It was the first week in May 1957, just three weeks from the end of the school year, and everyone was looking forward to the summer break. Unlike ‘normal’ kids who stayed at individual homes during the summer, we still remained here when the school year was over because this was our home too. I was sitting in class waiting for the day’s final bell to ring. At 3:00 it rang, and we quickly headed to our living quarters to change into play clothes so we could go outside. On Fridays, we were allowed to play outside until 5:15, and then we had to come inside and get ready for dinner, which for us was at 6:00.

While we were out in the playground area, a bobtail truck was coming down the street that went along the east side of our compound. For some reason he lost control of his truck, ran up on the curb and struck a fire hydrant, severing it at the base. Immediately a large column of water with a slight western slant began spraying in the air and falling on our schoolyard. He must not have been insured or something because he quickly backed up a bit and took off.

All of us were admiring the large spray of water when someone suggested, “Let’s go get in it!”

At first, I hesitated but it looked like so much fun so I took off towards it. About 6 kids were in front of me and about twice that amount followed. Soon we were frolicking in the water and kicking at the puddles that had formed. Unfortunately, the area was quickly becoming quite muddy and messy. I had enough sense to take my shoes and socks off before getting wet, but some of the others did not.

Soon there were about 24 or so kids in the water when the fun came to a quick stop. Our teacher, Sister E, and the 2nd grade teacher, Sister B, were screaming: “Everyone! Everyone! Get out of the water this instant!”

Soon, everyone was out and the teachers began their inspection of the convicts. “Look at you,” they would bark at a student, pointing at their soiled clothes and shoes, and then say: “This is a serious offense that will cost you.”

Some one had evidently informed Bishop M because he soon was coming across the yard to see what had happened. As soon as he arrived, the teachers acted as if they were kids themselves by telling him: “It happened so quickly we didn’t have time to keep this from occurring.”

He looked at them while shaking his head and said: “I didn’t say it was your fault, but I’ll handle it,” which was followed by a smile.

He then reached into his back pocket and pulled out a pocket spiral notepad, then ordered everyone to stand in a straight line. He went to each of us kids and asked each one their name, grade and teacher. There were eight girls in the group and about 16 boys. As he took each name, he made notations as to how messy they were and to whether or not they had messed up their shoes and how muddy they were. He told us all to go straight to the showers and clean up and put on our sleeping attire. He added: “You will eat your dinner in your bed, but before then I will take care of this outrage. I want all of the boys to meet me in my office at 5:00 pm, and the girls at 6:00, and no one had better be late!”

He then escorted us into the building up to the point where the boys went their way and we went ours. I was not as nervous as I had been before because I was getting used to being on the receiving end. I quickly showered and got into my smock and went to sit on my bed till the time arrived.

Around 5:55 Cathy, one of the ones who had been with me on my first night session, said: “I guess we had better get going.”

I let out a sigh, got up and followed Cathy to the hall where Stephanie, a 2nd grader, met us. As we started ‘the walk’ down the long hallway we saw a 4th grade girl, Vicki, two fifth graders, Sandi and Beth, and two 6th graders, Donna and Samantha, walking head of us.

Soon, we were all inside his office. He didn’t appear to be in the office at first, but then he walked out of one of the attached offices with his wife, Caroline, who worked in the Filing Department. He informed her of what was about to happen and asked her to sit in as a witness. He didn’t always have a witness and I still don’t know what criteria he used to determine if one was needed or not. She had a ‘Readers Digest’ as she sat down on the one of the chairs at the back of the office, glanced at us for a moment, and then resumed her reading.

The Principal looked at the group and then told the 4th through the 6th graders to sit on the bench that was on the left side of his desk and the rest of us on the bench on the right side. Then his phone rang and he started talking to some person about some room heaters that needed fixing. He talked about 5 minutes and as he did I looked across the room at Vicki, Sandi, Beth, Donna and Samantha and noticed how different their composures were. Vicki, Donna, and Sandi just had a look that seemed to say ‘Can we hurry and get this over with?’ while Beth looked quite worried as she kept crossing one leg over the other and then switching them. Samantha just had a blank upward stare and hardly moved at all.

When he hung the phone up, he was dramatic as always, banging his fist on his desk as he stepped on his soapbox.

“Girls, girls, I can’t believe what I witnessed just a short time ago! It was bad enough that you got your good play clothes wet, but some of you ruined your garments as well as your shoes. These things cost money and I would hate to think what the brethren would think if they found out what you had done!”

At the time I didn’t know what a brethren was and I assumed it must be some kind of high order policemen or something like the FBI.

He continued, “The punishments will vary depending on the severity of your offense and, looking at my list, it looks like it ranges from 25 to 40 swats. Who wants to go first?”

No one volunteered, so after about 30 seconds he said: “Fine, we’ll start with the older ones first, since they really should have known better, and the younger shall see what the price is for such conduct.”

This was the first time I had seen anyone above the third grade get it. He then took one of the four metal frame wooden chairs that were lined up against the back wall and placed it at the center of the large space between his desk and the back wall of the office.

“Samantha,” he said with a gruff tone, “You’re first. Remove your smock, place it on my desk, place your feet together, bend over the back of the chair and hold on the cross rung. Do not let go or stand up or you will received additional.”

With the still gazed look, she got up, took off her smock and placed it on the desk, then bent over the chair as instructed.

She was about four foot ten inches with light brown hair that was in a ponytail that reached down just past her shoulder blades. I was amazed how much more mature her body was compared to mine. After she bent over into position, her head was about four inches lower than her well-rounded backside. He grabbed the light wooden paddle that was lying on his desk and went and stood to her left side, placed his left hand on her back just where her hair stopped and placed the paddle on her butt.

He said, “You get 40 because of the ruined shoes and, being 12 years old, you should know better.” Then he reared back and delivered the first swat.

Her head jerked slightly and then returned to looking through the space between the chair seat and back, but she didn’t make a sound. He paused for a few seconds then delivered 9 in rapid succession. She uttered the first sounds, saying: “Ayyee, Ooooh or Sssssssss,” after each swat.

He waited for 5 seconds or so and delivered the next ten at a slightly lower pace. She again would say: “Ayyee, Ooooh or Sssssss,” after each swat and began relaxing one leg then the other, making her butt shift left and right as he delivered the swats.

“Be still,” he said. “Or I’ll add ten more.”

He paused again for ten seconds and then said, “Are you ready for the last twenty?” to which she slowly nodded her head. He placed the paddle in position again and gave the final twenty and the last one was noticeably louder. She was now lightly crying as Bishop M asked, “Will you do this the next time?” which was one of those really dumb questions, because who was going to say ‘yes’?

Naturally, she said: “No,” in a sniffly voice, and he took his left hand off her back and told her to put her smock back on and wait by the door.

Still standing in the same place, he looked to his left and said: “Donna, you’re next.”

She immediately got up, took off her smock and assumed the position. Donna was also 12 and about four foot ten inches, red hair in pigtails, and a really white complexion. Something that I really noticed was that she was beginning to develop breasts, which made me look down at my chest where there was, of course, nothing. He told her she was to receive 30. Her feet were about a foot apart so he instructed her to keep them together along with her knees as he rubbed his left hand on her back slightly.

He delivered the first ten with about a 2 second delay between them. She, like Samantha, didn’t say much except a low “uhhh” after each swat. After the first ten, he paused for about ten seconds, or while lifted his left hand off her back to scratch his neck. He then put his hand back in position and began set #2. In the middle of this set, he paused, looked down and placed the paddle against her pinkening behind and said: “I love using the Lord’s provided rod to correct those who stray from the path.” Then he continued on spanking her.

He looked upwards for a moment then delivered the last set of ten swats, which resulted in a loud “Ahhhh ooohh!”

I was impressed with her control.

He asked her the same dumb question he asked before and then let her up to get dressed and wait with Samantha.

He must have gotten a bit warm as he turned around and took off his sports jacket and placed it on the back of his desk chair, then returned to the ‘spanking’ chair.

He pointed toward the bench where the older girls were and said: “Beth, you’re next.”

She stood up, took off her smock and placed it on the chair back, which resulted in Bishop M telling her to put it on his desk. As she walked by us in a slow shuffle to lay her smock on the desktop, I could see goose bumps all over her naked body. She looked at us with a worried look and then returned to the chair and got into position.

Beth had about the same hair color as Samantha, but it was only shoulder length and she had it in a ponytail, albeit a small one. Even though at 11 she was younger than the 6th graders, she was leggier and taller, standing about five foot. Unlike the others, her stomach
barely touched the back of the chair when she bent over. He told her she was also getting 30 and placed the paddle in the ready position. With his left hand steadying her in position he delivered the first ten at about the same pace as he did Donna.

Unlike Donna, however, she began crying after the second or third swat and was shifting by standing on her toes then back to the flat footed position. He shifted his left hand from the middle of her back to just above her butt and pressed down while saying, “Keep still unless you want more!”

“No, No,” she said between her cries as she readied for the next ten. After several seconds they came, which resulted in her crying more loudly. He rubbed the paddle horizontally on her butt a few times before delivering the final ten.

“Get your smock on and go stand with the others,” he declared in an irritated voice. As each girl walked by us to get their smocks I would look to see how red their behind was.

With his finger he beckoned and said: “Sandi,” who got up and walked to the desk to put away her smock and approach the chair. Sandi was ten years, almost 11, four foot eight or so, of Irish decent with red hair set in pigtails. I always thought her hair looked more orange then red and, like Samantha, she had a round bubble-butt. He told her that because she had also ruined her shoes she would get 30.

“Bend over please,” he said, lightly pressing on her shoulder to get her started, and she went over and grabbed the edge of the seat.

He paused and said: “I said grab the chair rungs, not the seat. I want the head down,” as he pushed on her shoulder blade helping her into position.

She complied with a sigh and seemed to be quite tense. He delivered the first ten at the usual three-second between-each-one rate. I didn’t hear anything out of her until he paused, when I detected the light crying. He then delivered the next ten at the same speed.

During the swats Sandi made “Uhhh” sounds and, like Beth, she was standing up and down on her toes that made him again tell her to keep still as he shifted his hand to just above her butt as a reminder. He then looked over at us and told us to quit whispering or we would get extra. He then turned his attention back to Sandi, tapped the paddle lightly on her bottom about four times and delivered the final ten swats. As he spanked her I was focused on how her butt would compress and pop back into place with each swat. He then let her get up to get her smock and, as she picked it off the desk, she looked at her backside for a moment and then put it on.

It was now Vicki’s turn, who hesitated for a moment and then began saying that she was sorry and only did it because others did.

“I don’t care,” said the principal. “You knew it was wrong and did it anyway. No one forced you. Now get over here!”

She removed her smock, placed it on the desk and bent over the chair. Vicki had golden blond hair set in braids that touched the tip of her shoulder blades. She had just turned ten and was quite short at four foot four or so and had to stand on her tiptoes to grab the chair rung because the chair back was really pressing into her stomach. He said she was to receive 20 and reminded her to keep still as he gave her the first five and paused.

Of all of the girls so far, Vicki made the most noise as she squealed after the 5. His wife, who had been silent all this time reading her magazine, said: “Hubert, this is the girl I was telling you about that Sister W said had threw away her carrots at lunch.”

“Oh really,” he replied almost with a perky tone as he removed his left hand from her back, “I guess she’ll get another 15.”

“No, please no Bishop M, I won’t do it again!” as she stood up, which resulted in a stern reproof of: “Don’t argue and never get up until I say to!”

He grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her back over and again said, “Grab the rung.”

He put his hand back on her back and gave her the next ten swats.

“Ohhhh, owwww, owww!” she said as the swats hit before returning to a steady cry.

He looked back at us for a moment and then then gave the next ten swats.

Vicki was crying quietly, but audibly, and I could see tears falling on the chair seat. He cleared his throat, flexed his shoulders and gave her the final set of ten and the last one really popped. Vicki cried even louder.

Then he said: “I hate the mess you made with your clothes, but I really hate food wasting. Will it happen again?”

“No, No,” she said as she cried and shook her head.

He then let her up and she retrieved her smock and joined the other four at the door. He looked at them and reminded them that this better not happen again or they would get a repeat performance. Then he told them to get back to their quarters. I was relieved a bit that the audience for mine would be smaller.

He then put the spanking chair back against the back wall, hung the paddle on a wall clip and then went to sit at his desk chair.

“Rachel, come here.”

Just my luck, I would be the first.

“Raise your arms,” he said, and he removed my smock and placed it on the desk in front of him. “You will get 20 for your transgression because you at least took off your shoes. Bend over, please.”

I had just started to lean over when his hand began spanking my butt with the first 5 swats, which knocked me all the way over on to his lap. I grabbed the legs and I felt his cool left hand on its usual place on my back, as he got ready to give me the next ten spanks.

He patted me four or five times and then delivered all ten.

I was crying now as I looked back under the chair at my dangling feet. He then asked his wife, who was still reading, what time it was, to which she replied, “It’s about 6:25 or so.”

He let out a grunt of recognition and then gave me the last 5 spanks. I lay in position for about thirty seconds and then he helped me up and called for Cathy.

Cathy always had her blonde hair in her ‘Cindy Brady’ look and, as she took off her smock she began whimpering. She approached his left side and he said she was getting 20. Then he told her to bend over. She bent over and positioned herself on his lap and grabbed the legs. She, like me, had been here several times and knew the routine. He placed his hand in the usual positions, but then began to cough so he grabbed a handkerchief as he composed himself.

“Excuse me,” he said. “Let’s get back to business.

He placed his hand on her butt and gave the first ten swats. Like I remembered before, she would pop her head up and down making her little curls bounce wildly. She also began crying after the third or fourth one.

Then came the last ten swats. Almost as soon as the last one hit, he picked her up and handed her smock to her. She kept crying as she turned and put it on, then she sat next to me while I was still sniffling.

Then he told Stephanie, the sole 2nd grader and the youngest one here, to come.

Stephanie was part Asian of some sort, perhaps Japanese but I am not sure. During all of the previous girls’ spankings, I noticed her nervous look but I thought she was quite composed for an eight year old. She removed her smock and placed it on the edge of the desk, but it fell to the floor. He told her that she was to get 15 because she too had at least removed her shoes.

“Bend over,” he said, and she quickly complied just as Cathy did, which told me she had been here before.

With his left hand on her back he gave her the first 5 spanks quickly and then did his customary pause of ten to 15 seconds. Stephanie was crying, but not real loud, which impressed me because I was not that controlled. He then let out an audible breath and then gave the last ten spanks. As she received each swat she would let out a “huh” sound that sounded like the sound you make when someone quickly squeezes you in the chest.

She was now crying a little louder as she lay there for 15 seconds or so. He then helped her up and she picked her smock up from the floor and put it on. He looked at us and gave the same comment he gave the older girls and sent us on our way.

Looking back to this day, I believe it was this one I began to find spankings interesting and somewhat exciting.