This is a memory of one of only a few spankings I got on my bare bottom. I was 10 years old and had been out shopping with my mom and sister. My sister, who was 7, and I had been at each others’ throats all morning and my mom had enough of it from us after giving us a fair number of warnings. My mom announced when we got back to the car that she and I would both be spanked when we got home. My sister started crying and I just sat there in the car, mad.

When we got home my mom sent us upstairs to our room to wait because she had to put the groceries away before spanking us. My mom didn’t do the honours of spanking us that often, because she felt that task was better left to dad. She would, though, when she was mad enough to take matters into her own hands. My mom was a hand spanker and would spank us over our clothes while she sat on a chair and we stood at her side, her holding our arm and swatting away at our bottoms. The spanking would not be too bad at first, but as she spanked you would start to fill the heat.

So there we were, my sister and I, sitting in our bedroom and I got a brilliant idea. I knew my sister was paying attention to what I was doing so I quietly got into my panties drawer and took out about 3 pairs. Using the bed as my cover I slipped on the three extra pairs of panties under my dress. Soon after, my mom called us into the living room for our spankings.

We both stood in front of her waiting to see who was to go first, and finally my mom chose me. I said: “Yes, mama,” and slowly walked over to her and turned my body so she has a good aim at my bottom as she took a hold of my left arm. Then I heard it; my sister ratting me out. She had been watching me try to cheat my way out of the spanking’s sting by adding extra protection. I had no idea she saw me do it.

My mom asked me if I had on extra panties, but fear took over my voice and I just looked at her. My mom ordered me to lift up my dress, which I did, to reveal four layers of panties on my butt. Mom scolded me for trying to deceive her and then order me to pull them all down, as she was now going to spank me on the bare bottom. I protested about my sister being in the room, but my mom said we are ladies here and I should have thought about the consequences of being deceitful.

I put my fingers into the waist band of all four pairs of panties and slid them down off, past my bottom, and probably down close to my knees. I let my dress fall back down, hoping she would spank over my dress, but was ordered to lift up my dress. I did so and held my dress up with my right arm while she again held my left arm. Then I felt the spanks come.

One after another, my mom spanked with a fury of spanks. It hurt so much on my bare skin, and I tried to pull my away from her, but she kept me close by holding my arm and made me take each spank. When she finished I curled up on the couch and cried. I then heard my sister being spanked and looked to see her of course being spanked on her dress and panties.

I never tried anything like that again.