I had been working as one of the secretarial staff at the school for three years. I was a former pupil and had left the summer after the current headmistress, Miss Janet Fothergill, had taken over from Miss Brown. That had left plenty of time for me to feel the hand and slipper of the new headmistress on my bottom before I left. Having struggled to find a better job after leaving university, I was successful in getting a job at my old school as a secretary. It was strange going back, but oddly Miss Fothergill and I got on well, possibly because I was an ‘old girl’ (22 at the time) or perhaps she remembered punishing me. Whatever, we did have a connection.

My office overlooked the headmistress’s office and I could, through a pane of clear glass in an otherwise frosted larger window, see into her office and see her working, as well as see her dishing out punishments as I described in my earlier memory ‘A secretary’s memories’, posted on this site.

Three years passed. The window was replaced, much to my disappointment, and Wendy, who had been the headmistress’s secretary, had just left to go abroad with her new husband. He was a diplomat and had a dream posting in the USA. Wendy was on cloud nine at the prospect of living and working there for a few years.

Miss Fothergill, or Janet as I was allowed to call her now, in private, at least, asked me if I would like to take Wendy’s position. I jumped at the chance. My old role was purely administrative, whilst Wendy got to deal with people and was at the heart of the day to day running of this well-oiled machine Janet had put together.

One of the other duties that the headmistress’s secretary had to perform was to act as witness to her punishments as they were all behind closed doors and also make a record in the punishment book. Wendy had found this one of the worst jobs she had to perform and had flatly refused when Janet had asked her on occasion if she might be willing to assist her in the Friday punishments when more than one girl was punished at the same time for the same offence. I, however, as no stranger to the headmistress’s spanking, was happy to fulfill these duties.

The witnessing was not an issue as I had done this from afar, thanks to the earlier broken window in the headmistress’s office, and keeping the punishment book was also not a problem. I must admit, however, that I was taken aback when she asked me the same question she had asked Wendy several years earlier. In my private life, I had enjoyed being spanked by and spanking partners over the years, and my then fiancé, and now late husband, Stan, to whom I was married for over 30 years, enjoyed an active spanking and love life. I was not sure that accepting the role for Janet would be a good idea. I said I would think about it, ask Stan and let her know the next day.

The next morning, a Friday, Janet asked me for an answer. I told her I was willing to give it a try. Janet was pleased and asked me to let her have the list of pupils due to see her that afternoon. Whilst I was in with her, I heard a knock on the outer office door and excused myself to answer it. There stood a girl called Naomi from the 5th year, looking tearful and holding a slip of pink paper.

“Good morning, Naomi. What can I do for you?” I asked kindly, knowing full well what this meant.

“I have been sent to see Miss Fothergill for disrupting Mrs Bennett’s class, Miss,” she said dejectedly.

“Very well, please wait here a moment whilst I speak to Miss Fothergill,” I said, entering Janet’s office and closing the door. “Janet, it is Naomi Bridges from year 5, she has a pink slip for messing about. Would you like me to get you the punishment book from my desk?” I asked efficiently.

“Yes please, Sam, but in view of our conversation a moment ago, might I suggest a ‘dry run’ might be in order? I would, if you are willing, like you to punish this girl for me as looking at the list for later we have several groups of 2 or more girls being punished together,” Janet concluded.

“Err, yes, I suppose that might be an idea as I have never punished someone of this age before,” I said honestly. “I will get the book from my desk and call her through, shall I?”

“Very well,” said Janet.

I went back to the outer office and took the thick, black leather bound book from my desk and tucked it under my arm.

“Please follow me, Naomi, and hand your pink slip to Miss Fothergill,” I said with no sign of that kindness that existed a moment ago as I had my game face on now.

Taking and reading the note, Janet looked up at Naomi with a familiar firmness.

She said, “You are taking examinations this academic year. Have you really the time to waste disrupting yours and everyone else’s education in your class?” Janet barked.

“I’m waiting for the answer, Naomi!” she barked again.

Clearly near tears, Naomi finally answered. “No, Miss. Sorry, Miss.”

“Oh, don’t worry Naomi, you will be sorry very soon,” replied Janet, who watched Naomi’s shoulders sag and expression turn to one of resignation. “Miss Evans here is now assisting me with administering punishments and as this is her first day in the role I have suggested she practice on the bottom of the first naughty young lady sent to me today. That would be you!” she said pointedly.

Glancing at the 4.00 pm list I had passed her earlier, Janet added, “And I see we will be seeing you after school as well. Your bottom will be very sore by the time you leave us today, I can assure you!”

Clearly Naomi had forgotten she was on the list as it hung over from very late last Friday afternoon and I was just about to send out the pink slips for handing out at afternoon registration.

“Miss Evans, if you would be so kind as to attend to this young lady for me, please.” Janet turned to Naomi. “Miss Evans will administer 6 spanks with her hand across your school knickers. Miss Evans?”

Having seen Janet in action, I thought it best to do as she did, at least for now. I took a chair, turned it to face the centre of the room and sat myself down upon it. Wow! Did that bring back memories of being in Naomi’s position when I was a pupil!  The dread of the instruction to bend over, looking down at the thick rug or bare floor boards, depending on where the chair was situated, and the certainty of what was to come.

“Come here, Naomi. Bend across my lap and put your hands flat on the floor in front of you,” I ordered, sounding quite authoritative.

Naomi had been here before and complied without hesitation, her palms flat to the carpet, toes on the floor behind her, and hair dangling around her head. Her bottom was well presented and covered by her uniform blue pleated skirt which I proceeded to pull up and out of the way, revealing a pair of regulation white panties which were stretched tightly across her bottom and would offer little by way of protection from the spanking to come. I looked up at Janet who smiled and nodded, at which point I raised my right hand and brought it soundly down on Naomi’s bottom with a loud slap. She winced and twitched and her hair swung slightly as the spank hit home.

I raised my hand again, slap, slap, slap, slap. By the 5th spank, Naomi was sobbing gently and her hair rocked backwards and forwards both from the impact of my spanks and also the rise and fall of her shoulders. The 6th and final spank was just as firm as the rest and with that I said to Naomi, “I hope that has taught you not to mess about in class, this year especially! I would say I hope not to see you here again, but as Miss Fothergll has pointed out, you will be spanked this afternoon for the incident in the playground as you left school last Friday. You may now get up and straighten your skirt. Blow your nose and get back to your class.”

Even if I say so myself, I sounded like Janet.

Naomi got up, pulled her skirt back down and left the room rubbing her bottom as I filled in the punishment book. ‘Naomi Bridges, year 5, 6 spanks to the bottom across knee over school knickers for disturbing her class. S Evans, witness J Fothergill.

“Very well done, Sam. I won’t ask for details, but it is obvious you have done that before,” she said with a knowing look. “If you can get those pink slips off with the registers, we will make a start on the next item on today’s ‘to do’ list. Refuse collections.

After that, the day flew past as there was always plenty to do, calls from parents ‘can I pick flora up for a dental appointment’, ‘Victoria forgot her inhaler’ etc, etc. All very much everyday stuff really.

I glanced up at the clock, 3.45 pm. I clicked the kettle and made myself and Janet a quick coffee and took it through.

“It is 10 minutes to 4, Janet,” I said gently as she was stuck into some budget document that the governors had sent her on Wednesday.

“Does this make any sense to you, Sam? I’m lying if I say I understand it,” she said, throwing her pen down and rubbing her eyes. I popped a biscuit on her saucer. “Mind reader!” she added.

“It just looks like they have made up the figures to me, Janet, in all honesty, ” I said, as confused as she was. “I mean, look at this, based on £650 per pupil makes this much. That would be great but we have around 25% more pupils than this. They have forgotten completely about the sixth form, would be my guess.”

“Yes, if we work on that pretext, it seems to be OK. It’s been a long week, can I tempt you for a quick drink on the way home? My car is in the garage so I am on the bus. A gin and tonic would be most welcome, when we have cleared this lot,” she sighed, pushing the punishment list across her desk. “Some of these names come up term after term, some week after week. I swear some of them have no regard for the rules, either that or they think it is cool being sent to the headmistress. Either way,” she glanced at the clock, “It is time to get your game face on again. You did really well this morning. There is one double spanking and one treble. Leave me to decide which one I take, and you take the other. In the treble, I am going to bend them over the desk and do all three together for speed. Best get cracking,” she said, finishing her biscuit and coffee.

I cleared the cups into my office and brought in the punishment book, which I opened to the correct page.

Opening the outer office door to the corridor, I was taken aback by the queue. I counted about 20 heads, which thinking about it with the double and treble would be about right. I saw why Janet wanted help!

Julie Wasden was first up. I called her in and she went through to the inner office. I closed the door after her. This would keep the noise away from those awaiting punishment and the spanked girls would exit via a side door onto the next corridor, so would not be seen crying or rubbing their bottoms. It also stopped showboating; look how brave I have been, etc.

“Julie,” began Janet. “You have been late 3 times in the last 2 weeks, which is unacceptable. You will receive a spanking over your knickers, 8 with the bare hand. Come here and bend over my knee!” she growled and sat down on a chair positioned in front of her large wooden desk.

As soon as Julie was in place, Janet wasted no time raising her skirt and applying the first of the 8 slaps firmly on her right buttock, which yielded a sharp ‘ouch’ from Julie. With each smack, the ouch got louder and by number 5 or 6 she was howling and crying. Finally, spanks 7 and 8 landed, and Janet said, “That is your punishment over. You may get up, straighten your skirt and leave via the side door in the front office. If you are late again this term, you will get the same again. Now off you go.”

I entered in the book; Julie Wasden, year 4, 8 spanks to the bottom across knee with the hand over school knickers for persistent lateness. J Fothergill, witness S Evans.

I called in Pamela Bolt, lower 6th who had been caught smoking.

“Now Pamela, we meet again. This is, what?” Janet inspected the book. “5th visit for smoking this term. What do we need to do to stop you doing this? Alright, let’s get this over with. You will receive 6 with the slipper. Bend over the arm of the armchair while I get the slipper.”

With the demeanour of someone who didn’t care what was about to happen, Pamela leant across the armchair, which was fairly high, and rested her hands on the seat. This presented her bottom at the perfect height. As though she had done it a 1000 times, which thinking about it was probably fairly close to the mark, Janet picked the slipper up from her bottom drawer, walked the 10 or so paces to where Pamela’s bottom was perfectly presented, and drew her skirt up over her bottom.

“Oh dear, Pamela, you were aware you were getting punished today and you still insist on not wearing regulation panties. That will be an extra two strokes with the slipper.”

With that, Janet drew back her arm and unleashed a deafening stroke with the slipper. ‘Whoppp’ was the sound it made each time it came to bear on her bottom. By the 5th stroke, her resolve not to show it hurt was forgotten, and by the 7th tears were flowing. The 8th, if anything, seemed harder still and a loud yelp could be heard despite the loud sound the slipper made as it connected.

“OK, Pamela, get yourself sorted and get out of my sight.”

I completed the book entry; Pamela Boult, lower sixth, 6 spanks to the bottom across knickers over armchair with the slipper for smoking, plus additional 2 spanks for non-uniform knickers. J Fothergill, witness S Evans.

Over the next 15 minutes, we worked our way through the queue, Janet handing out the punishments which were now exclusively over her knee with her hand on the girls’ knickers. These ranged from 3 or 4 for minor offences or girls from the lower forms, to a massive 12 for a couple of sixth formers who needed to pull their socks up.

As one girl sobbed as she passed me and left the office, I said to Janet, half by way of compliment and half genuine enquiry, ‘”How do you manage to spank so many bottoms, one after the other, and your hand isn’t killing you? Mine stung badly enough this morning with Naomi who, by the way, is next in.”

“Oh, It’s just practice. You get used to it, and you tell yourself their bottom will be more sore than your hand in any case. Show Naomi and Mandy in, please,” she said very matter-of-factly.

I entered the corridor and saw only 5 faces remained. That became 3 as Naomi and Mandy followed me into the inner office and I closed the door.

“So, welcome back, Naomi. Has your bottom stopped stinging yet from your visit to my office this morning? Well, I can assure you if it has, we will soon make sure you get a reminder! Now, Miss Evans here is assisting me with the spankings today and has already warmed Naomi’s bottom. Miss Evans,” Janet looked at me. “If you would be so kind as to take charge of the punishment of Mandy, I will take care of Naomi.”

A look of shock came over Naomi’s face. She was expecting to get me again, I think.

“My pleasure, Miss Fothergill,” I said as I pulled out a second chair which I put near the office door.

“You will both receive 10 spanks over your knickers, over the knee, with the hand, for your ‘disagreement’ in the playground leaving school last Friday. It was very nearly the slipper for you both, so think yourselves lucky,” she said pointedly.

“Come here, Mandy, and bend over.”

Mandy was soon in position and I pulled her skirt up to reveal a pair of bright yellow panties covering her full and slightly wobbly bottom.

“Oh dear, Mandy, you know these aren’t regulation underwear. Miss Fothergill, sorry to interrupt, may I add 2 extra spanks for a uniform infraction, please?”

Janet had Naomi in the same position as I had Mandy and she had her hand raised about to deliver the first spank as I spoke, which took her by surprise somewhat.

“I am sorry, what? Oh yes, of course, Miss Evans, 2 extra is perfectly in order.”

With that, she landed her first of 10 spanks and I followed with the first of my 12. We spanked at roughly the same pace, half a spank apart, so my hand was making contact as Janet’s was passing her shoulder, so the overall effect to anyone listening to the spanks and the ouches which they produced would have been surprised at the speed of it all if they did not know there were 2 girls being spanked.

“You may now both get up and sort yourselves out,” said Janet after I completed my additional 2 spanks. “If you can fill in the book, please Miss Evans.”

I wrote Naomi Bridges, year 5, 10 spanks to the bottom across knee, over school knickers, for disturbance in the playground after school. J Fothergill, witness S Evans.

Mandy Sixthsmith, year 5, 10 spanks to the bottom across knee, over school knickers, for disturbance in the playground after school, additional 2 spanks for uniform infraction. S Evans, witness J Fothergill.

“Right Sam, let’s get the last 3 in and sorted shall we?” said Janet, clearing her desk top.

I marched them in and closed the door.

“Amy, Denise, Lucy, fighting over a magazine which you had taken from a 3rd former. You three are lower sixth and should have better things to do with your time. You will each receive 8 spanks with the hand on your knickers. To speed things up, I want all 3 of you bending over my desk, reaching over and holding the far side.”

The girls looked confused. All 3 had been spanked by Janet at least 3 or 4 times each, always over the knee, except when Lucy was slippered, and that was over the armchair arm. They looked at each other and shuffled up to the desk.

“Come on, girls, how difficult can it be? Lean forwards and grab the other side of the desk.”

Amy did so.

“There! A star for Amy!” said Janet sarcastically, and the other two followed suit quickly thereafter.

As soon as all three were in place, Janet one-by-one lifted the girls skirts over their bottoms and all three bottoms were ready for their punishment.

“I am going to start at this end, Lucy’s, administer 2 spanks, one on each cheek, then go on to the next girl, Amy’s, and then to the end, Denise. The end girl will then get two more and I will work my way back and repeat the process. Anyone moving or getting up will receive 2 additional spanks. Do you all understand?”

“Yes Miss,” came the responses.

Smack, smack. Without warning, two sharp blows connected with Lucy’s bum. Amy looked around with a concerned look at Lucy as the first of her first 2 spanks was already connecting. Janet was not hanging about! A second one for Amy before 4 sharp smacks had Denise crying her eyes out, which set the other two off as Janet made her way back down the line. On the second pass, all 3 girls were sobbing and yelping but managed to stay in position, just. The last 2 spanks landed back at Lucy’s end and the session was over.

“Well ladies, I hope that has brought you to your senses concerning your behaviour around school. You will not torment the younger girls. Do you understand me? If this happens again you will find yourselves in the same position but it will be my trusty size 10 slipper rather than my hand you will be feeling. Now get yourselves sorted and get out of my site, the 3 of you.”

Once again, I made the entries in the punishment book.

Amy Buckingham, lower sixth, 8 spanks to the bottom over desk, over school knickers for low level bullying. J Fothergill witness S Evans.

Denise Fowler, lower sixth, 8 spanks to the bottom over desk, over school knickers for low level bullying. J Fothergill witness S Evans.

Lucy Smithson, lower sixth, 8 spanks to the bottom over desk, over school knickers for low level bullying. J Fothergill witness S Evans.

Finally, I could close the book and return it to my desk drawer which I locked securely.

“Come on Janet, I’ll get you that gin and tonic. I suspect you could do with it after that.”

We chatted about this and that on the way to the ‘White Fox’ public house, which was about 5 minutes’ walk from the school and next to Janet’s bus stop. It was also on my way home, so was the ideal place for us to grab a quick drink. I got her a gin and tonic and I had a white wine spritzer.

“Thank you for your help today, it is good to have back up,” Janet said, sounding tired.

“Not a problem, I am happy to help. I can do more if you need me to, not just the doubles, if that’s any assistance,” I offered.

“That is very kind. I may just take you up on that offer, young lady,” she said with genuine gratitude. “I’m not getting any younger and every year there seem to be more and more coming in for spanking, or is that just me getting old?” she laughed.

“No, I think there were as many of us when I was queuing outside of your office on a Friday.”  I said fondly. “And it hasn’t done me any harm, has it?” We clinked glasses.

“Can I ask you a personal question, Sam, and feel free to tell me to mind my own business, but can I take it Naomi was not the first bottom you have spanked? I don’t mean at school,” asked Janet.

I explained, “I have been spanked by several male spanking partners and a couple of female ones too. Penny and Fliss were both just flat mates, not lovers, but both were very naughty and loved to be put straight, as did I, but that was just for enjoyment. Today was the first proper punishment spanking I have given and I must say it was totally different, detached and clinical,” I assured her.

“That is exactly as it should be and thank you for clearing that up. I had no doubts, but you have ticked that box for me nicely.” Janet glanced at her watch. “Cripes, I must dash, my bus is due in 2 minutes and there isn’t one for another hour after that. Have a good weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.”

And that was that. Janet left and I walked home after a very unusual week. Over dinner, I told Stan all about what had happened, and how Janet wanted me to help more. Stan didn’t mind a bit. He knew it was part of the job.