I went to a prestigious university in North Carolina from 1990-94, and spanking and paddling were definitely part of the sorority that I joined. There wasn’t much in the way of hazing aside from spanking and submission. Bare bottom spankings and corner time were pretty standard. I don’t think any pledge made it through hell week without at least one spanking. I remember my first sorority spanking during hell week when I was 18 years old, having to lean over a senior sorority sister’s lap and having my skirt, tights, and panties pushed down to my calves and spanked bare bottom with a paddle, followed by corner time, which meant standing against the wall with your red bottom on display for the whole house to see. Some girls cried, but most just took it in their stride.

My most embarrassing spanking was when I got in some trouble with the sorority the fall of my sophomore year, and I was ‘sentenced’ to a spanking. It took place in one of the senior girl’s rooms in the house, with two other sisters as witnesses. I had to get completely naked, go over my big sister’s lap and get a spanking with a paddle. The worst part was that they left the room door wide open so that every sister who walked past the room could see me completely naked getting spanked! It was a pretty harsh spanking and I felt it every time I sat down over the next couple of days. Then, of course, I had to stand naked against the wall for a while.

At the time, I didn’t really think there was anything sexual about it. I just thought it was about ‘submitting to the sorority’, but now I realize that there likely was. However, I have very fond memories of my sorority days and would do it all again.