After being warned not to carry out the homecoming tradition of driving their cars around the carpark, 30 students were paddled at Timpson HS.


The principal Mr Cousins, made the decision, never giving the students a choice.


The students were lined up outside Mr Cousins’ office, 16 boys and 14 girls. Each one was called into the office and told to bend over Mr Cousins’ desk.

Each student was given 3 swats each, Mr Cousins paddled the girls and coach Callahan paddled the boys.


Both men were powerfully built men and were more than capable of delivering a painful swat, which they certainly did.


Four of the girls, including Kimberly Sparks and Connie Pate, were members of Timpson cheerleading squad.


It was Connie’s and Sandy Martins first paddling, whereas Kimberly had previously been paddled twice before.


Krystal Henning was a girl that was frequently paddled.


All four of them were in some discomfort at that evening’s football game, with their buttocks still red and swollen.


Kimberly’s own marks lasted over a week, before finally fading, as she had chosen to wear a skirt, rather than her usual jeans.