Oh yes, all of my friends stared at the headmistress’s carpet as they awaited on more than one occasion for the spanking to begin. All were for genuine rule breaches but one wonders would they have earned a spanking in another school, or just lines and detention? Who knows. Here are some examples to prove my point. As I say, all were rule breaches.

Mandy: She was spanked on many occasions. She was often late and so was a frequent attendee on a Friday afternoon when minor offences were dealt with. Usually it was over the knee, skirt up and use of the hand, but on a couple of occasions where she had been really late or late several times that week, the size 10 slipper across the knee or, if Miss B really wanted to leave her mark, bent over the arm of her arm chair. She never received it on her bare bottom as I have read in other accounts here and elsewhere.

Sarah: Again, she received multiple spankings over the years. Some were from class teachers who spanked over the knee and across the skirt after class for minor things like no homework, but she did tend to answer back so did get several spankings in class from class teachers, or the walk of shame to the headmistress and the waddle of shame back into class and painful retaking of the hard wooden seat. She never learned.

Hailey: Hailey actually had a song, if you can call it that, about her after a really bad Friday one week. ‘Hailey, Hailey, got it thrice daily. Hailey, Hailey spanking her again!’ Poor girl, she already had a visit to Miss B for lateness booked for after school, but she got a class spanking first lesson having forgotten, or in reality, not done her maths homework, and again after English for the same reason.

Mrs E remarked her bottom looked sore as she put Hailey over her knee and her short skirt rode up a little too far. It didn’t stop Mrs Ellis teaching her the merits of doing your homework! Then, come home time, the walk of shame to Miss B along with 9 other pupils. She was 8th in line so had plenty of time to watch others go in, hear the dressing down, silence, then the spanking as hand met knickers or whop as a slipper did the same journey. When Hailey’s turn eventually came she went in after a 4th former came out bawling and rubbing her behind after a hand spanking. Talking to, over the knee, skirt up, wait, and then nothing. Hailey had then to stand up and explain why her bum was already pink. After that it was over the chair arm, skirt up, again, size 10 slipper. Ouch! That must have really hurt.

Emily: Emily was another frequent attendee, and she and I were once spanked together. This only happened when it was a joint venture. Basically, we had both snuck out of school at lunch time, which was a big no-no and we were caught coming back through the fence by the bushes. Straight to the headmistress. Big talking to, then I was first up, or rather across, skirt up, wrong panties, so I got a good spanking for the sneaking out, let up whilst Emily got her spanking on her correctly coloured school knickers, then I was back across the headmistress’s knee for a second dose for the panty issue. It seemed very harsh, especially to repeat the performance rather than just spank me for longer the first time. I could hardly sit down and I had to explain why I was moving gingerly when I got home. Thankfully, dad was away on business, otherwise he would have made it a hat trick!

Anne: She was spanked in class several times for answering back, slippered over the knee for the same offence at least twice by the headmistress, as well as being caught smoking which guaranteed the slipper over the chair arm. She too had the wrong panties on but as she was alone just got an extra three strokes.

Alison: Spanked at least three times in PE having forgotten her kit. It was over the vaulting horse, a whacking over skirt for that. Anything else in PE, it was over the horse, sports skirt up and spanking over sports knickers. At least one spanking happened every sports lesson.

Margaret: Margaret was the only person I saw slippered in class. She inadvertently swore at Mrs B. She meant to, for pity’s sake, but dropped the F-word by mistake. Never knew Mrs B had a slipper. That was 6 or 8 over the knee over her skirt. She didn’t make that mistake again.

Vicky: She managed to get herself spanked on a geography field trip to the Kent coast. We had left very early because of the tides, and Vicky wasn’t a morning person. She was grumpy all morning and eventually Mrs R had had enough. Having checked no one was about, she sat on a large rock, pulled the struggling girl over her lap and proceeded to spank her, stopping briefly to pull her thick jumper up which was covering her bum, giving Mrs R free reign on the seat of her jeans. Needless to say, everyone was on their best behaviour after that. That was the only outdoor school spanking I have witnessed.

Class 5B Swimming class: Ours was a posh school and had its own swimming pool. As we were coming out for our lesson when we were in the 4th form, the year above were just finishing theirs. Clearly something had gone on. All 20 girls were lined up and one by one were going over Mrs C’s knee and getting six spanks each on a wet swimming costume. Although this ate up 10 minutes of our lesson, it was great viewing. As you can imagine, a wet swimming costume would offer next to no protection and the acoustics on the pool were perfect to enjoy hearing someone else suffer. It transpired Mrs C had to nip to the loo and the class had decided it was water bombing time. That was the largest mass spanking I ever witnessed.

Jenny: Jenny was always different. She’s a life-long friend and was another frequent attendee with Miss B, regularly attending the Friday afternoon spank off and other times in the week for either repeat offences or ones we never really got to the bottom of. One Friday, Jenny was 2 in front of me in the queue to see Miss B when we were both in the lower sixth. A 4th former came out crying and rubbing her bottom and Jenny went in. I had no idea what for and there was very little talking in the study, which was odd. You would think a regular would get an extra special dressing down. After a couple of minutes, the familiar smack, smack, smack of hand on knickers began and seemed quite loud, so it must have been hard, and quite prolonged too. When it stopped there was a little more talking, and the 3rd former in front of me looked very scared. Then, whomph, whomph; Jenny was now apparently being slippered. This was most unusual. She got, I think, something like 8 or 10 whacks; I wasn’t actually counting. Eventually Jenny came out not having cried, closed the door, rubbed her bum and went into the toilets, to cry in private I presumed. By now the 4th former was mid-spanking and I was next. Moments later, telling off, over knee, skirt up, spank, spank, spank; she was really going for it today, up, skirt down, rub, talking to, leave.

I wondered if Miss B was a little bit too into her spankings. I later found out she was unmarried on purpose; her fiancé was killed in the autumn of 1944. They had been in London and were student teachers. He was medically discharged from the army after the fall of France in 1940. They were in bed when the street was hit by a V1 rocket. He was killed by a piece of metal shrapnel that lodged in his spine and died there and then. She never fell in love again, but threw herself into her teaching. Maybe the spankings were her little bit of pleasure?

Belinda: Bee, as she preferred to be called, was usually Miss Goody-Two-Shoes but one day even she fell foul of Miss B. We had been chasing each other around the yard at afternoon break when Bee, not looking where she was rushing, went smack into Miss B and knocked her over. I never heard a playground go quiet that quickly. Once Miss B had recovered herself, Bee was duly marched off to her office, really shouted at, then put over her knee, skirt up and really spanked hard. When it was all over we had already gone back in. Whilst we waited for the teacher for French, Bee quickly gave us a flash. Wow! Red or what! She was still crying when the lesson started and got no sympathy from the teacher.

Miss F took over at Christmas of my final year. She was a new broom and suffered fools badly. After a massive spike in spankings in the first couple of weeks, we got to know her version of the school rules very quickly. After that, the frequency of her spankings went down quite sharply. Even Jenny found it harder to get herself spanked, though not impossible. Miss F tended to use the slipper less often, but to great effect when she did. Like her predecessor, she too preferred the over-the-knee position especially with the lower forms. 5th and 6th formers still usually went over her knee too, but due to our size she did employ the armchair technique a little more than Miss B, who was a good 4 or 5 inches taller. As I said before, I thought her spankings were less harsh than Miss B’s.