked again.