(Nikki’s Account)

First Paddling 

I made it though elementary school without getting a spanking at school. Many times I was threatened that it would be used on me, but I managed  to behave well enough not to justify a paddling. I heard a few boys get swats in the hall. I felt sorry for them. It had to be embarrassing.

When the 7th grade started we had moved to a new district. It was pretty common knowledge that most teachers had a paddle in their class. You didn’t have to be sent to the principal’s office or to the gym to get a spanking. You could be sent to the hall and it was taken care of right away. The loud cracks of the paddle from the hall would make you want to behave.

I had a friend named Jessica, and she was my best friend. We had only one class together and sat beside each other in it. The class was taught by the boys basketball coach. It wasn’t his classroom. He just used it that period and then he would move to a different room. He would push a cart full of his class materials to each room. In that cart he always had a paddle out where it could be seen. He had a reputation with the boys to give super hard swats and everyone feared getting them.

Jessica and I managed to get ourselves sent to the hallway one day. I asked her if she thought we would get pops. She didn’t know but sure hoped we didn’t. I told her I was scared.

He finally came out to the hall. He looked at us and said: “Ladies, I am over it. The constant chatter, note passing and giggling. It ends today.”

I was so ashamed to be standing out in the hall being lectured. He was one of my favorite teachers. Very funny and not to mention he was good looking for an older man.

He asked: “Well ladies, what am I going to do with y’all?”

Jessica and I just shrugged our shoulders.

“Okay you two, I am going to bust your butts.”

I then felt my eyes start to tear up. I was about to get paddled at school.

He stepped back in the classroom and left us to wait some more out in the hall. Jessica, who was a known tough girl, was worried and started wiping her eyes to keep her eyeliner from running down her cheek. I asked her if she ever been paddled at school.

“Last year,” she said. “It stings.”

She was worried about getting swats from our teacher. She had heard about how harsh his pops could be. We both have heard someone get his licks. It was, for sure, louder than other teachers we have heard. I told her that I had never got the paddle at school. She told me I haven’t missed out on nothing. It sucks. I then put both hands on each of my butt cheeks. I realized at that moment I had not worn good attire for the punishment I was about to get. I had on cute thin shorts and tan pantyhose. (WE WORE EM BACK THEN, what was we thinking?) I wished I had jeans on like Jessica.

Coach then stepped out of the class. This time he had his paddle in his hand. Seeing it made my heart skip a beat.

Well girls, are y’all ready? Jessica, you are first. Nicole, you go stand there and turn around.”

He then instructed her bend on over. She was going to receive three. He got her in position and said: “Here we go.”

Her first swat made me jump and she let out a whimper. Her second came shortly after and Jessica started to cry. I turned to watch the last one. Her third came like a blast from his full swing. She yelled out and was crying like her dog died. Her make up was starting to run from the tears. Mine was already a mess. I been crying for a while and didn’t care. I would fix it later.

“Okay, y’all trade places.”

I went and stood where Jessica was. I started to beg for him not to spank me. I was scared and already crying. I told him I had never been spanked by a man. He asked if I had ever got swats before.

I answered: “Never at school.”

He instructed me how to bend over and adjusted my position. When he asked me if I was ready, I stood up and turned around and started pleading again. I must admit, I was afraid.

“Nicole,” he yelled. “You were going to get three like Jessica, but now you are going to get four. Bend over and grab your ankles now or we can make it five. I don’t have all day.”

Blubbering, I bent all the way over and wrapped my hands around the ankle straps of my shoes.

He then grabbed me by my belt and said: “Here we go.”

He lifted me up off my heels and rubbed the paddle on my butt. I heard the whoosh before the first swat hit. I let out a yell. It stung real bad. Not like Mom’s hairbrush. I heard the whoosh and the second swat hit home. I was crying like a baby. This was awful. I was saying ‘no no no no no no more please’. It did no good. Whoosh, the third hit and my whole rear was on fire. He said last one and brought the fourth down on my butt the hardest. When he let go of my belt my knees almost buckled on me. I was wailing and crying hysterically. My butt hurt so bad.

“Okay ladies, y’all think you can behave and not disrupt my class again?”

We both answered: “Yes sir.”

“You two go down to the restroom and get that black mess off your faces and collect yourselves.”

We took off for the restroom like lighting. Soon as I got in there I pulled down my shorts, pantyhose and panties and went to rubbing my butt. Oh my God it was relief. If there was a block of ice in there I could of sat on it.

Jessica walks by and says: “Wow girl! Your butt got blistered.”

I tried to look at it in the mirror. It was red all over with white circles in the center. It was still throbbing. I slowly pulled up my panties and pantyhose. I could feel the heat of my rear though them. I then pulled up my shorts. I then went to the mirror and started trying to salvage my make-up. We looked like we had been though hell. I had the hiccups from crying so much. I went and got a drink of water, held my breath, swallowed and got them under control.

From there, we headed back to class.

We had to sign our referrals. It listed what we had done and our punishment. Mine had 3+1 listed. I guess he wrote them out before we was paddled. He then separated us. I was so embarrassed. Everyone in there knew I had gotten a spanking and cried like a little girl. From then on I was on best behavior in his class. I never wanted to have to meet him in the hall again.

To this day Jess and I are friends. Her kids couldn’t believe girls got paddled like that at school. Now they get fined or suspended for punishment. Corporal punishment is still mentioned in the handbook, but isn’t used much anymore.

Nikki (via Megan L)